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Star Wars Battlefront 3: Everything We Know So Far About The Rumored Game

The Star Wars Battlefront franchise has certainly gone through some ups and downs in the past. While the original games created by Pandemic Studios are still considered to be classic Star Wars titles to this day, the re-launch from EA and DICE proved to be controversial.

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The initial Battlefront was pretty well received although it didn't quite capture the imagination of audiences like the games of old. Its sequel, Battlefront 2 had a disastrous launch, before a series of updates created a truly unique game from the galaxy far far away. With rumors and potential development news inbound, here are all the facts about a potential Battlefront 3 so far!

Updated on July 8th, 2021 by George Chrysostomou: In recent months there has been a range of additional rumors regarding the feasibility of a new Battlefront game. While speculation continues, there's also other news about where EA, DICE, and the Star Wars brand are heading next in regards to their upcoming projects which could shine further light on the Battlefront intellectual property. Ultimately fans are still asking will there be a Battlefront 3? 

15 Yet To Be Officially Confirmed

It has to be made very clear that there have been no official announcements for a new Battlefront so far. The Star Wars gaming world is certainly set to expand thanks to the launch of the Lucasfilm Gaming division and the announcement of a Ubisoft open-world game, amongst other titles.

Thus far there have been several Star Wars games released in the new Disney canon era, including both Battlefront titles, Jedi: Fallen OrderSquadronsand a host of mobile experiences. With Lucasfilm looking at their upcoming lineup, Battlefront 3 is a likely contender considering EA is planning on developing sequels to other known brands including Fallen Order.

14 A Canon Story

All of the games released by EA so far have all been considered to be part of the larger canon of the Star Wars expanded universe. Indeed, Battlefront 2 in particular included an in-universe campaign that brought with it an original story.

This narrative was further developed in the Battlefront 2: Inferno Squad novel by Christie Golden and it only stands to reason that thanks to the Lucasfilm Story Group, any future Battlefront game will continue to develop canon narratives for fans to enjoy.

13 Returning Actors

In regards to a canon storyline, it seems that the actors from the Battlefront 2 campaign have actually returned to work on a secretive new project. Thanks to various social media posts it's been revealed that TJ Ramini (Del Meeko) and Anthony Skordi (Admiral Garrick Versio) have started recording lines and taking part in mo-cap sessions.

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What's more, Janina Gavankar, who plays the protagonist Iden Versio has also been revealed to be working on the project once more, meaning that a continuation of this story is very likely to be taking place in the sequel.

12 Lucasfilm Games, EA & Dice

For a long time, EA held the exclusive rights to create games within the galaxy far far away. The arrival of Lucasfilm Games means that this contract has been expanded to any gaming studio that has an inventive story to tell. This has resulted in projects like Zynga's Star Wars Hunters going into development.

However, despite losing that specific licensing agreement, NME has reported that EA is still planning on producing more games in the Star Wars universe. That means that Battlefront 3 would continue with both EA and DICE to maintain a sense of continuity despite all the big changes.

11 Battlefield 2042's Impact

Battlefront 3's success and potential for release may lay with the impact of Battlefield 2042Created by EA and DICE, the game takes the well-known franchise into new territory, building up a unique set of futuristic landscapes as players are armed to the teeth with an array of imaginative weaponry.

There's no doubt that in the development of the sci-fi project that DICE may have learned a number of lessons that could be applied to a new Battlefront. Battlefield 2042 runs on Frostbite which could be a sign that the same decision would be made for future Star Wars titles and potentially gives fans a preview as to what sort of mechanics and visuals they might be able to expect. The timeline of the game could also impact the release of Battlefront 3. 

10 No More Microtransactions

Battlefront 2, upon its release, was considered to be one of the worst games of the EA era of Star WarsA large reason for this failure was the addition of microtransactions that significantly hampered player's experiences.

The move was so bad that, as The Verge reported, EA ended up apologizing and backtracking from the decision, moving the franchise away from this style of play. Battlefront 3 will certainly mean that EA and DICE cement their legacy outside of microtransactions, ridding of the system entirely for the next sequel.

