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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duke's 10 Coolest Cards | ScreenRant

One of the less talked about figures from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is Duke Devlin. The character, who is introduced late into the first season of the show, is around throughout most arcs on Yu-Gi-Oh!, though usually just as a side character who cheers on duelists like Yugi and Joey.

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Duke does duel a few times himself throughout the series, though not often, once during the virtual world segment of the show, and once during Waking the Dragons. Throughout these storylines, Duke uses some pretty interesting cards that were often dice-based to fit his overall theme.

10 Summon Dice

Summon Dice requires the user to pay 1000 life points to activate it, and what they get from their dice roll will determine the effect of this card. A one or two will grant the player an additional normal summon, which is a massive advantage in many cases.

A 3 or a 4 gives the player a Monster Reborn effect from their own graveyard, also fantastic. Finally, a 5 or a 6 lets the player normal summon a high-level monster from their hand without a tribute. Players really can't go wrong with this one, good on Duke for having it in his deck.

9 Diamond Head Dragon

While needing a spell card called Adamantine Sword Revival to be summoned, Diamond Head Dragon acquires an interesting effect because of it. The card requires a dragon monster to be tributed for its summoning.

The attack point total of this dragon becomes equal to that dragon's plus 1000. A good beatstick in terms of the anime power level, but not much beyond that, unfortunately. Still, dragons are always a welcome sight, and the design of this one makes it pretty awesome. Sadly, he only got to use this one once in season four against Valon.

8 Dark Assailant

Dark Assailant isn't a good card, but it looks pretty cool. Dark Assailant is a normal monster with 1200 attack points and an equal amount in defense. While it's not going to be able to do very much on its own, Duke's got an important dice theme that he has to stick with, and this monster needs to come along for some reason.

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If the monster is in Dungeon Dice Monsters, Duke is going to use it, which is what he did in the Virtual World.

7 The 13th Grave

The 13th Grave is yet another weak normal monster that Duke uses in his deck during the Virtual World, and it is even weaker than Dark Assailant, which is a hard feat to achieve.

The 13th grave has 1200 attack points and 900 defense points, but, just like Dark Assailant, looks pretty cool, as if it just rose from the titular 13th grave plot one day. The 13th Grave isn't a good monster, but Duke is really about more style than substance. The next card on this list is a God card in comparison.

6 Orgoth The Relentless

Orgoth the Relentless acts as Duke's ace monster, as he uses it both when he duels and when he plays his own game, Dungeon Dice Monsters.

Orgoth the Relentless is a seven-star monster with 2500 attack points, and it has one pretty important effect. If Dimension Dice is on the field, this card can be special summoned from the player's hand or deck. Shockingly, Dimension Dice just so happens to be in Duke's deck. Orgoth is in every version of Duke's deck.

5 Dimension Dice

Dimension Dice is a very specific spell card that can only be activated if Dice Dungeon is on the field, a little more on that card later. Once that card is on the field, though, Dimension Dice can be activated in order to tribute two monsters to bring out Orgoth the Relentless from the hand or deck.

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Having a card to specifically bring out Orgoth the Relentless from the deck or hand isn't all that bad when it comes to the anime's rules. It allows the player to special summon, which is incredibly rare, and bring the card out from the deck, which is also great. This Knight can pack a punch if used correctly.

4 Yaranzo

Ah, Yaranzo. Yaranzo is another bad normal monster that fits the "well, it was also a monster in Dungeon Dice Monsters so it has to be in Duke's Duel Monsters deck" motif.

Yaranzo has 1300 attack points and 1500 defense points, making it the strongest of Duke's normal monsters. It also looks particularly menacing as it creeps out of its treasure chest dice.

3 Dice Dungeon

Dice Dungeon, the card mentioned previously that allows Dimension Dice to be activated, is one of Duke's most interesting spell cards. It pretty heavily changes the battle phase, as, during it, the player rolls a six-sided die to determine an effect that will be granted to one of their pre-selected monsters.

Each number will do something to the card's attack points - such as halve it, double it, set it to 2000, etc. This can reduce the effectiveness of either player's battle phase to something that is determined by mere chance. This was another Virtual World pick.

2 Strike Ninja

Strike Ninja is another one of Duke's more notable monsters. Strike Ninja, shockingly, does have an effect, but it isn't mentioned in the anime, only in the real-life game.

Nevertheless, in the card game, this card can banish two dark monsters from the graveyard in order to protect itself until the end phase. Strike Ninja was used as Duke's Deck Master during some of his fights.

1 Dimensionhole

Dimensionhole allows the player to banish their own monster until their next standby phase. This card could be pretty effective in certain situations, while it also could be a dead card in the hand in other situations.

Duke's deck is just about as chancey as it can get, right below Joey Wheeler's very luck-oriented one. This was another one of Duke's Virtual World spell cards. The element of danger the card brings to the table makes it one of Duke's more interesting options.

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