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The Office: Each Main Character's Funniest Scene | ScreenRant

Between characters like Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, there are more than enough jokes to go around in The Office. Because viewers love to rewatch episodes of the sitcom, each Dunder Mifflin employee has that one funny scene fans will never forget.

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No one would expect such ridiculous situations to arise in such a bland work setting, but the show pulled it off. Each main character's most iconic scene isn't necessarily their funniest, and they all have a hilarious moment that stands out above the rest.

10 Andy Bernard: When He Punctured His Scrotum

Jim and Pam's wedding is unforgettable for a lot of reasons, but they're not all good ones. On the night before they walk down the aisle, Andy punctures his scrotum while showing off his dance moves. It's bound to be a painful injury, but Andy's reaction to it is especially interesting.

The beauty is in the simplicity, as the funniest part of the entire endeavor was Pam taking Andy to the emergency room. Andy is one of the most annoying characters in The Office, but the chaos he created was hilarious.

9 Pam Beesly: When She Hid In The Bathroom During The Dinner Party

Pam is one of the last people who would ever want to date Michael, but Jan didn't seem convinced. Just the thought of the two having a whirlwind romance is ridiculous, but the fact that Angela tried to back it up made it even wilder.

Pam was worried that Jan poisoned her food since she believed Pam was Michael's secret lover. While hiding in the bathroom, she says the iconic quote, "I don't care what they say about me. I just want to eat." Not only is it funny, but it's also relatable.

8 Angela Martin: When She Tried To Save Bandit

Cats are adorable creatures, but Angela takes her love to the next level. She installs a cat cam to keep an eye on them throughout the day, and through it, the employees realize that Angela was grooming them herself.

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Angela's cat-like behavior was entertaining, to say the least, but when Dwight stars a fake fire in the office, it's revealed that Angela was keeping one of her cats hidden away in a drawer. The entire scene was hectic, but when Angela threw Bandit at the ceiling it escalated even more.

7 Stanley Hudson: When There Was No Limit To What He Wouldn't Notice

There are plenty of times fans were all Stanley at work. He walks into the office with a bad attitude and counts down the seconds until he can leave. Considering all the time he wastes it's surprising that he gets any work done at all. But, that also goes for all of the Dunder Mifflin employees.

It's hard to say which was funnier: the lengths that Stanley's co-workers went to test his awareness or the fact that Stanley didn't even notice a miniature poney in the middle of the office.

6 Ryan Howard: When He Tried To Advertise WUPHF.Com

Ryan is one of the blander characters in the show, so most of his funny moments are due to his reactions or dry humor. But he put it all out on the table during what is, arguably, the best cold open in the history of The Office.

While the employees are performing a lip dub to "Nobody But Me," Ryan jumps out in front of the camera to advertise his website, wuphf.com. However, the best part comes after the camera has already moved on. It's hard to hear during the first watch, but he tells Kelly mid-argument, "This is how you make it in this country!"

5 Oscar Martinez: When He Explained A Surplus To Michael

Michael isn't great at comprehending anything work-related, which is what makes him such an interesting boss. Oscar is one of the few level-headed employees, and his reactions to Michael's ignorance are often representative of the audience.

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He tries to explain a surplus to Michael, but no matter how he breaks it down Michael can't seem to get it. In a stroke of genius, Oscar uses a lemonade stand to help Michael understand. It's also where the famous quote, "Why don't you explain this to me like I'm five?" comes from.

4 Dwight Schrute: When He Destroyed The CPR Dummy

In a scene fans love to watch over and over, Dwight decides to take over the CPR lesson and focus on what to do after the person is deceased. In typical Dwight fashion, he's most concerned about their organs and claims they only have minutes to harvest.

It's questionable what Dwight was trying to accomplish by slicing open the doll, given that there wasn't anything inside. But things get weirder (and creepier) when he decides to cut off the doll's face and put it on his own. Viewers quickly learned that Dwight is a Silence of the Lambs fan.

3 Kelly Kapoor: When She Lied About Being Pregnant

Ryan and Kelly's relationship was arbitrary, to say the least. Most of the time it seemed as though they genuinely hated each other. Ryan always acted like he couldn't stand to be around Kelly, and Kelly was known to be loud and overbearing.

Kelly telling Ryan she was pregnant in order to win him back was comical because of the way she went about it. After she dropped the bomb and he agreed to have dinner with her, Kelly is giddy. She tells the camera, "we have a date," acting as if the whole situation came about organically.

2 Jim Halpert: When He Was Bill Buttlicker

Anytime Jim and Dwight are together viewers are bound to laugh. The scene in which Jim pretends to be a client for a practice sale is one of the best Jim and Dwight moments in The Office. Dwight's tendency to fall completely into Jim's trap never gets old.

Viewers would think that he'd be able to recognize Jim's antics, but even during a phone call that Dwight knew was fake, he was sucked into the conversation. Dwight wasn't able to impress Bill Buttlicker, but Michael pulls off the million-dollar sale.

1 Michael Scott: When He Drove The Car Into A Lake

It didn't come as a huge shock that Michael put his faith into a GPS instead of his own eyes. The scene in which he willingly drives into a lake because he misunderstands the GPS directions is one of many iconic moments in The Office.

Michael cares about getting the fruit basket out of the backseat more than anything else, and Dwight's complete overreaction to the situation amplifies it. He dragged Michael away so he wouldn't drown, even though they were only in a couple of feet of water.

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