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10 Best Action Sequences From The Blade Trilogy, Ranked

While the MCU will soon be reintroducing the character of Blade with Mahershala Ali in the role, there are still plenty of fans of the original trilogy. With Wesley Snipes giving an iconic performance as the vampire hunter, these were some wild action movies with a supernatural twist.

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It's true that the level of action in the Blade trilogy is of a smaller scale than the modern comic book movies. However, these movies still deliver some very memorable action sequences, from the martial arts fight scenes to the wild shootouts, that helped make Blade a beloved hero.

10 Blade Vs Drake (Blade: Trinity)

It makes sense that before the trilogy concluded, Blade would have to face off with the most famous vampire of all. While this might not be the most accurate portrayal of Dracula, the so-called Drake does make for a decent villain.

Whereas Blade's fight with Frost was surprisingly short, this is an epic battle between two powerful warriors and feels appropriately destructive. It is also fun to see Drake transform into his monster persona at the end, as it features some impressive make-up work.

9 Blade Takes On Motorcycle Vampires (Blade II)

Blade II is often seen as the best of the trilogy, which is not surprising considering it was directed by Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro. And the movie's first action sequence proves the filmmaker is ready to have some fun with the material.

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The scene finds Blade chasing down a motorcycle gang of vampires and battling them in a narrow alleyway. It cements Blade as a calm and collected hero, standing his ground as these motorcycle-riding enemies attack and taking them out without breaking a sweat.

8 Blade Vs Frost (Blade)

Deacon Frost makes for a memorable villain in the first movie, leading to his climactic face-off with Blade. Unfortunately for Blade, Frost has become a vampire god and is nearly impossible to kill.

After seeing Blade's skills with a sword the whole movie, it is exciting to see him and Frost get into a full-blown sword fight, including a moment when Blade slices Frost in half, only for him to fuse back together. It also caps off with Snipes delivering one of the funniest action movie one-liners of all time.

7 Car Chase At Night (Blade: Trinity)

Blade: Trinity manages to maintain the trilogy's trend of featuring great opening action sequences. The third movie even switches it up by featuring the franchise's first car chase sequence with Blade's souped-up vehicle stealing the show.

While it will not rank among the best car chases in movie history, it is a fun change of pace from the typical sword action. It also has some cool moments, like Blade's UV-powered headlights taking out the vampire driver.

6 Abigail Lures Vampires Into A Trap (Blade: Trinity)

Blade: Trinity introduces a few new supernatural hunters besides Blade into this world. One of these new characters is Abigail Whistler, who gets an awesome introductory scene.

When a group of vampires attempts to attack a young mother and her baby, they find the baby is fake and the mother is Abigail — and she's ready for a fight. She proceeds to singlehandedly take down the entire gang of vampires and prove she is as formidable as Blade himself.

5 Blade And The Bloodpack Go To The Club (Blade II)

Blade II features a clever twist in which Blade partners with a group of vampire mercenaries called the Bloodpack to stop a new breed known as Reapers from taking over. Their first mission together as a team takes them to a vampire nightclub known as House of Pain.

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The sequence does a great job of mixing the tension of danger lurking around every corner with the chaos of the wild club setting. When the trouble starts, the action turns into a massive shootout, a martial arts battle, and gory horror deaths all in the same sequence.

4 Blade Vs Nomak (Blade II)

Nomak is the head of the Reapers and a bit of a sympathetic villain. He does not see Blade as an enemy but Blade knows that he must be stopped. It makes their final fight more compelling and serves as the most brutal fight of the series.

Though Blade is usually the most capable fighter in these movies by far, Nomak poses a real threat and is quite powerful. There are moments in which Blade seems outmatched. It makes the fight more intense and Blade's eventual triumph more satisfying.

3 Blade Invades Frost's Compound (Blade)

The relationship between Blade and Whistler is genuinely touching in these movies and shows a rare soft side to Blade. So when Frost invades their compound and leaves Whistler for dead, of course, Blade comes looking for revenge.

What's great about this sequence is that Frost wanted Blade to come and fall into his trap, but he didn't count on how angry Blade was. Blade is merciless as he cuts his way through Frost's minions. And his weaponize serum that blows vampires up makes for some gory R-rated fun the MCU's Blade will hopefully recreate.

2 Blade And The Bloodpack Hunt In The Sewer (Blade II)

While hunting the Reapers, Blade and the Bloodpack locate their lair in the city's sewers. The team decides to venture down there to wipe them out once and for all, which is obviously not as easy as it sounds.

The sequence allows Guillermo del Toro to embrace his horror roots as members of the team are picked off one by one. But it is also a sequence that highlights Blade as a one-man army, taking on a swarm of Reapers and warning them, "You obviously do not know who you are *f***ing with!"

1 Blade Crashes The Vampire Rave (Blade)

Blade went from an obscure comic book character to a badass action hero with this wild introduction. After a hapless young man is taken to a dance club by a girl, the sprinklers start raining down blood and the man finds himself surrounded by vampires. But the party is cut short by Blade.

It is an unforgettable sequence that turns from horrific to heart-pumping as Blade calmly walks in with a smile, then proceeds to lay waste to every vampire who is foolish enough to fight him. Just like that, Blade became an icon.

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