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Stardew Valley's Two Most Poignant Heart Events | Screen Rant

Stardew Valley, a farming simulator game, also offers players a slice-of-life experience. When not rebuilding their farm, casting for fish, or toiling in the mines, players can get to know Stardew Valley's NPCs. As relationships grow, players can befriend and even date and marry the locals, and NPC villagers will reveal more about themselves and the town's history. This is done by conversing with the NPCs or giving them gifts, increasing their heart points and corresponding fondness for the player.

As players increase hearts with NPCs, scenes called heart events will trigger. These are opportunities for players to get to know the NPCs beyond their scheduled dialogue. These scenes also provide response options for Stardew Valley players, enabling role-playing within the game, as characters can be grateful, pained, or indifferent based on the interaction.

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While many of the heart events are fun or heartwarming, Stardew Valley doesn't shy away from showing some of the harder aspects of life. Many players can relate to George, the cantankerous grandpa, refusing Harvey's medical advice because he's afraid of getting older, or Alex's feelings that he's been abandoned by his parents. Stardew Valley provides a surprise wave of emotion when players buy Pam a new house, and she realizes her problems with alcohol won't go away just because her monetary problems have disappeared. Of all the Stardew Valley NPCs, two have some of the most poignant story moments in the game.

Stardew Valley's Shane has one of the most memorable and poignant heart events in the game. [Content warning: suicide.] When players first move to Stardew Valley and start getting to know the locals, Shane hardly rolls out the welcome wagon. In fact, early conversations have him being outright rude to players, snapping at them to go away or asking why they're not at work. However, as players earn points with Shane and get to know him, his heart events will trigger. First, players will see a cutscene of Shane fighting with Marnie and Jas. Then, players will find him at the edge of a cliff in Cindersap Forest, surrounded by bottles of alcohol and experiencing a life-threatening existential crisis. While players are able to talk him off the ledge and ultimately turn his life around, this heart event is a bold note in Stardew Valley's narrative - and it makes Shane appear more human than other characters.

Abigail has a surprising Stardew Valley twist, with tragedy befalling her late in the game. Throughout her arc and interactions with the character, she is in love with the idea of adventure and yearns to explore the mountain caves and fight monsters. However, once players trigger a 14-heart event with Abigail, which is only possible after marriage, they encounter something darker. As the player comes home one night, they are attacked by a bat-like creature. Abigail, desperate to save her spouse, takes up the sword and slays the monster. Rather than be happy to have achieved her heroic dreams, Abigail is overcome with the weight of taking a life, even a non-human one. Stardew Valley is forever marked by her revelation, as she sets up a Yoba marker where the creature fell.

While a lot of the gameplay and story beats in Stardew Valley are light-hearted, there are poignant moments like these that really stand out. The game isn't afraid to have its darker edges, especially in these tragic heart events, which is perhaps one reason why it's resonated with so many players.

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