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Supernatural: Each Time Sam & Dean Killed Members Of Their Own Family

Sam and Dean Winchester famously had lots of family drama on Supernatural, and here's each time they killed their own relatives. The earliest idea for Supernatural would have involved reporters investigating various urban legends while traveling America in a Scooby-Doo-esque van. This eventually morphed into two brothers driving around in a sleek Impala with a truck full of weapons hunting demons, ghosts, and other supernatural threats. The first season saw Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) searching for their missing father/mentor John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which eventually blossomed into fifteen series.

In that time Sam and Dean hunted everything from killer bugs and imaginary friends to Lucifer and God. While Supernatural tried to launch a few spinoffs like a short-lived anime show or backdoor pilot "Bloodlines," they never really took off. Now the main show is officially over (for now), a new prequel series called The Winchesters is pressing ahead at The CW. This will focus on the early years of Sam and Dean's parents John and Mary, with Ackles narrating as Dean. The show's announcement caused some controversy as Padalecki hadn't - bizarrely - been informed it was happening by those involved, though Ackles and the showrunners have since cleared the air with the actor.

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While Sam and Dean shared an extremely close bond on Supernatural, like any siblings, they had their share of petty or intense feuds over the fifteen years the show was on air. They've had plenty of drama with other family members too - sometimes ending with a literal severing of ties. Season 6 saw Sam and Dean working with their hunter grandfather Samuel Campbell (Mitch Pileggi), who had died previously thanks to demon Azazel but was later resurrected by Crowley. Samuel may have been a great hunter but he was also arrogant and felt no particular connection to his grandsons, and in fact, even sold them out to Crowley. In Supernatural season 6's "...And Then There Were None," Sam Winchester is forced to shoot Samuel in the head after he becomes infected by the Khan worm, which controlled his actions.

A similiar fate befell Samuel's daughter and the Winchester's cousin Gwen (Jessica Heafey). Unlike her father, she grew to like Sam and Dean and expressed regret for how Samuel sold them out. However, Dean himself would become infected by the Khan worm in "...And Then There Were None," which forced him to shoot Gwen dead. The Winchester family tree was trimmed even further in season 7, where Dean learned he had a daughter named Emma (Alexia Fast). She was the result of Dean sleeping with an Amazon named Lydia in "The Slice Girls" episode, and within hours she gives birth to Emma, who grows to become a teenager at an accelerated rate.

Emma then introduces herself to Dean having been tasked with killing both him and Sam. When the time comes, Dean can't bring himself to shoot her, so Sam kills her instead and shoots his Amazon niece in the chest. The final relative the Winchesters kill was also the oldest - in fact, he was one of the first people in existence. Adam and Eve's son Cain (Timothy Omundson) - AKA The Father Of Murder - appeared in both Supernatural seasons 9 and 10. After he went back to his old murdering ways, Dean is forced to kill him. Despite the pair growing close, it's clear Cain can't (and won't) stop himself from killing his descendants, so Dean used the First Blade - the weapon Cain used to murder his brother Abel - to kill him.

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