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Star Wars Rebels: The 10 Best Quotes | ScreenRant

In a story filled with wise characters like Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano to cunning villains like Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Grand Inquisitor, Star Wars Rebels has no shortage of memorable and compelling quotes. The best lines are those that communicate universal lessons, demonstrate the impact of character development, and connect to other parts of the Star Wars universe.

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These quotes encapsulate what makes Rebels such a beloved and timeless story in a galaxy far, far away. It is an entertaining and moving story on its own, but also contains many rich connections that enable the show to serve as a bridge between the stories and themes of the prequel and original trilogy eras.

10 "There Are Some Things Far More Frightening Than Death."

The Grand Inquisitor's final words are chilling and speak to how those who wield the dark side are governed by fear. The Grand Inquisitor was the formidable big bad of the series in season 1. He did ruthless things like luring Ezra and Kanan in with the physical remains of the deceased Luminara Unduli and beheading Imperial officers Aresko and Grint after their repeated failures.

The thought of the Grand Inquisitor fearing someone or something more than death itself is rightly terrifying and ominous, as is the fact that his fear causes him to choose death instead of staying alive and facing punishment. This quote does a perfect job of paving the way for Darth Vader's entrance into Star Wars Rebels. It also foreshadows the Grand Inquisitor's fate after death as Darth Vader ties his spirit to an abandoned Jedi outpost, thus keeping the Grand Inquisitor in eternal torment.

9 "For That Boy, There Is Nothing That I Would Not Do."

Hondo Ohnaka is a famously self-serving character. He is always looking for the best angle to make money or get a good deal for himself. This makes it all the more impactful when Hondo declares in the Rebels series finale that there is nothing he would not do for Ezra Bridger.

This quote shows Ezra's profound growth over the series and his influence on others, to the extent that he is inspiring the normally selfish Hondo to take enormous risks where the only reward is doing the right thing and helping a friend. It helps set the tone for the series finale because if Ezra can make even Hondo believe in something greater than himself, Ezra can pull anything off to save his home planet Lothal from the Empire.

8 "If You Define Yourself By Your Power To Take Life, A Desire To Dominate, To Possess, Then You Have Nothing."

When Maul finally faces his old nemesis again, he tries to get under Obi-Wan's skin, making comments about Obi-Wan being "a rat in the desert" and speculating whether it is better to leave Obi-Wan "festering in your squalor." Obi-Wan's response not only shows that he is above Maul's insults but forces Maul to confront his own fears and insecurities.

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Even after everything Maul has done to Obi-Wan, the Jedi Master is still able to remain level-headed and is able to feel sympathy for Maul. It is a testament to Obi-Wan's character and how he embodies the best parts of being a Jedi Knight.

7 "This Is Our Rebellion."

One of the most rewarding parts of Star Wars Rebels is seeing the various rebel cells finally coming together to form a unified Rebel Alliance. Ezra, Hera, Zeb, and Chopper are all part of this pivotal moment in galactic history as they ensure Mon Mothma is safely able to evade the Empire and reach the rendezvous point where she has encouraged the various cells to gather.

Her proud and hopeful declaration validates everything that the Ghost crew, Phoenix Squadron, and the other cells have sacrificed and accomplished. While they often felt alone and as if their battle against the Empire was impossible, now they see that everything they did mattered and there is a way forward.

6 "Battles Leave Scars...Some You Can't See."

Star Wars Rebels explores the mental and psychological toll of oppression and fighting a war. Between the Clone Wars, the Empire's tyrannical reign, and the resistance against the Empire, all of the characters carry a lot of mental baggage that influences their actions throughout the story.

Kanan's quote about scars that can't be seen concisely communicates these struggles. As a Jedi Padawan who narrowly survived Order 66 after watching his Jedi Master be killed, Kanan has carried his own inner scars since he was a child. Rex, Hera, Zeb, Sabine, and Ezra have their inner scars as well, which they all reconcile in meaningful ways over the course of the series.

5 "To Defeat An Enemy, You Must Know Them. Not Simply Their Battle Tactics, But Their History, Philosophy, Art."

The scarily intelligent Grand Admiral Thrawn's penchant for studying and analyzing his adversaries is part of what makes him such a compelling villain. He understands that his enemies are defined by their battle tactics, but also by all the unique facets of their cultures and personalities.

This gives him a dangerously intimate understanding of his opponents, thus making them more vulnerable and allowing him to reach conclusions that escape others. This quote is also memorable because it is Thrawn's first line uttered in the season 3 trailer where it was revealed for the first time that Thrawn would become part of Star Wars canon.

4 "There's Always A Bit Of Truth In Legends."

Star Wars Rebels was one of the first canon stories to be released after Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Many fans struggled to reconcile with years of their favorite stories and characters being considered Legends. Ahsoka's quote about there always being a bit of truth in legends serves a purpose in the show, but her words are more impactful on a meta-level.

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It is a way of saying that the Legends stories and characters that fans love are just as valid as ever. Furthermore, it is a way of saying that many elements from Legends will continue to be incorporated into canon. Ahsoka says this quote as she, Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper approach Malachor, a planet originally from Legends.

3 "We Have Hope. Hope That Things Will Get Better. And They Will."

After being betrayed by Senator Gall Trayvis, Ezra feels more alone than ever, and the fight against the Empire feels more impossible than ever. Hera's response to Ezra's despair is simple and uplifting. The optimism, hope, and determination that she has are what fuel the Rebellion.

Hera knows that the betrayal of Trayvis won't be the last setback or challenge. Her confidence and her belief that the Ghost crew's actions can and will help things get better is what drives her. This attitude is infectious, proves one of Hera's many strengths as a leader, and serves as a powerful lesson for anyone feeling hopeless in the face of adversity.

2 "How Jedi Choose To Win, The Question Is."

When Ezra asks Yoda how they can defeat the Sith, Yoda emphasizes that the real question is how a Jedi chooses to fight and to win. This is one of the most important themes in all of Star Wars.

Ezra does not heed Yoda's words at this moment. It is not until after the devastating events on Malachor that Ezra understands and realizes that fighting and attempting to win at any cost is a dangerous and harmful path to take. It is an invaluable lesson that informs crucial choices that Ezra makes in situations like the World Between Worlds and when he faces Thrawn and Palpatine in the series finale.

1 "I Am No Jedi."

When Ahsoka says she will avenge Anakin Skywalker's death and Darth Vader tells Ahsoka that revenge is not the Jedi way, she replies with the simple and powerful statement "I am no Jedi." The quote is the most memorable line in the epic, heart-wrenching duel between Ahsoka and Darth Vader in "Twilight of the Apprentice."

Ahsoka's bold declaration is a reminder that she has forged her own path. She always sticks by her principles and does what she believes is right. This is what defines her as a character rather than the traditional rules of being a Jedi.

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