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The Return of Superman's Creepiest Romance Being Teased By DC

Warning! Spoilers for Crime Syndicate #5 ahead!

Superman's creepiest romance could be returning, thanks to Ultraman. Earth-3 is a twisted version of DC's main Earth. Almost every person's role is reversed, turning most heroes into villains. Ultraman is the prime example of what Superman strives to not be like. He is the complete opposite of the Man of Steel. Whether it be through his different appearances or attitude, Ultraman is the worst of humanity.

Back in the 1960s, Superman was being written again by Jerry Siegel and did some very questionable things. But the standout scene occurred in 1962's Action Comics #289 by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney titled "Superman's Super-Courtship!" In the issue, Superman reveals that he would marry Supergirl if they weren't cousins. The only thing stopping him from marrying her is Krypton's old laws, despite him not having lived there to learn the rules. What makes it even more creepy is that if they were normal humans, it suggests that Superman would've proposed to Supergirl already.

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In Crime Syndicate #5 by Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown, Bryan Hitch, Dexter Vines, and Alex Sinclair, Ultraman proves himself to be a sleaze. The issue really goes far to emphasize how badly he wants an heir and how he'll do anything to get one. His desire to be with Superwoman isn't out of love or loyalty, but to use her as means to produce more of his kind. The way that Ultraman has been handling trying to get an heir is completely out of the ordinary and is frankly quite disgusting in all his misogynistic ways. Ultraman's day takes a turn for the worse as Ultragirl arrives, bringing him down to his knees using only one hand. It's clear that Ultragirl is very strong, it's possible that Ultraman finds that weirdly attractive. This is mainly because of his devotion to Superwoman over everyone else, as she's one of the Crime Syndicate's strongest members.

Given that Earth-3 is completely messed up, in the next issue, Ultraman could go after his cousin. No romance or connection between the two has been implied yet, but given Ultraman's extremely sleazy personality it could become a reality if he really wants it. Obviously, a lot of this would come down to Ultragirl as she's proven stronger than Ultraman. So, it's not like she couldn't stop his approaches if he tried. But Ultraman's sleaze is currently oozing out of him as he reminds Superwoman of their past talk regarding having an heir between them.

Earth-3's Supergirl could give Earth-3's Superman the heir that he wants. However, as explained before, their relationship as cousins would be highly scrutinized. Could the next issue deal with Ultraman's desires or will it move away from anything remotely as creepy? Both options are very viable as perhaps Ultraman will just be focusing on defeating his cousin, while also he could be welcoming her into his life. Crime Syndicate #5 is out now in comic book stores and on digital platforms.

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