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The Vampire Diaries: 8 Facts About Damon Many Fans Forgot

Out of everyone in The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore is both the most popular and the most controversial character. There are fans who think Damon didn't deserve redemption and others who believe he had incredible character development.

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The series spends a good amount of time unraveling Damon's layers, and viewers know him well when the show comes to a close. But it can be hard to remember everything about a century and a half old vampire, and there are many Damon Salvatore facts that not many fans are aware of or recall.

8 He Was Turned At 25 Years Old

Everyone knew that Damon was Stefan's older brother, but their age difference is much more significant than most viewers realize. Damon was turned into a vampire at 25, which makes some aspects of the show a bit weird.

Damon dating Caroline, a sixteen-year-old high school student, should've raised more eyebrows than it did. No one in Mystic Falls was aware of all the supernatural aspects at play. Their relationship wasn't just inappropriate, but illegal in most states. It's ironic that Caroline's mom didn't have a huge problem with it, despite being the sheriff.

7 Stefan Wasn't His Only Brother

The Salvatore Brothers are known for their unbreakable bond and their willingness to do anything for one another. Because they're the central duo of the series, it's easy to forget that there was actually a third Salvatore Brother who viewers never got the chance to meet.

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Damon and Stefan's father slept with a maid who bore a child and continued the Salvatore bloodline. It does pose the question of whether Damon and Stefan would've been as close with their half-brother as they were with each other.

6 He Had Unexplained Abilities

There are several book to show differences nobody talks about in The Vampire Diaries, one of which is Damon's shape-shifting abilities. Damon was able to physically take the shape of a crow in the novels, but that didn't quite transition over to the show. Because it was dropped a handful of episodes in, many viewers don't remember Damon's crow, which was likely taken from the book series.

Rather than turning into the animal, Damon was able to control it. He was also able to make fog appear in the graveyard, and use mind control to bring Caroline to him when he was locked in the Salvatore basement. However, all of these special powers stop and are never spoken of again.

5 He Turned Caroline

Caroline had a strong hatred for Damon because he manipulated and abused her when she was a human. Since they spent as little time together as possible, at least for the first half of the show, it's odd to remember that Damon turned Caroline into a vampire.

Although Katherine killed her, Damon fed Caroline his blood to heal her after a car accident. Damon also turned Vicki and Elena, making him responsible for the transition of multiple main characters.

4 He Rebuilt The Gilbert House For Elena

Only viewers who actively keep up with The Vampire Diaries universe caught the Delena Easter egg in Legacies. Elena burned the Gilbert house down when she turned off her emotions in the fourth season and moved into the Salvatore Boarding House.

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To viewers' surprise, the outside of the Gilbert house was recently featured in the spinoff. There were many questions about how it was still standing, and it's revealed that Damon rebuilt the house for Elena. To make things even better, it's where Damon and Elena are raising their kids.

3 He's A Gemini

It's difficult to keep up with characters' birthdays, especially one who's had 178 of them. Fans of The Vampire Diaries can check and see which character they are based on their zodiac sign, and Damon's birthday makes him a Gemini.

Damon was born in Mystic Falls on June 18th, 1839 to Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore. He's the epitome of a Gemini, as he has all the same personality traits. Damon is charming, witty, and he's the most outgoing character in the show.

2 He Had A Fling With Elena's Mom

Damon's relationship with Isobel is something viewers try to repress. But, sadly, there's no denying that Damon had a fling with his girlfriend's mother. It's creepy for a lot of different reasons, as it also highlights all the crazy age differences in the show.

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama not meant to be taken literally, but it doesn't make the fact that Damon slept with both Elena and her biological mom any less weird.

1 He's In Every Episode Of The Show

Damon is the only character other than Stefan to appear in all 171 episodes of the series. Not only is that an impressive run for the show, but Damon's inclusion in every installment exemplifies just how vital he is to the story.

Strong arguments can be made about why Damon was actually the show's main character, as he became much more than the villain he was made out to be in the pilot. It's up to the individual to decide if Damon is really a hero, but his episode count makes it clear that he's one of the two leads.

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