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10 Best Characters In Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation has no shortage of heroic and villainous characters alike. The direct sequel to the beloved '80s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe returns many of the iconic characters from the original while introducing a few new names to the fold as Teela and Prince Adam attempt to thwart Skeletor's (Mark Hamill) dastardly plot to overtake the universe.

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While many memorable characters return, one of the refreshing aspects of the show is the way in which many of them have been reimagined and repurposed, particularly Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) as the primary protagonist over Prince Adam (Chris Wood).

10 Orko

Voiced by Griffin Newman, Orko is the adorable floating sorcerer who often provides comic relief on the show. As the last Trollan species of his kind, Orko's tragic fate at the end of Revelation provides one of the biggest emotional gut-punches in Revelation.

When He-Man dies and Eternia's magic ceases to be, Orko loses strength and depends on Man-At-Arms to revive him. What makes Orko so great as a character after he revives is his selfless willingness to heroically sacrifice himself to Scare Glow in the Land of the Dead in order to save his friends from certain death. The heroes' affectionate sendoff to their friend in the finale is palpable as can be.

9 King Grayskull

Although he never appeared in the original canon, King Grayskull was depicted as a caucasian in the 2002 reboot He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Now reimagined as a prominent Black man with unparalleled powers (voiced by the great Dennis Haysbert), the character has been upgraded for the greater good.

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As the powerful ruler of Castle Grayskull, the entire plot hinges on saving his kingdom, maintaining the status quo, and preventing Skeletor's hellish takeover. He is the guiding force of goodness who helps lead Teela and the others on the most important mission of their lives.

8 Sorceress

Sorceress (Susan Eisenberg) proves to be a vital character time and again in Revelation. Firstly, she slows down time long enough for He-Man to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe from Skeletor's orb blast. Secondly, she sacrifices he own power by pouring Eternia's magic into Evil-Lyn's staff, which weakens her considerably.

The gallant guardian of Grayskull also guides Teela, Andra, and Evil-Lyn on their quest to retrieve the two halves of He-Man's Sword of Power, channeling her alter-ego Zoar to help the others survive the Land of the Dead and expose Skeletor's dark secrets.

7 Man-At-Arms

Man-At-Arms (Liam Cunningham) provides an unexpected amount of heartfelt pathos in Revelation as Teela's loving foster father. In addition, Man-At-Arms is He-Man's closest ally who provides all of the weapons and vehicles the heroes use to defeat Skeletor and his minions.

The emotional interactions between Man-At-Arms and Teela provide the dramatic heft that reinforces the stakes of the heroes' mission to uncover the Grayskull mystery. Man-At-Arms' role as a caretaker is demonstrated when he protects the heroes from Tri-Klops' bots, collects magical water to revive Orko's dying spirit, and gives a heartening speech to Teela before she ventures to the Land of the Dead. He is the emotional core of the show.

6 Evil-Lyn

Lena Headey voices the role of Evil-Lyn, a prominent character that has far more screen time than most. As Skeletor's main henchwoman and the Sorceress' chief ally, Evil-Lyn is much smarter than many of the evil minions, giving her dominion as a formidable foe on the show.

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What makes Evil-Lyn so interesting is her willingness to betray Skeletor and usurp his power to control the universe herself. Her arc in Revelation is one of the most important as she both fights with and against the heroic masters to achieve her goals. For instance, Evil-Lyn helps Teela and Andra open the gates to Subternia but later revives Skeletor through her magical staff. Her role is vital in balancing the good and evil forces.

5 Cringer

The cowering and constantly frightened Cringer (Stephen Root) is one of the most lovable characters in Revelation. He-Man's loyal feline companion is often depicted as a scaredy-cat who cannot face the slightest threat. But when Cringer is transformed by He-Man's Power Sword, he turns into a ferocious battle cat afraid of nothing.

It's precisely this dual nature that makes Cringer so compelling as a character. The mere sight of a big bad tiger becoming mortified by Skeletor's voice gives the character a humorous, endearing quality that is balanced by his fierce status as a battle cat.

4 Skeletor

Voiced by the iconic Mark Hamill, Skeletor is one of the scariest villains on the show and easily one of the best overall characters. The malevolent archenemy makes his presence felt in the first episode when he takes on He-Man in the Hall of Wisdom.

Skeletor is such a great character because of his terrifying appearance, odious motives, commanding voice, and incessant desire to overtake the universe. Of course, his henchmen are so inept that Skeletor's constant chiding provides endless humor and entertainment. Skeletor's powers derive from his Havoc Staff, which fortify his sorcery skills and make him an even stronger character.

3 Andra

As Teela's new righthand woman, Andra (Tiffany Smith) is a great addition to the series from the comics. Refashioned as a Black female who is extremely smart, strong, independent, and capable of defeating enemies in battle, Andra's refreshing makeover is a clear standout on the show.

In addition to the importance of representation, Andra proves her power in episode three when she helps Teela fend off Mer-Man and his aquatic baddies. In the Land of the Dead, Andra also helps to defeat the giant Trollan monster by channeling electricity, making nearly as powerful an accomplice as Teela.

2 He-Man

While Prince Adam/He-Man gives way to Teela to assume the mantle as the master of the universe, the character's mighty aura is still felt throughout the series. The pure personification of altruistic heroism, He-Man sacrifices himself to save the universe and bestow the power to Teela, his longtime second-in-command.

Despite his raw power and physical prowess, what makes He-Man so unique as a character is his pacifistic demeanor. Fans may not know that He-Man only becomes violent when absolutely necessary, proving that the universe's biggest heroes can prevail without inflicting harm.

1 Teela

Once He-Man sacrifices himself to save the universe in the first episode, Teela assumes the mantle as the number one master of the universe. Clearly the best character on the show, the valiant mercenary becomes the de facto leader on a mission to find the missing Sword of Power and save the universe from oblivion. She is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment.

Teela is an ultra badass, muscular, and strong-willed natural-born leader whose allies defer to her to make key decisions and rely on her wisdom, keen detection skills, and protective prowess. According to boundingintocomics.com, the character was deliberately patterned after Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and The Legend of Korra, underscoring her leadership and physical superiority.

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