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Too Hot to Handle: Why Fans Think Marvin Used Melinda To Win

Marvin Anthony is Too Hot To Handle season 2's reigning victor, and some fans think that he played Melinda Melrose in order to win a big cash prize. Marvin and Melinda had a fan-favorite relationship during the show, but viewers have become suspicious of Marvin's intentions since the sophomore season wrapped. From Marvin's treatment of Melinda after the show to Melinda's current relationship status, here's why audiences don't think Marvin's intentions with Melinda were pure.

On Too Hot To Handle season 2, Marvin and Melinda were an instant hit. In addition to being embraced by fans right away, Marvin and Melinda had chemistry from the jump. However, the couple did hit some rough patches on their way to the finish line. Specifically, Melinda got annoyed with Marvin for showing interest in other women in the villa while also exploring his relationship with her. While this could be seen as an early indication that Marvin is untrustworthy, it was largely written off as Marvin just being a bachelor playing the field.

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At the finale, Marvin was selected by Lana as one of the Too Hot To Handle season 2 finalists because of the growth he exhibited throughout his relationship with Melinda. Ultimately, Marvin won Too Hot To Handle. However, viewers have become weary of Marvin's actions on and off the season.

After season 2 came to a close, fans were eager to hear how Marvin and Melinda's relationship had progressed in the real world. Unfortunately, the two reality stars had an extraordinarily difficult romantic journey ahead of them. One understandable reason why Marvin and Melinda's relationship did not thrive after Too Hot To Handle is the COVID-19 pandemic. Marvin is from Paris, France, and Melinda lives in Brooklyn, New York. The hit Netflix reality dating show wrapped filming in late 2020. This was before vaccines eased fears about contributing to the spread of the virus. While the pandemic is a valid excuse for not being able to work on the relationship that Marvin and Melinda forged on TV, Marvin exhibited other strange behavior that made fans suspicious about his intentions with Melinda on Too Hot To Handle.

After the show, for a while, Marvin and Melinda were still together. Then, they had a conflict that broke them up. On the Too Hot To Handle season 2 reunion, Melinda revealed that she and Marvin had plans to meet up in Mexico. Those plans went awry. Just before heading to their Mexican reunion, Melinda and Marvin got into a fight on the phone. This prompted Marvin to cancel his flight and back out of the trip at the last minute. Melinda felt "ghosted" by Marvin during their relationship after the show, so the couple called it quits. When they heard about the minimal effort that Marvin put into his relationship with Melinda after the show ended, fans suspected that Marvin's interest in 28-year-old Brooklyn model Melinda was just a performance for the reality dating series.

Some viewers think that Marvin had no problem ghosting Melinda because he only needed her to make it to the end of Too Hot To Handle season 2 and collect his $55,000 prize. Fans believe that Marvin used Melinda to show that he could grow in a relationship to win the competition. After he won, audiences speculated that Marvin had no more need for Melinda and decided to stop putting effort into his relationship with her. Whether what Marvin and Melinda had on Too Hot To Handle was real or calculated is a mystery that fans (and maybe Melinda) are wondering about.

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