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Snake Eyes: Ranking The Main Characters By Fighting Ability

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is above all a fighting movie about ninja warriors. While it presented the origin for one of the most popular G.I. Joe members, it compares more strongly to martial arts epics. Instead, Snake Eyes is a vengeance movie with a lot of fighting action scenes.

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Every main cast member in the movie took part in some epic fight. These men and women all proved to be masters in fight scenes, from hand-to-hand combat to sword battles to gunfights. However, not all the fighters matched up to others, and many of the warriors in Snake Eyes fell short of the best of the best.

10 Snake Eyes' Father

Played by Steven Allerick, the movie started with the introduction of Snake Eyes' father taking his young son hiking through the woods while staying at a secluded cabin. While he never let his son know the truth, he was a member of the Joes. Snake Eyes never learned that until the end of the movie.

However, his father was gone quickly, as assassins showed up at the cabin and killed him in front of his son. Snake Eyes escaped into the woods and his father's death haunted him. The problem here is that Scarlett said his dad was a valued Joes' member, but he went down without much struggle.

9 Sen

Sen proved to be much tougher than she looked. She is the leader of the Clan Arashikage and was Tommy Arashikage's grandmother. Played by Eri Ishida, she was wise and proved through the movie to be a strong leader. She was also someone that no one should have messed around it.

When someone tried to attack her in the siege in the movie's climax, she pulled out a hand fan and instantly killed her attackers, using it as a blade. She was not someone who was good at overwhelming odds, but she was able to defend herself against limited attackers.

8 Baroness

Played by Úrsula Corberó, The Baroness stole almost every scene she appeared in. She is one of the most famous and powerful villains in the G.I. Joe franchise, but she spent a lot of this movie plotting and working behind the scenes. She sent people to do the work for her and then waited to gain the rewards.

However, when Kenta turned on her and betrayed Cobra after receiving a mystical gem, she joined the Clan Arashikage to battle him. The Baroness held her own in the fights and took out plenty of villains before smartening up and fleeing the scene, knowing this wasn't her fight.

7 Scarlett

One of the newest connections the Snake Eyes' writers made to the G.I Joe franchise was the inclusion of Scarlett. Played by Samantha Weaving, Scarlett mostly served as no more than an Easter egg disguised as an ally, she had a few scenes that showed how great she was as a fighter. Her introduction showed bad guys attack her in a bathroom and took them all out in hand-to-hand combat.

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Later, she arrived at the Clan Arashikage and joined the fight. Here, she showed that she was not just a skilled and proficient fighter, but she was also a master at gunfights, using her weapon to level the playing field. She also bested Baroness before they teamed up, showing who the superior fighter was.

6 Tommy Arashikage

Played by Andrew Koji, Tommy Arashikage was the heir to the Clan Arashikage and one of Snake Eyes' best characters. His goal was to lead it into the next generation, making it better and more secure than ever before. When he first appeared, Kenta's men almost killed him, but Snake Eyes saved his life and the two fought their way out of the predicament.

However, Tommy struggled at times in the Snake Eyes. He could never beat Kenta in a fight and was overmatched every time. He fought Snake Eyes after learning his friend betrayed the clan, but Snake Eyes got the better of him. Tommy will become stronger as Storm Shadow, but he wasn't at the level of his rival in this movie.

5 Akiko

Played by Haruka Abe, Akiko was a warrior that pledged her life to serve the Clan Arashikage. She stood by Tommy and the clan's masters as their loyal head of security. She proved quickly why she held this position when she immediately distrusted Snake Eyes and bested him in a sparring fight early in the movie.

However, she has weaknesses and that kept her from ranking among the best fighters in Snake Eyes. She let her emotions often get the better of her, and Snake Eyes beat her in a fight because she wasn't willing to go all the way in beating him.

4 Snake Eyes

Henry Golding's Snake Eyes was the main hero in the movie, but he was not the strongest fighter. He appeared in the start to be the best there was when he grew up alone without parents and proved to be a master underground cage fighter, traveling from city to city winning money until people stopped betting against him.

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However, once he met true martial artists, he was overmatched. He couldn't beat Kenta without some trickery in the end. He also proved he had no skills to beat a true master like Hard Master and he almost lost to Akiko the first time they fought.

3 Blind Master

Played by Peter Mensah, Blind Master was one of the Clan Arashikage masters and was there to give Snake Eyes his second test. He only took Snake Eyes out and had him face his greatest fears to stop them from holding him back.

However, while he was a more peaceful master, he showed his true might during the siege of Clan Arashikage. He managed to defeat countless attackers, proving his worth to the clan.

2 Kenta

Played Takehiro Hira, Kenta was a master fighter and proved to be better than almost anyone in the movie. Just as skilled as the best assassins in John Wick, he had mastered his craft throughout his life and was ready to prove to anyone that he was stronger and mightier than even the best of the best. Kenta battled Tommy more than once, and he won every fight they had.

In the final climax of the movie, Kenta destroyed almost the entire Clan Arashikage using a mystical gem, but even when he lost it, he still had enough to beat Snake Eyes in a one-on-one fight in the woods. It wasn't until Snake Eyes tricked him into falling into the snake pit that Kenta finally fell.

1 Hard Master

The best fighter in Snake Eyes was the man known as Hard Master. He was the first person that Snake Eyes had to face to prove his worth to the Clan Arashikage. While Snake Eyes was trying to fight in the challenge, the true test was to take a cup from Hard Master peacefully. However, every time he attacked, Hard Master easily beat him.

The final siege saw a group of warriors surround Hard Master. He then calmly stood up and beat them all, leaving them lying and broken around him. Played by Iko Uwais from The Raid movies, Hard Master proved to be the best fighter in the entire movie.

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