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Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Has Rejected Him (For Good Reason)

Warning: contains spoilers for Thor #15!

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics' Thor, the God of Thunder finally understands why his hammer Mjolnir is rejecting him. While recent issues have seen Thor's hammer getting heavier and heavier for the newly crowned All-Father, it's actually become easier to lift for literally everyone else. However, it's not a question of worthiness like the last time the Odinson couldn't pick up his hammer (which led to Jane Foster's transformation into Thor.) Instead, it all comes down to his new role on Asgard as its king, having replaced his father Odin as the All-Father.

After The War of the Realms, Odin ceded the throne and Thor became the new and rightful King of Asgard. However, that's when his problems began with his hammer, and the struggle has continued on into Thor's conflicts with Galactus and the Black Winter, as well as with his old human alter ego Donald Blake, Marvel's new God of Lies. Now, Thor #15 from writer Donny Cates and artist Michele Bandini sees the God of Thunder finally realizing why his hammer has seemingly given up on him in favor of others.

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In the issue, Thor travels to Earth to speak with Steve Rogers' Captain America, his longtime friend and fellow warrior who's been proven worthy to wield his hammer even before Mjolnir started having problems. As they talk, Thor confirms that for his entire life he's been a warrior and "the tip of Asgard's spear" as his people's chief hero - that's who Mjolnir was made for, after all. However, Thor's new duties as Asgard's king mean he can no longer fulfill that role. As such, the hammer no longer works as it should for the God of Thunder, as while he's not unworthy, Mjolnir can better express its purpose in other hands.

Thor is no longer Asgard's symbolic hammer, as he's now become its leader. As such, it's time for Thor to fully take on the role that he's been reluctant to embrace, and that means leaving his literal hammer behind. Clearly, this is a major move for Thor and a significant change to his status quo. As such, it's going to be really interesting to see not only where he goes from here as he truly becomes Asgard's king, but also what will become of Mjolnir now that the powerful weapon is in need of a new wielder.

It seems as though the saga of King Thor has only just begun, and fans have to wonder if a hammerless God of Thunder will be capable of uniting his Asgardian kingdom. Not only that, but there are still major threats on the horizon, such as Thor's dark vision of the future, where he saw Thanos wielding Mjolnir itself with Infinity Stones embedded in the hammer's head. Here's hoping Thor will be able to lead his people through the oncoming storms without his mighty hammer.

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