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The Tudors: 7 Real-Life Cities Seen In The Show | ScreenRant

One of the elements that stand out in the historical drama The Tudors is the location. The towns and cities that existed during Henry VIII’s seem so historically accurate in the series that viewers could almost believe they are stepping into the 16th century. 

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For the most part, many of the buildings and even some famous landmarks from this era have faded away. However, there are several cities featured on the show that still exist today. Some are smaller towns that still keep their history alive, but others are booming metropolitan areas that feature both the medieval and the modern.

7 Pontefract, England

The castle in Pontefract plays a major role in season 3 of The Tudors. When the northern Catholics rise up in the revolt known as The Pilgrimage of Grace, it acts as their fortress. King Henry later visits the town in royal progress to heal the divisions in the region.

Today, the town of Pontefract itself is still thriving. It is a market town, with a large hall that sells various wares several times a week. While the famous castle is no longer standing in all its former glory, the ruins are a popular attraction for visitors. Fans of licorice will appreciate the town as the birthplace of Pontefract Cakes

6 Lincoln, England

Lincoln is another city in northern England that King Henry visits in season 4 as a way to reconcile with its residents in the wake of their recent rebellion. His daughter Mary gives a well-received speech, most likely due to her Catholic faith.

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Nowadays, Lincoln is a big spot for tourists, with the Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle being big draws for the crowds. The cathedral is the home of the fabled Lincoln Imp -- legend has it the creature was turned to stone by an angel. Lincoln is also the home of The Collection, a museum filled with art exhibits and historical British artifacts.

5 Calais, France 

Henry and Anne Boleyn travel to Calais in season 2 in order to present her to the French king, Francis and it is here where they finally consummate their relationship. Once an English territory, Calais became a permanent part of France during the reign of Mary I, a loss that marked a terrible blow for her reign.

Due to its close proximity to the British Isles, Calais is where the Channel's underwater tunnel connects with England. It is still a major port for trade with England and has several renowned fish markets. Besides historical attractions, the town has several museums, theatres, and nightclubs.

4 Lisbon, Portugal

In season 1, King Henry betroths his sister Margaret to the King of Portugal, despite her many protests. She travels to the capital city for her wedding, along with Henry’s best friend, Charles Brandon and the two begin a romance. 

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The second oldest capital in Europe, Lisbon is a popular travel destination with a rich history, dazzling architecture, numerous cultural hotspots, and consistently warm weather. Locals are commonly referred to as "alfacinhas," or “little lettuces,” although no one is entirely sure why. 

3 Rome, Italy

The city of Rome is important in the first two seasons of the series due to being the location of The Vatican. Many characters, including Cardinal Wolsey and Pope Paul III, debate the matter of Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon here.

Known as The Eternal City, Rome has been a centuries-old epicenter of empires and renaissances. Visitors can still tour Vatican City and take in the wonders of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as the Colosseum in the center of the metropolis. Rome is also a great place to enjoy authentic Italian food. 

2 Paris, France

Paris is where the audience is first introduced to Anne Boleyn. She is a lady-in-waiting at the French court along with her sister, Mary. This is also where King Francis, Henry’s French counterpart, resides, and the love-hate relationship between the two monarchs is a constant throughout the series.

With locations such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, The City of Light is one of the most popular cultural destinations in Europe. Paris is also famous for its delicious cuisine and its bold fashion, with cafes on almost every corner and high-end boutiques lining the Champs-Elysees. It is also well known as a city of romance, attracting couples from all over the globe.

1 London, England

London is the main scene of The Tudors story where Henry holds his royal court. While many of the monuments from the Tudor era are no longer there, the magnificent Hampton Court Palace and dreaded Tower of London that are featured in the series are still standing in the city today.

The largest city in the United Kingdom, London is one of the few cities in Europe that still hosts a monarchy. It is a global center of finance, entertainment, and tourism. A common goal for London visitors is to have a high tea, see Buckingham Palace, and ride the renowned red double-decker buses.

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