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The Biggest Arguments On Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ranked

As a fantasy epic containing narrative elements of good versus evil, there are many fight sequences in Avatar: The Last Airbender. But, one aspect of the series which often goes ignored is the minor fights that happen between friends and allies. These arguments sometimes occur between members of Team Avatar as they try to complete the difficult task of defeating Ozai and uniting the nations again.

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While some of these disagreements are rather hilarious to watch, a few, like Zuko’s debates with his family members, are more serious and have far-reaching impacts on the story.

9 Zuko Speaking Out Against Ozai

What starts out as a regular moment of a child being difficult with a parent became something totally cruel. Ozai ends up burning his own son—one of the worst things he ever did in the Avatar series—and banishing him with an impossible task.

It's a moment that illustrates just how terrifying the Fire Nation royal family is and how no one, not even their own children, is safe from their cruelty. However, the event is never properly shown onscreen, meaning that the gravitas of the argument is never properly felt.

8 Zuko Is Annoyed By Team Avatar’s Laziness

After Zuko goes on the “field trips" with many of the members of Team Avatar, they all accept him into the fold. However, just because he enjoys being friends with them doesn't mean he forgets what’s at stake.

Zuko is the one to remind them all that Sozin’s Comet is approaching, and he does so in a dramatic way by staging a fake attack while they’re all enjoying the beach. While it might not be a full-on argument, as it’s more of a fight, Zuko does succeed in explaining to them why he’s so frustrated at their laziness. He’s the one who truly knows just how terrifying the comet will be.

7 Toph And Aang Argue Over Aang’s Earth Bending

Toph and Aang have very opposite personalities in a lot of ways, and this is reflected in both the main element they bend and their bedding styles. Aang is good at evading and more lighthearted while Toph is very rooted and strong, so, when she has to teach Aang earth bending, it doesn't go that well at first.

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Toph’s more head-on approach makes Aang underperform, and he feels defeated. It’s a moment where these two have to work out their dynamic in many ways. But, in the end, things all work out, and Toph learns that occasionally being a little more positive can pay off.

6 Fire Nation Royals Get Upset On Ember Island

“The Beach” episode from season three is one that people tend to either love or hate, but it is one that shows Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, and Zuko in different lights than they’d been viewed before. The four of them struggle to get along with one another and have difficulty making friends with other people, and it all culminates with an emotional outburst around a beach bonfire.

They all get a lot of pent-up frustrations out at each other, and they briefly bond by going to burn down Chan’s house. While rather awful, it is fitting that this is how the four of them resolve their issues briefly.

5 Toph And Katara Fight About The Blind Bandit

Toph and Katara are also two characters with very different approaches to life. Katara had to grow up and be responsible at a very young age, while Tpoh was kept sheltered and gave her freedom. So, when Toph is reckless about stealing money, Katara overreacts, even if she’s mostly right.

These two end up fighting with one another, and they both are annoyed by the others’ personalities. They even get in a physical fight. However, in the end, it ends up being a bonding moment for the two, and it allows them to become closer friends.

4 Aang Lashes Out After Appa Is Kidnapped

After Appa is kidnapped in a truly tragic ATLA moment, Aang is more stressed out and upset than he’s ever been before. He is extremely worried and grieving, and so he starts lashing out at the people around him. First, he blames Toph for what happened, even though it wasn’t really her fault.

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He’s also short with Katara and difficult to be around. However, these moments are well-written, as they show how people react when under pressure and dealing with loss. It’s very realistic for Aang to feel so heartbroken, as Appa has been a lifelong companion and a tie to his culture and past.

3 Azula Tries To Kill Zuko

Azula trying to kill Zuko, specifically at the Western Air Temple, is a major moment of sibling rivalry between the two characters. While Azula hasn't been shy about wanting to hurt or possibly kill Zuko before, this is when she means it the most.

The relationship between them has completely broken down, and Azula is also about to start her descent into madness that will culminate in the final episode. While it's certainly harrowing, the importance of the episode makes it one of Avatar: The Last Airbender's most rewatchable.

2 Katara Doesn’t Trust Zuko

When Zuko joins Team Avatar as an ally, none of them really trust him at first. However, most of the others warm up rather quickly, but Katara isn’t so forgiving. She feels protective over her loved ones, and she makes sure to tell Zuko how she feels.

Given that he betrayed her before, her suspicion is definitely warranted. However, while it might be uncomfortable for them both at first, they are able to work past this, and Katar eventually grows to trust him. The difficulties between them make this friendship that much more endearing.

1 Zuko Leaves Iroh In The Earth Kingdom

Over the seasons, Zuko often gets angry at Iroh and doesn't’ always treat him very well. However, while there are smaller moments with Zuko’s outbursts, this is the first time he really abandons him.

While it’s not as bad as when he betrays Iroh to join Azula again, this one feels more like a personal argument than a betrayal. Zuko is trying to find his own way, but he does eventually make his way back to Iroh, and it relays the beginning of his inner journey between good and evil.

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