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The Avengers' Next Major Villain is The New Red Widow

Warning: contains spoilers for Avengers #46!

The Winter Guard has just completed an impressive capture of She-Hulk on the Avengers home base, and a huge reason the Russian heroes were successful was because of the leadership of the Red Widow. The Red Room-trained government agent has just made her presence known and left Earth's Mightiest Heroes scrambling in the wake of an orchestrated betrayal spearheaded by Russia's greatest superpowered beings.

The Red Widow was introduced in Avengers #10 by Jason Aaron and David Marquez, as the latest soldier created by the Red Room. The Red Widow joined Russia's Winter Guard and helped the group stave off Count Dracula, slaughtering his Legion of the Unliving. Additionally, the Red Widow was among the participants who battled for the great cosmic power during the Phoenix Force tournament, winning multiple fights against Marvel heroes - including the Black Knight. But she wasn't named victor despite not officially losing in the tournament, as the cosmic entity chose Echo as its newest host.

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In Avengers #46 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel, and VC's Cory Petit, the Winter Guard gets Gorilla-Man, the Avengers' head of security, to betray the heroes and grant them access to Avengers Mountain. Inside, the team, led by Red Widow, combines their powers and skills to trap and later subdue She-Hulk, while also stopping Captain Marvel. After breaking free from her constraints, She-Hulk tries to attack the Russian team but is knocked to the ground by a sonic blast from Red Widow. As the Winter Guard leave Avengers Mountain, Red Widow kills Ursa Major, one of her teammates, for trying to orchestrate a betrayal of the team.

Red Widow doesn't flinch at killing her teammate. Gorilla-Man, whose original agreement with Count Dracula was supposed to end in his own death, looks on in horror as he tells Red Widow, "That was supposed to be me. That was part of the deal." In a chilling moment, Red Widow tells him that his deal is with Dracula, not her, pointing a finger gun at Gorilla-Man and saying, "Bang," as she teleports away, leaving him utterly distraught. Fans already know from her torture of Dracula's forces that Red Widow is twisted, but she's also an expert operator who timed the perfect strike on the Avengers, capturing one of Earth's mightiest superhumans.

It's clear Red Widow is officially calling the shots for the Winter Guard, seeking revenge on She-Hulk for the damage she caused to Moscow during her Phoenix-powered smackdown of Namor. But the Phoenix Tournament also revealed that Red Widow would use infinite power to turn the whole planet into one huge Red Room, showing how incredibly dangerous she can be under the guise of serving her country. The Red Widow has emerged as one of the Avengers' biggest new threats, and with plans to convert She-Hulk to become a new member of the Winter Guard, the Avengers will have to rush to stop her from gaining even more power.

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