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The Office: Each Main Character's Happiest (& Saddest) Scene

On a show like The Office, characters will perpetually vacillate around the log flume ride of their emotions. There are numerous high points that feel even more earned by the low points. A lot of time is spent with the employees of Dunder Mifflin, especially those who crack the opening credits of every installment.

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As such, fans get to see the characters at some of their saddest points and some of their most euphoric, too. There are plenty in contention for each category, but the following moments seem to display the most unbridled, irrepressible joy and the most downtrodden, melancholy moments.

10 Happiest - Andy: Named The Manager

While Andy was frequently driven by his affection for some of the women in his life, neither Angela nor Erin was ever quite right for him. However, when he is named the manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, there is only glee on Andy's face.

He provides the camera with a drum roll on the desk and then throws his arms up with speechless shock. He was just so happy to move up in the company and feel like he earned his Cornell heritage.

9 Saddest - Andy: Erin Breaks Up With Him

After Andy's tenure as regional manager goes haywire, Erin made the decision to break up with him and date Pete instead. She was not happy over his decision to leave her and his job for a three-month boat trip.

It's not just his getting dumped, though. It's that Erin breaks up with him while David Wallace is on speakerphone and he hears that Andy was away from his job for months. He wasn't immediately fired, but it was the first domino to fall for his eventual departure. Not a great moment.

8 Happiest - Pam: "I'm Sorry, What Was The Question?"

At the end of "The Job," one of the most iconic television moments of all time occurs when Jim races back from New York (and away from Karen) to ask Pam out on a date. After three seasons of questioning and tension, Pam finally says yes.

The look on Pam's face after this might be the happiest any Office character was for all nine seasons. She bites her lip and smiles widely before asking the camera - with tears in her eyes - "I'm sorry, what was the question?" It's genuinely iconic.

7 Saddest - Pam: Jim And Karen's Fight

Just a dozen or so episodes prior, though, Pam was feeling one of her saddest moments. Her engagement with Roy had long since fallen apart and Jim's return to Scranton was marred by his dating Karen.

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Pam is always a good friend, though, and she decides to help Jim get through a fight with Karen, thanks to some solid advice. Yet, this leads to Pam crying alone in a hallway, devastated over the feeling that she blew her chance at her one true love. Fortunately, Dwight's consolation helped make it a little less sad.

6 Happiest - Jim: Cece's A Girl

The moment after Jim and Pam get married is a close contender for Jim's happiest moment. He happily told the camera that marrying Pam was "Plan A." Yet, it seems like there is no purer joy from him than when he finds out the gender of his child, who would become Cece.

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Yes, he's delighted to be having a child at all, but when Pam eventually lets it slip that they're having a daughter, Jim immediately wells up and forgives Pam's lapse. He's just beyond excited to be having "a little girl."

5 Saddest - Jim: Couple Counseling

Season 9 has some tricky moments between Jim and Pam. After an argument over the phone, the two decide to engage in some couple counseling while they try to weather Jim's being in Philly while Pam manages the household alone.

When they aim to "speak their truths" in "Paper Airplane," the episode ends with a bickering, passive-aggressive sort of spat between the two and subsequent disinterest in expressing affection to Jim by Pam. When he grabs his coat and waves to Pam, only to see her ignoring him completely, it is definitely evident that Jim realizes his marriage might be on life support.

4 Happiest - Dwight: Proposing To Angela

The last three episodes of The Office are a pretty good time to be Dwight Schrute. He is named the regional manager by David Wallace before proposing to Angela, learning Phillip is his son, and then marrying Angela in the finale with Michael as his bestest mensch.

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To pinpoint the happiest moment, though, it seems like it's when he proposes to Angela. At that moment, he reconnects with his true love and learns that he is a father. "I'm a dad!" he exclaims, with exuberance spilling out of every emotion.

3 Saddest - Dwight: Angela Dates Andy

It was a winding road before Dwight and Angela rekindled their romance. The lowest point came a little after the two broke up at the start of season four. Dwight tried to earn her forgiveness by finding a new cat for her. Yet, she rebuffed him outright.

Andy then found the same cat wandering the office building and found a home for it with Angela. She accepted and then allowed Andy to ask her on a date. It's a crushing moment for Dwight to witness and it sends him to the stairwell where he moans and cries.

2 Happiest - Michael: Calling Holly

There might not be one shed of genuine happiness from Michael before Holly Flax arrives to work in the HR department. That happiness builds and builds until Michael finally decides to leave for Boulder, Colorado with her, newly engaged.

When he's feeling uncertain about upending his routine, though, he decides to call Holly just to hear her voice. They immediately start joking around with one another and Michael starts to laugh a genuine laugh, not a manufactured one or a performative one. He was finally living his dream.

1 Saddest - Michael: The Bird Funeral

In season 3, Michael learns that Ed Truck, his former boss, was decapitated. It sends him into a spiral, as he begins to contemplate his own mortality and the disturbing notion that Ed Truck was alone when he died.

These emotions came after his flirtation with Jan was squashed to the point where Michael intuitively knew that Jan was always wrong for him. He had no friends, no romance, and a condo that Dwight dubbed "a coffin." Michael puts all of his deep sadness and fear of loneliness into a bird who died in the parking lot. His crying during the funeral is heart-wrenching for anyone who knew what Michael was actually going through.

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