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Star Wars: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Princess Leia (According To Reddit)

Just like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, Leia Organa is one of the founding members of the Star Wars franchise, and thanks to Carrie Fisher's fiery portrayal of the princess, she's remained a beloved character ever since she bravely slipped the Death Star plans into R2-D2 in 1977. The dedicated Alderaanian royal and political activist turned Rebel Alliance freedom fighter and finally general for the Resistance has become not only renowned in the Star Wars pantheon but a true icon of the science-fiction genre.

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Even her exalted status as a Star Wars OG hasn't prevented her detractors from making themselves known, and Reddit has become a hive of unpopular opinions, with those willing to take umbrage with everything from her presence in the Sequel Trilogy to her metal bikini in Return of the Jedi

10 She's Boring & Overrated

Princess Leia is considered by many to be the real hero of the Original Trilogy. Due to her quick-thinking, the Death Star plans are hidden in R2-D2, allowing the Rebel Alliance to determine its weakness and strike the Empire when they least expect it. Her continued resourcefulness and bravery in the Battle of Hoth, the Battle of Endor, on Jabba's sail barge, and skirmishes in the Sequel Trilogy have won her legions of fans.

One Redditor claims she's not only boring but overrated, asserting that her "minor contributions that could have been done by anyone" don't warrant her popularity. Despite the fact that "she's always called a master tactician", she doesn't display any "combat aptitude".

9 Leia Poppins Is Justified

When Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered, audiences were introduced to a lot of concepts in the franchise that generated fan ire, from Luke Skywalker's curmudgeonly prologue to Leia Organa's incredible Jedi-like powers. The latter seemed to require the most suspension of disbelief, as Leia had only been known to display a few Force abilities in the Original Trilogy (mostly connected to telepathy), making her flight in space feel unearned.

This Redditor explains that if fans look at The Mandalorian they'll notice that "a literal baby showed that much control over the Force", correlating Grogu's mastery of powerful Force techniques with Leia's, yet there wasn't any incredulity "from the crowd that thought Leia’s use of force powers in TLJ was unearned". To most fans lore alone cannot justify a lack of story or proper build-up.

8 Her Outfit At Jabba's Palace Is Overrated

In the Star Wars fandom and nerd culture at large, the outfit Leia wears for Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi is generally regarded as an attractive ensemble. The metal bikini, while meant to be humiliating, became a symbol of strength when Leia wore it to kill Jabba the Hutt with the very chains that bound her to him. It's since become an iconic piece of the franchise.

Redditor varyl123 thinks that the ensemble doesn't make Carrie Fisher "very attractive" wearing it, going so far as to say it makes her look silly and strange. Fisher was reportedly not a fan of it herself but recognized its symbolic importance.

7 She's A Bad Friend

Over the course of the Original Trilogy, Star Wars fans see Leia doing everything she asks of those around her. When Luke and Han rescue her on the first Death Star, she ends up rescuing them, and at the Battle of Endor, she's part of the strike team that lands on the forest moon to disable the shield generator, proving that she's helpful and loyal to her friends.

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Redditor belowaveragewinner disputes her contributions, claiming that Leia lets "very young volunteers and others die for her plans", and sends "a regular human" (Han Solo) to fight the Knights of Ren while she's a "flying space wizard". Most fans feel Leia never forced anyone to do anything they didn't want to do, least of all Han Solo who chose to face Kylo Ren (and not the Knights of Ren) alone because he felt it was the only way to reach their son.

6 Her Scenes In Rogue One & The Last Jedi Were Contrived

Carrie Fisher's sudden death in 2016 was heartbreaking for Star Wars fans, especially given that her performance in the Sequel Trilogy grounded it to the original movies. J.J. Abrams and Disney used archival footage, deleted scenes, and a body double (Fisher's own daughter) to respectfully film her remaining scenes in both Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

One Redditor claims that Fisher's appearance as Leia in both of the movies felt contrived, as though she were in a "cameo or a book signing" rather than a physical character. They lamented that "her acting/character’s sentiment often [didn't] match the surrounding circumstances", despite the fact that to do any more than what they did would venture into the territory of the uncanny valley.

5 Leia And Han Have No Chemistry

With witty repartee written by Lawrence Kasdan between two dynamic personalities, it isn't surprising to see Leia and Han trade barbs as well as kisses in the Original Trilogy. Most fans feel their romance is exciting and believable. To make matters more intriguing, actors Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were having a passionate affair according to Fisher's memoir  The Princess Diarist.

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One Redditor believes that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher have no chemistry during the Original Trilogy, making their romantic interactions forced, and even going so far as to say " Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman were more believable as a couple." Ford and Fisher's affair aside, few fans feel that any sparks were flying between Christensen and Portman due to George Lucas's lackluster dialogue.

4 Han & Leia's Relationship Empowers Rape Culture

Han and Leia have some of the best moments in the Star Wars franchise, largely because of the friction caused by a romance between a smuggler and a royal politician. When Leia seems unsure about Han's advances in The Empire Strikes Backit's because she's torn between her feelings for him and for Luke, and getting involved with a smuggler is risky.

Redditor LN_Mako thinks that their relationship fuels rape culture because "Han basically forces himself on Leia in Empire", even going so far as to say it affected their relationship in the Sequel Trilogy. After Leia finds out that Luke is her sister in Return of the Jedi, she happily kisses Han, and as for the Sequel Trilogy, their issues clearly stem from being unable to thwart Snoke's pull on Kylo Ren.

3 She Shouldn't Have Been The Other Skywalker

Aside from Darth Vader's paternity, the other great revelation about the Skywalker clan involved Leia, who by Return of the Jedi was revealed to be Luke's sister, the "other Skywalker". Fans weren't upset that they turned out to be siblings so much as the plot point seemed less planned and more of a shoehorned afterthought.

One Redditor maintains that it would have been better if Han Solo, rather than Leia, was Luke's sibling "because it's so unlikely". The fact that this would have almost certainly meant Han had latent abilities with the Force would alter the jocular dynamic he had with Luke about the Force controlling everything in the universe rather than luck.

2 She's Dull

Ever since the Original Trilogy, Leia's been regarded as a bright spot in the Star Wars franchise because compared to some of the more contemplative characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi or even her brother Luke, she's a feisty, fiery person with a big personality who generates some of the funniest quotes in the franchise.

TheGougConsortium finds her to be a "dull, rather annoying character" with "god-like" abilities in the Sequel Trilogy. While some fans believe that her overpowered abilities in the later movies might have made her a little less scrappy and resourceful, she certainly never stopped speaking her mind and retained her bold personality.

1 Rogue One Shouldn't Have Ended With Her

The climactic final moments of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are undisputedly gut-wrenching, as Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, and their Alliance friends sacrifice themselves for the sake of getting the Death Star plans into the hands of Princess Leia, seen at the end declaring that there is finally "hope" for defeating the Empire thanks to their courageous effort.

harge008 believes that the movie should have ended "with the final shot of Cassian and Jyn embracing on the beach of Scarif" on not with a CGI version of Princess Leia because it takes fans out of the story. While yes, focusing on "ordinary characters" who were part of the broader Rebellion was important, most fans felt Leia's presence connected their important sacrifice with the Skywalker saga in a way that showed its impact.

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