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The Vampire Diaries: 9 Facts About Caroline Many Fans Don't Know About

Ever since the pilot, Caroline Forbes has been the most dynamic character in The Vampire Diaries. She's changed significantly throughout the series, but it's always been for the better. Caroline remains the optimist of the group and keeps hope alive when all is lost.

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It's incredible how many things Caroline is able to juggle at once, and because she's a well-crafted and complex character, there's always more to learn about her. There are plenty of interesting facts about Caroline Forbes that a lot of viewers probably aren't aware of.

9 She's Included In Every TVDU Show

Alongside Klaus, Caroline is the most important person in The Vampire Diaries universe. Not only does she play an important part in the final season of The Originals, but Candice King did a voiceover for the musical episode of Legacies. She's connected to all three shows and her very existence is crucial in each.

Caroline ran the school that Hope attended, with her daughters also appearing as the main characters of the second TVD spinoff. Legacies has done its best to explain Caroline's absence and has dropped several Easter eggs for fans of the original series.

8 She's Been In The Most TVD Episodes After The Salvatores

There were many reasons Caroline should have been the lead character in The Vampire Diaries and when Nina Dobrev left, the title seemed to fit. She became the focus of many storylines, more than the other characters, and her romance with Stefan was the main love story of the last couple of seasons.

There are 171 episodes of the series and only the Salvatore Brothers have been featured in every one of them. Caroline is the runner-up with 150, but her total episode count in The Vampire Diaries universe is 156.

7 She Doesn't Have A Favorite Color

Fans would expect a person as vibrant and decorative as Caroline to have an opinion when it comes to colors. However, it's revealed in The Vampire Diaries season 6, "I Never Could Love Like That," that she doesn't have one.

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When her humanity is off, she quizzes Matt's knowledge of her and asks what her favorite color is. It's a trick question, of course, because she doesn't have one. It's most likely because Caroline loves them all equally.

6 She Becomes A Werewolf In The Book Series

There are things in The Vampire Diaries tv show that are completely different in the books. One of the biggest changes made is to Caroline's character and her role in the story. She isn't close with Elena and Bonnie, and Meredith is the third member of their friend group.

Caroline never becomes a vampire, and is instead, turned into a werewolf by Tyler Smallwood. They begin a romantic relationship and even have two kids named Lucas and Brianna.

5 Her Last Name Was Originally "Truitt"

When writing a television show, there are plenty of things that change from script to screen. Some are more major than others, but a notable one is Caroline's last name. While her name is Caroline Forbes when the episode airs, the pilot script reveals that Caroline's last name was originally "Truitt."

It's curious as to where the series got this name, as her last name is Forbes even in the novels. Regardless, the change was for the better, as Caroline Truitt doesn't have the same ring to it.

4 Her Favorite Blood Type Is B Positive

Caroline's optimism is just one of the many things viewers love about her, so her favorite blood type makes perfect sense. "Be positive" is Caroline's motto and without her, the other characters would've given up countless times.

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When bringing a cooler from the hospital blood drive, Caroline tells Bonnie that her personal favorite blood type is "B positive." The smiles that follow make it clear that the double meaning behind the words was intentional.

3 She's Dated All The Original Male Characters Except Jeremy

Caroline's a catch and everyone in Mystic Falls knows it. There are different people for different phases of life, and almost all of the characters suited who she was during the time she dated them. Damon is, by far, one of Caroline's worst love interests because of how he treated her, but she did form real and genuine connections with everyone else.

It was clear that Matt and Tyler were both examples of "young love," and her relationship with Alaric was just one of convenience. Her romance with Stefan was much more adult, and although Klaus wasn't in The Vampire Diaries season 1, many fans believe that they were soulmates.

2 She's The Only Main Character That's Never Died (Other Than When She Transitioned)

All of the main characters were thought to be goners, at least once. They've all been to the Other Side, and most of them have been there multiple times. Caroline only died when she was turned into a vampire, so while she was dead for a short period, she was never gone.

Caroline lucked out and was able to escape death for the entirety of the series. She's the only one of her friends who is still immortal, and even though Caroline doesn't have a physical presence in Legacies, she hasn't been killed off.

1 She Was Supposed To End Up With Klaus

The knowledge that Caroline was supposed to end up with Klaus is somehow validating and a punch to the gut. In an interview with EW, Julie Plec admits that after all was said and done, Klaus and Caroline were supposed to be together in Paris. Sadly, that changed after the writers decided to write a romance between Stefan and Caroline. The showrunner felt that Caroline traveling the world with Klaus would disrespect Stefan's memory, but most viewers don't seem to feel the same.

Not only did Stefan and Caroline's relationship feel forced, but Stefan had been gone for around eight years by the time Caroline went to visit Klaus in the series finale. It's a bit questionable why Caroline's romance with Stefan would stop an immortal woman from finding love again. While she would always cherish what they had, eternity is a long time to spend alone and living in the past.

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