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Why Kong Could Fight King Caesar After GvK | Screen Rant

A popular theory among fans is that King Caesar will be Kong’s next MonsterVerse opponent after Godzilla vs. Kong. King Caesar is a dog-like guardian monster and one-time ally of the King of the Monsters from the Showa series. The two worked together to beat Godzilla’s robotic counterpart in 1974’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. King Caesar is a kaiju whose name comes up often in discussions about which Toho properties will be used next.

Assuming the MonsterVerse continues, Legendary could make more movies for both Godzilla and Kong, complete with additional Toho monsters. Many think if Godzilla 3 ever happens, the best candidates for the villain are Gigan, Destoroyah, and Biollante, who are all well-known foes of the monster. With Kong, the situation is a bit more open, considering he doesn’t really have a rogues’ gallery. That means if the MonsterVerse wants to make Kong 2 (or a proper King Kong movie), it could create an all-new antagonist. Or, it could just pit him against someone from Toho’s vast library.

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That’s the route many are expecting Legendary to take if it follows up Godzilla vs. Kong with Kong 2. Arguably the most talked-about choice for Kong’s next adversary is Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla’s King Caesar. The idea behind most of the theories is that the MonsterVerse’s King Caesar may be the current king of the Hollow Earth, which would make Kong a pretender and not the true alpha of the Hollow Earth – yet. Godzilla vs. Kong’s ending positioned Kong to be this hidden world’s new king, but Kong 2 could always reveal his reign is being contested. After all, it would make sense Kong can’t just become the alpha without having to prove himself to the other Hollow Earth denizens. That path would feel a bit too easy.

Kong could end up being challenged by King Caesar, who could have a backstory that borrows from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. In the movie, King Caesar was said to be a powerful being treated like a god by the ancient people of Okinawa, who worshipped him as their god and protector. When they needed his aid, a member of a royal family would sing a song capable of summoning him from his resting place. King Caesar’s origin is full of fantasy elements, but what’s interesting about that is it all fits in perfectly with Godzilla and Kong’s shared cinematic universe.

In fact, summoning rituals like King Caesar’s already exist in the MonsterVerse. Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty has confirmed previous incarnations of the MonsterVerse’s Mothra were awakened with music. Plus, King Caesar wouldn’t be the first “god” Kong has fought. Godzilla too was revered as a deity. King Caesar, who could have been a god to the forgotten Hollow Earth humans, could rise up and fight his home’s new supposed ruler, and possibly team up against a greater threat by the end. Kong lost the last time he fought a MonsterVerse god in Godzilla Vs Kong, but things could go differently for him the second time around.

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