9 Capitalizing On Battlefront 2 Successes

Fans may be especially excited about the prospects of unreleased games potentially getting a revival like 1313, or the idea of new original content, but what shouldn't be overlooked is the eventual success that Battlefront 2 became after years of work.

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This was reflected in the recent free Epic Games Store giveaway which saw 19 million players opt to try out the title again. After its chequered past, the mistakes of Battlefront 2 were learned from and new modes, extra customization, and diverse gameplay are all great signs of how far EA could take the title in another sequel.

8 Supporting The Title

One of the best things about Star Wars: Squadrons and indeed Battlefront 2 before it, is that EA continued to support the game and update it for years after its initial release. This was a welcome move and one that continued to help improve the experience for players.

This is clearly a strategy that EA will continue to take with their future titles as for the Star Wars brand this has worked out incredibly well. Players would definitely welcome the news and it guarantees the longevity of the series.

7 Next-Gen Consoles

Most games currently in development are being worked on with the aim of launching on next-gen consoles. Indeed, the upcoming Ubisoft game set in the universe will be taking advantage of the updated systems of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Lucasfilm Games are still looking to a variety of platforms, from mobile to PC, but for a major title such as Battlefront, it's only logical that the game will be developed for next-gen consoles to keep up with the shifting industry. This also means that DICE can use an optimized engine to develop the project.

6 Nintendo Switch Release

In regards to next-gen consoles, there appears to be a recent push to ensure a variety of Star Wars titles are available to those who have the Nintendo Switch. Lucasfilm Games are already adding previous titles such as the Jedi Knight saga to the platform.

They are also developing newer projects for the Switch too, including the previously mentioned Hunters game. With Star Wars: Republic Commando surprisingly getting released on Switch as well, there's a sign that Battlefront 3 could also make an appearance on the console; especially since it will utilize similar mechanics.

5 New Eras

There's a lot of potential for where the series could go next, and there are possibly some big changes in store for the game franchise. The addition of High Republic content to Star Wars: Squadrons demonstrates EA is willing to step into new territory.

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With the news that a company other than BioWare and Electronic Arts could be in development on a Knights Of The Old Republic reboot, there's a strong possibility that the studio will want to revisit and link up to the franchise in Battlefront 3. There's a possibility the game could expand from the traditional Clone Wars, Galactic Empire and First Order eras to include both the Old and High Republics.

4 A Different Direction

From varied Reddit leaks to an informed report from Gaming Bible plenty of sources are mimicking one particular line when it comes to a new Battlefront game. Whether it's combined with new eras, different graphics, updated locations, or varied campaigns, the mission is clear; to go in a different direction.

Considering the initial critical response to the first two installments were so varied and a number of changes were made to Battlefront 2 it wouldn't be too surprising to see a shakeup in Battlefront 3. If there will be a new Battlefront game then it will try to set itself apart from its two predecessors.

3 Debunking Rumors

A number of leaks have been proven to be false since their initial release. While confirmed details for the potential Battlefront 3 are thin on the ground, it certainly helps to get a better picture of the project by analyzing the debunked rumors circulating.

One that stood out was a leaked image of Ahsoka Tano and Coruscant from marketing material. This has been said to be false, alongside other rumors that came with the leak, including the potential for the Star Card system to be totally revamped.

2 Potential Release Dates

The Battlefront 3 release date is likely set for 2022 at this time. The current global situation means that everything is very much still up in the air, but there are currently a host of various projects lined up for the next couple of years from Star Wars. 

There are also possible reasons to delay as technology continues to evolve for next-gen consoles. While Battlefront 2 runs on the Frostbite engine, the upcoming debut of Unreal Engine 5 might completely shake the industry. Although 2022 is the predicted date, some leaked sources, like those reported on by Inverse, have noted that 2023 could be more likely, thanks to the dynamic nature of the gaming world right now.

1 Announcement Trailer

An announcement trailer may well be on its way. This wouldn't be completely out of the ordinary for DICE who followed a similar method for their release of Battlefield: 2042. A full-on trailer wouldn't be released for some time after though.

When looking at big upcoming events that this trailer could be launched at, there are few options available. E3 2021 has passed and Star Wars Celebration has been canceled for the year. It's plausible that a trailer could be dropped during a Disney-led event later in 2021 if a 2022 release date is accurate.

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