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Which Disney Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

In any Disney movie, it’s almost inevitable that the villain will end up being the most interesting character. Time and again, these agents of evil somehow manage to make the entire movie all about them. When it comes to creating a memorable antagonist that fans love to hate, nobody does it better than Disney.

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By the time that the credits roll, sometimes the bad guy is more memorable than the main characters. Disney villains have personality traits and motives that make them unique. For those who are wondering just which Disney villain they would be, the zodiac provides a useful guide. What are the zodiac signs of the most famous Disney villains?

Updated on July 8th, 2021 by Kristy Ambrose: Disney is still producing stellar antagonists while remaking old ones. The current trend to resurrect vintage animated films as live-action remakes have brought some of these oldies but goodies back into the spotlight, partly due to the effectiveness of the bad guys. Since the zodiac also includes signs on the cusp, when someone was born at a time when the sun was moving out of or into a constellation, there are extra Dinsey villain zodiac signs that can be explored.

14 Aries - Madame Medusa, The Rescuers

The Aries will find much to understand about the character of Madame Medusa, one of the less appreciated villains in the Disney canon. She is a very driven type of woman, always trying to get the wealth that she feels she deserves. Her actions toward Penny are cruel, and they seem to stem from a simple lack of empathy rather than outright malice.

Like any Aries, Medusa thinks she's the smartest person in the room. As a result, she is also very bad at taking advice, even when it would be to her benefit.

13 Taurus - Scar, The Lion King

Voiced by Jeremy Irons, Scar is one of the most compellingly evil villains to emerge from a Disney film. He's been described as Shakespearean, a tall order for an animated film.

As a Taurus, for the most part, he is a very grounded character, though he can be incredibly stubborn when it comes to taking advice, such as when Sarabi advises him that he should be a better steward of the land. Unfortunately, Scar also tends to be a bit lazy, which is a bit of an Achilles heel for Taurus.

12 Gemini - Madam Mim, The Sword In The Stone

Known for her shape-shifting abilities and disdain for following rules and keeping promises, Madam Mim is perfect for the Gemini zodiac sign. Like so many Gemini, she is a bit scatter-brained, which is partly what leaves her open to Merlin’s little trick of turning himself into a bacterium.

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Geminis, however, will also appreciate that Mim is one of the liveliest and most enthusiastic of the Disney villains. She's also funny, and entertaining to watch, which makes her likable even if she is the bad guy.

11 Gemini-Cancer Cusp - Edgar Balthazar, The Aristocats

He seems sweet and caring at first, but the butler of the Bonfamille household has another face. Although Edgar pretends to be polite and even doting on his millionaire mistress and her animal family, which includes a horse in addition to Duchess and her three babies, he has a nefarious scheme to kidnap the cats and become the sole heir to an impressive fortune.

Edgar has the gentle nature of a Cancer, but his talent for hiding his true intentions reveals his Gemini side. His plans for taking the inheritance go back years, as he even has a system for eavesdropping set up in the house. That indicates he had a plan that was in the works for years, something typical of a Cancer-Gemini.

10 Cancer - Prince John, Robin Hood

With his tendency to suck his thumb and bemoan the fact that his mother didn’t love him enough, Prince John is very much a Cancer. He is also incredibly prone to mood swings, rapidly changing between euphoria and despondency making the zodiac sign of this Disney villain this crabby summer sign.

He is also prone to paranoia and suspicions of everyone, and while Cancers might understand this about him, they might be uncomfortable with his self-destructive indulgence and inability to rule effectively.

9 Leo - Gaston, Beauty and the Beast

There’s no question that Gaston is the ultimate sort of Leo. More than a little vain and conceited, he even has an entire song number devoted to talking about how wonderful he is compared to everyone else in the town. It's the perfect zodiac sign for a villain in a Disney movie.

Leos will recognize their own tendency to dominate others in Gaston’s blustering persona, though they will also recognize the distinct Leonine tendency to be very possessive. He literally attacks Beast because he thinks Belle should belong to him.

8 Virgo - The Evil Queen, Snow White

Virgos are known for being planners, and that is definitely true of the Evil Queen. When she sends out her huntsman to kill Snow White in the forest, she makes sure to order him to bring back her heart in a small box.

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Even when that doesn’t work out, she still manages to have yet another plan in the offing. Virgos will appreciate that she goes the extra mile, with her even going so far as to deliberately turn herself into a terrifying old woman to put her plan into motion.

7 Libra - Cruella de Ville, 101 Dalmations

Libras are known for having a taste for the finer things in life. While this isn’t a problem necessarily, it can sometimes lead to a bit of indulgence. That's one of the things that make the wretched Cruella de Vil's zodiac sign a Libra.

They can also be rather detached at times. Both of these are traits that the Libra will recognize in this villain, known for her love of furs. She even says she worships them. That makes sense considering the cold-hearted way in which she sets about getting herself a coat made out of dalmatian fur.

6 Scorpio - Frollo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

There’s always a bit of a dark side to Scorpios and that is certainly the case with Frollo who, after he finds himself obsessed with the young woman Esmerelda, decides that he has to have her at any cost.

Like many Scorpios, he’s has a jealous and manipulative side, and as the film progresses he shows that he will stop at nothing in order to make her his own.

5 Sagittarius - Jafar, Aladdin

One of the unfortunate downsides of the Sagittarius is their tendency to be overconfident in their own abilities. As a fire sign, they tend to believe that they are inviolable, and so they tend to make mistakes.

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A Sagittarius watching the actions of the serpentine sorcerer Jafar as he schemes to attain the lamp and become sultan recognizes the zodiac sign of this Disney villain will be brought down by his own hubris. They will no doubt feel a great deal of sympathy with Jafar as his plans unravel around him.

4 Capricorn - Lady Tremaine, Cinderella

The Lady Tremaine is, to put it mildly, almost unbearably cruel to her stepdaughter Cinderella. However, she also proves to be an immensely patient and disciplined operator, in true Capricorn fashion. This serves her in good stead since neither of her daughters is very bright nor very good at seeing plans through to the end.

In the end, she is defeated by her own stubborn refusal to see Cinderella as anything other than a servant.

3 Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp - Honest John, Pinnochio

Creative and intelligent, but also sinister and manipulative, Honest John was one of the characters lifted from the original book about everyone's favorite little wooden boy. Today, audiences would recognize him as a trafficker working in tandem with fellow criminals like the Coachmen, which makes him one of Disney's most chilling and realistic villains.

The Aquarius is fanciful and charming, which is how he lures in his prey, but the Capricorn side means he's not only in charge of the situation but to an obsessive degree. His habit of deferring in an almost fawning way to certain authority figures is also a weakness typical of Capricorns.

2 Aquarius - Maleficent

In the pantheon of Disney villains, Maleficent stands a little above the rest. As an Aquarius, she is very intelligent, but in her, that trait is twisted and combined with a belief in the absolute rightness of her own perspective.

Thus it is that she sets out to destroy Aurora, all because of the fact that she wasn’t invited to a party, or at least that's the pretext. She’s also more than a bit stubborn, and she is one of the most detached of the Disney villains, an icy figure to her core.

1 Pisces - Ursula

Pisces have a bit of a reputation for self-indulgence, for dwelling on wrongs done to them rather than moving on. This definitely describes Ursula, who has never forgiven King Triton for banishing her.

Though there hints that she has some capacity for compassion, where she uses that to her own advantage, manipulating Ariel by pretending that she cares about her welfare. A Pisces will definitely recognize the strain of vengeance that is a key part of Ursula’s character.

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