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Trollhunters: The 10 Best Characters | ScreenRant

The world of Trollhunters just ended on Netflix with Jim, Toby, and friends finally facing their greatest challenge. Guillermo Del Toro and Daniel Kraus started the story in Trollhunters, and then continued it in 3Below and Wizards, before wrapping it up with a new Netflix movie in 2021, allowing fans to watch these characters grow and develop over the course of series.

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These characters captivated audiences, with human teenagers battling supernatural forces, a world of trolls coming to life, and even aliens showing up to expand the world. All the shows had great characters, and the best of these will remain legendary for fans of the series when they revisit the Tales of Arcadia world.

10 Jim

Jim went through a lot of changes throughout the Trollhunters franchise. He started out as a regular teenage boy, but then he ended up being forced into the role of a Trollhunter. He then became the fiercest Trollhunter in history and had to face major challenges and obstacles along the way.

He then lost his powers and had to find a way to protect his friends, before finally gaining his powers back in the end to fight his greatest battle. What made Jim so beloved was his perseverance and his unwavering loyalty to his friends in the end.

9 Toby

Toby was Jim's best friend and has been around since the first Trollhunters series. He is loyal but short-tempered. Voiced by Charlie Saxton, he developed a fantastic relationship with AAARRRGGHH!!!, and their scenes together were some of the best in the entire franchise.

Even fans who were not completely onboard with Toby along the way had to respect him when the last movie concluded. Toby might have the best character progression of anyone in the series, and he deserved every second of his big moment, as tragic as it was.

8 Claire

Claire first appeared in Trollhunters as one of Jim's friends, and someone he really liked. Voiced by Lexi Medrano, she ended up becoming a sorceress-in-training after gaining magical powers when she accessed Morgana's Shadow Staff.

Claire was someone who grew on fans over time. When the first series started, she was mostly just there and wasn't interesting at all. However, once she began to fight alongside Jim as a Trollhunter, she grew and became the most responsible member of the trio of human warriors.

7 Blinky

Blinky is one of the most popular characters in the Trollhunters franchise. He is not only Jim's mentor out of all the trolls, but he is also a loyal and honorable friend. Voiced by Kelsey Grammer, he also had an easy-going familiarity for viewers.

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He was extremely intelligent too, which made him unique among the trolls because he could get out of tough situations with his brains above his brawn or fighting skills. That isn't to say he wasn't good in a fight, since he was very strong as well.


What made AAARRRGGHH!!! such a beloved character on Trollhunters was his kindness and loyalty to those he loved. His real named is Aarghaumont, but his nickname fits him better, especially when called into battle to protect his friends and allies.

He was funny and powerful, eventually becoming a pacifist unless the time came to protect his friends. Seeing him and Toby together showed how great of a friend he could be, despite his monstrous appearance.

5 Krell

Many fans might not know that Krel Tarron was one of the new characters introduced in 3Below. He ended up as a major character in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans as well, which made viewers very happy as he became a popular fan favorite. He is the king of Akiridionn-5 and a foreign exchange student at Arcadia Oaks High.

He was unlikeable upon his first appearance, due to his arrogance and self-centeredness. However, as his character progressed, he became kinder and took his role in the story more seriously, making Earth a second home and fighting for what was right.

4 Merlin

Merlin had a huge role in the Tales of Arcadia world and was the one who was willing to do whatever it took to achieve the greater good, even to his own detriment. Merlin was the same wizard from ancient lore and portrayed in this world as the Guardians of Arcadia founder.

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Merlin also served as the former advisor to King Arthur, the patron of the Trollhunters. He served as one of the major characters in Wizards and Part 3 of Trollhunters, and he took on a smaller role in 3Below. His eventual sacrifice cemented his importance to this world.

3 Strickler

It seems amazing how Strickler transformed throughout the series. He started off as a villain in the first season of Trollhunters, a Changeling disguised as a human who worked at Arcadia Oaks High and dated Jim's mother. However, he eventually became a hero.

The big change came in the movie, Rise of the Titans, when Strickler joined Jim in the fight. Strickler ended up with a massive redemption, proving that he had respect for Jim and was a true hero underneath it all.

2 Aja

Aja Tarron was the main hero from the 3Below series in the Trollhunters franchise. She was a warrior queen on Akiridion-5 and a foreign exchange student at Arcadia Oaks High. She was also Krel's older sister and began to date Steve in the series.

Aja played a very important role in the story and was a major character in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. She was a great character for female viewers as well, a former princess who chose to fight as a warrior and prove that she could defend her people as well as any man.

1 Nari

Nari showed up in Wizards and also played a huge role in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. She was a member of the Arcane Order, voiced by Angel Lin. When she learned how much the Arcane Order was hurting people, she defected and joined up with Merlin to try to become a hero.

In Rise of the Titans, she ended up brainwashed and became a villain, killing some major characters, before finally coming to her senses. She finally controls the Earth golem to fight Skrael's ice giant, and she sacrifices herself for the greater good. It was a heartbreaking loss for Trollhunters.

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