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Titans: 10 Things Fans Hope To See In Future Seasons | ScreenRant

Due to start its third season in August 2021, Titans is the gritty, live-action take on Teen Titans. The first season was described by Rotten tomatoes as a show with "growing pains," while the second was said to be "building on the momentum." The third season will hopefully step it up from there.

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With the announcement that Titans will be moving to HBO Max, many have expressed anticipation for better writing along with a bigger budget.  In the meantime, those fans have been speculating on what could be coming in the new season, as well as what they hope to see in future seasons.

10 H.I.V.E. Five

H.I.V.E. Five is the animated Teen Titans version of the comic's Fearsome Five. The group of teens is a villainous team, set up to oppose the Teen Titans. The show has already given a new take on the Titan's Deathstroke storyline, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume Titans might visit more of the traditional foes.

A few of the Five have already been seen on screen if only as brief plot foils. Donna and Kory had a run in with Shimmer while they worked together, and Dr. Light partnered with Deathstroke for a short time. Fans have expressed a desire to see the H.I.V.E. Five become a better developed storyline in future seasons.

9 Cassandra Cain

In a show that features not one, but two, and soon to be three of Batman's adopted children, a fourth would fit right in. Cassandra Cain was raised in the League of Assassins. Taught to read people instead of speak, her tale is a unique one that would allow writers to explore some different storylines especially since it has not yet been revealed how Jason Todd will become Red Hood. Cassandra's presence would give access to the Lazarus Pit if the show goes in that direction.

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Titans has established that Dick Grayson inherited Bruce Wayne's tendency to collect misfits and orphans. Cassandra's talents and backstory would make him scoop her up right away. She also struggles to use spoken language and resorts to sign language, which could possibly remind Dick of Jericho. She is certainly a character that writers could explore to the fullest extent.

8 Justice for the Red Hood Transformation

Batman: Death in the Family, and Under the Red Hood, depict a gut-wrenching death and transformation as Red Hood's origin story. The comics and the animated movies depicted the story arc so well, fans are desperate for Titans not to mess it up.

There are many theories flying around the internet about whether Jason Todd will actually die at the hands of Joker, or if it will all just be a fear toxin-induced hallucination. The one thing all fans agree on though is the desire to see Jason's transformation into Red Hood done right. It doesn't have to be the exact same as the previous iterations, but the show's writers should beware that they are holding the hopes of fans in the palm of their hands.

7 Donna Troy's Resurrection

Donna Troy, one of the most powerful Titans, dies in season 2. She also dies in the comics but is resurrected to rejoin her team later on. Actress Conor Leslie is still on the cast list for season 3 and it is unclear if she is cast for the purpose of flashbacks or because her character is getting resurrected in true comic book fashion.

Fans have expressed a desire for her to return. Donna is a beloved character in whatever media she shows up in and has a complicated and diverse background. Her story on the show could be expanded far beyond her short-lived relationship with Aqualad.

6 A More Central Role for Beast Boy

Garfield Logan is a wise-cracking, sweet character in every version of the Teen Titans. Ryan Potter does a wonderful job portraying this in his role as Gar in Titans. Many fans have mentioned that Potter's role deserves to be more than just a side character. His character arc, and his costume, deserve more growth than he has had so far.

Fans have also been asking if Gar will transform into more animals besides his standard tiger. When the team defeated Trigon, he turned into a snake, proving Gar could be more animals, but it hasn't happened since. Ryan and the Titans team are keeping pretty close-lipped about any developments for Beast Boy, so fans will just have to wait and see.

5 Roy Harper

In season 2, Donna Troy is shown to be talking to Roy Harper on the phone. He is mentioned a few times and it would be perfectly natural to introduce him into the next season. The writers could play around with the clone Roy storyline, and not have to worry about messing with Arrowverse continuity.

In the CW crossover event, Crisis of Infinite Earths, it was established that Titans is part of the Arrowverse if just a different dimension. There is some question as to whether or not DC will allow Roy to be used, beyond his character in Arrow. Fans have pointed out that his appearance would make the show feel more like the old Teen Titans, and less like a show all about the Bat-Family.

4 More DC Heroes

The Titans don't exist inside a bubble universe with no other heroes. Other heroes have been mentioned, and with the rumored appearance of Lex Luthor on the show, it would make perfect sense to have a Superman cameo.

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Many of the Teen Titans were sidekicks to Justice Leaguers. The writers could easily include some of those people in the upcoming storylines. The Titans were always determined to be their own heroes, not needing their mentors to swoop in and save them, but fans wouldn't mind some Justice League/Titans interaction.

3 Better Writing

No one is denying the talents of the costume designers or the actors' brilliant portrayals of their characters. The show rides on Brenton Thwaites' and Tegan Croft's passionate performances. Unfortunately, many fans have pointed out the writing is lacking. Season 1's finale was anti-climactic and some of the storylines missed the mark entirely. There is so much potential for greatness in the show, which is part of the reason why so many fans are sticking it out. Season 2 was an improvement over season 1, and there is hope three will be even better.

The writer for Hulu's Plan B, Prathiksha Srinivasan, has joined Titans' team of writers, with the promise of unpredictable twists and turns. Fans can only hope she will help to elevate the show from good to the greatness it could be, staying true to the beloved characters.

2 Barbara Gordon as Oracle

Sadly, it is rare that disabled actors are cast to play disabled characters but this is not one of those times. Savannah Welch has been cast to play Barbara Gordon. It is confirmed she will be in a wheelchair, suggesting, this storyline is post-Batman: The Killing Joke, where she was paralyzed by the Joker.

Barbara was at her most powerful not as Batgirl, but as Oracle. She built her own supercomputer, interfacing with heroes all over the world and dealing in information that was often lifesaving for the Bat-Family and their allies. She never let being paralyzed slow her down, and fans are eager to see Barbara at her pinnacle of heroism. It has already been released that she will be anti-vigilante at first, but there are nine other episodes to hope the writers will do her justice as Oracle.

1 Wally West

Wally West is canonically Dick Grayson's best friend. Dick needs the lightness of Wally to balance him out and not let him get too dark and brooding. Fans have expressed a desire to see the speed-talking speedster, Kid Flash, appear on the show.

It would be a little tricky, with Wally already being played by Keiynan Lonsdale in CW's The Flash. The Arrowverse has established, though, that Titans is based on a different Earth from Earth One's Flash. With some juggling and commitment to listening to their fans, the show creators could make it work. Titans may be the gritty, dark version of Teen Titans, but Wally may be just what they need to add a little light and hope to the show.

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