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X-Men: 10 Important Events That Happened At The X-Mansion

No X-Men tale feels complete without the inclusion of the X-Mansion, and the Fox X-Men films were no exception. Settings are often considered to be characters in their own way, and few places prove this to be true like the house that Xavier built. First appearing in X-Men (2000), the X-Mansion was featured in 9 of the 13 installments in the X-Men franchise. Only the Wolverine trilogy and The New Mutants did not include the iconic estate.

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As home to the X-Men and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, many famous X-Men and a few villains have passed through its halls. In every film it appears, the X-Mansion is a key setting for important events that move the narrative forward and further character development.

10 Logan Meets Charles Xavier and Jean Grey, Who Both Change His Life

In the first X-Men film, the X-Mansion was the setting for a lot of introductions. Perhaps none were as significant as Logan meeting Charles Xavier and Jean Grey. Waking up unsure of where he was, Logan attacked Jean in the medical lab and burst into Xavier’s physics class. Both events marked the start of two key relationships in the X-Men film franchise.

Logan quickly developed feelings for Jean that would motivate him to risk his life to save her in X-Men: The Last Stand. He would later be haunted by her death in The Wolverine. Logan and Xavier’s bond would also stand the test of time. Their friendship lasted until both characters died in Logan, which many argue should have been the last Fox X-Men movie.

9 Jean Grey Uses Cerebro And Starts The Dark Phoenix Saga

Though often overlooked, the first cinematic The Dark Phoenix Saga adaptation actually began in the X-Mansion’s sub-basement. In X-Men, Mystique tampered with Cerebro, which put Xavier in a coma. Jean fixed and then used the machine to discover where Magneto, one of the best X-Men comic villains, was going. As both Jean and Scott acknowledged earlier in the film, Cerebro was dangerous for someone at Jean’s telepathic level.

After using Cerebro, the psychic barriers Xavier put in place to keep Jean's power under control began to fail. This was exacerbated by Jean's exposure to Magneto’s machine at Liberty Island. As seen throughout X2: X-Men United, Jean experienced increased power as a result of the events in the first X-Men film. She struggled to control her increased telepathy and telekinesis powers before becoming Phoenix in The Last Stand.

8 Xavier Sends Logan To Alkali Lake To Find His Past

After Logan helped stop Magneto’s plot to force artificial mutation upon the world’s leaders, the team returned to the X-Mansion. In the mansion's sub-basement, Xavier kept a promise he made earlier in the film to help Logan piece together his past.

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While he could not give Logan explicit answers about his adamantium skeleton or his amnesia, Xavier pointed him toward Alkali Lake to discover more about his role in the Weapon X program. The military base at Alkali Lake became the setting for several important events in X2 and The Last Stand as well as the prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

7 William Stryker Attacks The X-Mansion To Steal Cerebro

In X2, ranked third on the list of best X-Men movies according to Metacritic, anti-mutant military scientist William Stryker devised a way to eradicate the world’s mutants using a modified Cerebro. Armed with information from Magneto about the location of the device at Xavier’s school, Stryker led a military attack on the X-Mansion.

During the invasion, he stole parts from the original Cerebro and abducted some students. Stryker, who was once head of the Weapon X Project, also crossed paths with Wolverine. This helped Logan in his search for his past by confronting the man who gave him his adamantium skeleton. The X-Mansion invasion had other far-reaching consequences. It set the X-Men on a trajectory toward Alkali Lake where they formed an alliance with Magneto. This also led to both Stryker and Jean's deaths at the end of the film.

6 The X-Men Learn About The Mutant Cure

In X-Men: The Last Stand, the landscape seemed forever changed when Worthington Labs announced from Alcatraz Island that a mutant cure had been developed. Across the country in Westchester, New York, several X-Men learned about the news at the X-Mansion.

Former X-Men member Beast shared the information with Xavier, Storm, and Logan. In the other room, Rogue and other students watched the announcement on television. The idea of the cure immediately divided the X-Mansion. Mutants like Rogue were excited and, in her case, voluntarily got the cure. Storm, on the other hand, was outwardly offended by the idea.

5 Storm Becomes Leader Of The X-Men

Following Jean's death in X2, Scott was devastated. Early in The Last Stand, he was shown as having essentially abandoned his role as the X-Men's leader. In a conversation through the X-Mansion's halls, it became clear to Storm that Xavier knew big changes were coming.

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As the two made their way through the school, Xavier began to prepare Storm to take Scott’s place as his successor. The implication was that Xavier knew he would die soon and wanted Storm to take his place as head of the school. Though it happened unceremoniously, Storm soon assumed the role. Starting with Xavier’s funeral at the X-Mansion gardens, she was now in charge of the team.

4 Young Xavier Helps Magneto Control His Powers

In the soft reboot X-Men: First Class, the X-Mansion became the X-Men's base of operations. Here, Xavier helped train the new recruits on how to use their powers. Among these trainees was Magneto. In one of the pivotal scenes that birthed their famous relationship, Xavier helped Magneto open up to him and learn to find a balance between rage and serenity.

In doing so, Magento learned to better control his abilities. Though Magneto was already a force to be reckoned with, Xavier helped him reach the next level. This also helped empower Magneto to become Charles' enemy and form his own Brotherhood of Mutants.

3 Xavier Talks To His Future Self Through Logan’s Mind

After being sent back in time in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Logan located Charles Xavier at the X-Mansion. He convinced Charles of the need to stop Mystique to save the future, but Charles suffered a lack of hope. In the mansion's sub-basement, after years of suppressing his telepathy, Charles became overwhelmed using Cerebro.

Knowing the Xavier of the future could help, Logan had young Charles read his mind. In doing so, Charles saw flashes of Logan’s tragic journey with the X-Men. He then spoke with his older self, who convinced him to hope again so as to save both mutants and humanity.

2 Logan Finds The X-Men Are Alive In A New Timeline

In Days of Future Past, one of the top 3 most successful X-Men movies according to Box Office Mojo, Logan woke up in the X-Mansion in 2023 moments after drowning in the Potomac River in 1973. Walking through the building, he saw several X-Men who had previously died in what had then become the old timeline.

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The school was open and filled with students and faculty, including Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Storm. Beast, who Logan noted earlier had been killed in the future, also appeared. Finally, Logan saw Jean Grey and Scott at Xavier’s office, both never having died as X3 now never happened.

1 Apocalypse Abducts Charles Xavier And The X-Mansion Is Destroyed

In X-Men: Apocalypse, the X-Mansion was infiltrated again, this time by Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen. While Xavier used Cerebro to locate Magneto, Apocalypse accessed the device through Xavier’s mind. He then teleported to the X-Mansion’s sub-basement with his Horsemen. As the X-Men, including Havok, Mystique, and Beast, looked on, Apolcaypse took Xavier.

In an attempt to save Xavier, Havok unleashed an energy beam that struck the X-Jet and blew up the mansion. Quicksilver arrived in time to save everyone except Havok in an epic X-Men movie moment. The mansion was reduced to rubble.

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