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Who Voices Jiren In Dragon Ball Super? (English & Japanese Dubs)

He’s often hailed as one of the most formidable opponents Goku has faced to date, but who are the Jiren voice actors in the English and Japanese dubs of Dragon Ball Super? An inhabitant of Universe 11, Jiren made his Dragon Ball Super debut in episode 85, AKA “The Universes Go Into Action – Each With Their Own Motives.” Jiren is the mightiest member of the Pride Troopers – a team of heroes tasked with protecting Universe 11 from evil – whose power level is said to be even greater than his universe’s God of Destruction.

Jiren was a major player in the Universe Survival Saga which was the final story arc of Dragon Ball Super. The arc revolved around the Tournament of Power – an epic contest held by multiverse ruler Zeno that saw teams of the strongest warriors from eight universes battle each other to save their universe from being erased from existence. Jiren competed in the Tournament of Power as part of a team featuring fellow Universe 11 inhabitants, including Dyspo and Top, and proved to be a formidable fighter when he emerged victorious from battles with the likes of Kale, Maji Kayo and even Goku himself.

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Jiren might be powerful, but Dragon Ball Super proved he wasn’t much of a team player which was revealed to be a result of his tragic backstory. When Dragon Ball's Jiren was a child his parents were killed by a powerful evil-doer and he was rescued by a man who became Jiren’s master and taught him martial arts. Later, the evil-doer returned and slaughtered most of Jiren’s comrades – his master included. While Jiren vowed to become stronger, his surviving comrades abandoned him which caused the future Pride Trooper to become distrustful of others and reliant on only his own strength. So, which voice actors brought this complicated character to life?

The first Jiren voice actor on the show was Eiji Hanawa, who voiced the character in the original Japanese dub of Dragon Ball Super, while Funimation’s English dub of the anime series saw American voice actor Patrick Seitz take over the role. Both Eiji Hanawa and Patrick Seitz have voiced Jiren in other Dragon Ball franchise media including the video games Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Legends.

If the powerful Pride Trooper’s voice sounds familiar that’s because the Jiren voice actors have tons of other anime credits to their names beyond Dragon Ball Super. Eiji Hanawa, for example, has voiced characters like Shingo Mido in Death Note and Ryo Inui (aka Hound Dog) in My Hero Academia while Patrick Seitz is also known for his voice work as Ira Gamagori in Kill La Kill and as Franky in One Piece.

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