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The Boys: The 10 Best Characters In The Comics | ScreenRant

Created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Windstorm and Dynamite Entertainment's beloved comic series The Boys had 72 issues published between 2006 and 2012. One of the primary reasons for the widespread appeal of the series was its outlandish cast of diverse superhero characters, many of which have been translated to the screen in the TV adaptation of The Boys in 2019.

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While many of the storylines of the main characters in the comics have been used to inspire plots of the TV show, a few standouts from the comics have yet to make it to appear in the small-screen adaptation.

10 Tek Knight

One of the best and most memorable characters in The Boys is Tek Knight, a character loosely based on a Batman/Iron Man hybrid. As the leader of the supergroup known as Payback, Tek Night is one of the few characters devoid of superpowers. Instead, he relies on advanced technological gadgetry.

This hilarious character is defined by his strange sexual peccadilloes, which are said to stem from a large brain tumor. Tek once tried to save earth from a meteor while hallucinating, unaware that the falling object was a common wheelbarrow.

9 Soldier Boy

One of the biggest fan favorites from the comics who is finally poised to appear in Season 3 of The Boys is Soldier Boy (Jansen Ackles). The Payback-affiliated Supe is a direct spoof of Captain America and wants nothing more than to be part of The Seven.

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As the polite All-American who never curses, Soldier Boy is constantly beaten up by Billy Butcher in the comics, including one time when the latter bites Soldier Boy's nose off. The character's defining trait is pure cowardice, which is hilarious given his aspirations as a superhero.

8 The Female

Also known as The Female of the Species, The Female is one of The Boys' later recruits who has resonated as much as any among avid comic readers. As a silent assassin who protects the Boys along with The Frenchman, The Female has one of the most interesting backstories.

After falling into a vat of Compound V toxic waste as a baby, The Female formed superhuman powers along with an unquenchable thirst to kill. Once she offed the scientist who discovered her, The Female was held captive while her blood was examined for the human side-effects of Compound V. In conjunction with The Boys, The Female also has secret ties to the mafia.

7 Mother's Milk

As one of the original members of The Boys who appeared in the second comic book, Mother's Milk is easily one of the best characters on paper. The aggressive and militaristic Supe is the only of his kind to be born with Compound V in his blood.

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Armed with a pugilistic prowess as a former boxer, Mother's Milk derives his name for being dependent on the substance to function optimally. Seeing such a hulking paragon of masculinity needing to drink breast milk is the source of several hilarious gags in the comics.

6 The Frenchman

Along with his best friend The Female, the aforementioned Frenchman serves as the mighty muscle of The Boys. Armed with a keen sense of smell, hot-temper, and ruthless barbarity, Frenchie also shows his loyalty and kindhearted nature in private.

As one of the main characters and original members of The Boys, Frenchie also has a wealth of storylines and cool subplots for fans of the comic to indulge in. Part of what makes him such a standout is his mysterious past, which he alludes to in extremely outlandish stories that always sound like tall tales.

5 Billy Butcher

If for no other reason than his dramatic character arc, British Billy Butcher is the quintessence of what The Boys represents. Modeled after Marvel's The Punisher, Butcher begins as a main member of The Boys before defecting to become their chief enemy.

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As such, no character goes through more in the comics than Butcher. The stories explore his traumatic past in the Marines, the time he attempted to kill his own father, the grief of losing his brother Lenny and wife Becky, and much more. Without Billy and Wee, there would be no series to speak of.

4 Wee Hughie

As the number one protagonist in The Boys, Scottish Supe Wee Hughie, A.K.A. Hughie Campbell, is a critical focal point of the comic series. Patterned after Simon Pegg, Hughie is a brilliant conspiracy theorist who uses his whipsmart intellect to analyze key intel. He joined the team when his girlfriend Robin was tragically killed by A-Train.

After being injected with Compound V by Billy during their first assignment, Hughie also gained superhuman power and durability that allowed him to decapitate an enemy with a single blow.

3 Homelander

As the primary foe of The Boys and leader of the villainous Seven, John Homelander is easily one of the best characters the comics have to offer. Despite his Hollywood looks and polite, All-American demeanor, Homelander is the most powerful superhero on the planet.

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Equipped with the ability to fly, and use X-ray and heat vision, as well as a sonic scream, Homelander gained his powers when Vaught-American began experimenting on his blood with Compound V before birth. In addition to his unmatched superpowers, he makes the decisions and orders his minions Black Noir, Lamplight, A-Train, Queen Maeve, Mister Marathon, and The Deep what to do.

2 Black Noir

While Homelander is the leader, the most odious member of The Seven is Black Noir, the sinister cipher responsible for violating Billy's wife Becky and Hughie's girlfriend Starlight. The stoic and speechless assassin is even more powerful than Homelander and was created by Vaught-American to be his clone.

Black Noir's unspeakable actions directly inspire several issues of the comics as Billy and Hughie mount one violent revenge campaign after another.

1 Queen Maeve

Behind Homelander and Black Noir, Queen Maeve ranks third-in-command among The Seven. As such, she's one of the best characters to get to know and love or hate in the comics.

Also injected with Compound V while in the womb, Maeve was born with superpowers akin to that of Homelander. Still, she has one of the most human backstories as a woman who becomes dependent on alcohol after a failed 9/11 rescue attempt. Her complicated character also shows sympathy for Starlight even though she opposes Hughie.

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