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10 Best Characters On The Bureau Of Magical Things | ScreenRant

With Season 2 of Nickelodeon's The Bureau of Magical Things officially concluded, all eyes look ahead to Season 3. One of the most compelling aspects of the Australian series is its vivid collection of well-rounded characters, all of which have their own unique personality, magical powers, inherent strengths, and weaknesses. Some characters are completely human, while others happen to possess greater power as an elf, fairy, or a Tri-ling hybrid of all three.

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Aside from their magical powers and personal quirks, the best characters on the show have relatable qualities that allow viewers to identify and sympathize with their triumphs and tribulations, with many of them looking to progress their personal arcs in Season 3.

10 Mathilda

As Kyra's best friend, Mathilda (Arnijka Larcombe-Weate) has been a standout character since the pilot episode. While she can be sarcastic and hyper-competitive as Kyra's basketball teammate, her relationship with the protagonist presents a fascinating dynamic.

What makes their friendship so interesting is that Mathilda is completely unaware of Kyra's magical powers as a Tri-Ling. This challenges the bond Kyra and Mathilda have shared since childhood, but through it all, Mathilda remains a great, caring friend. Her struggles with parental divorce also make her an extremely sympathetic character.

9 Sean

A magical fairy in human disguise, Sean Reegan (Nicholas Bell) is both Lily's father and the Director of the Department of Magical Intervention. As such, he wields tremendous responsibility for uniting humans, fairies, and elves as one harmonious whole. His professionalism and dedication to the cause make him extremely important.

What also makes Sean such a strong recurring character is the impressive Potter-like magical powers he demonstrates, including the ability to fly and manipulate molecules. Sean uses these tools to retrieve the mystical Lemurian Orb, the source of Kyra's power. When the orb was destroyed, it was Sean who approved Kyra's assembly of The Bureau of Magical Things.

8 Ruksy

Intelligent, organized, loyal, and friendly as can be, Ruksy Tevela (Rainbow Wedell) is one of the most magnetic characters on the show. As a fairy training to become a DMI member, Ruksy also favors logic over emotion and makes rational decisions as a result.

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Whether sticking up for Kyra at the DMI Awards or making coin deliveries for children's missing teeth, Ruksy's character is bolstered by her magical abilities that include flight, telekinesis, invisibility, shrinking, memory erasure, and more.

7 Professor Maxwell

The human-elf halfling Professor Maxwell is an extremely crucial character on the show. He uses his vast wealth of magical knowledge to teach Kyra, Lily, Imogen, and others at the DMI, allowing them to fully harness their powers and use them for the right reasons. Without his supervision, the DMI would not be as effective.

Maxwell also draws valuable resources from the book store he owns in River City and is able to communicate with his students through dry wit and silly dad jokes that make him even more endearing. His shapeshifting, pyrokinesis, and teleportation powers further embolden his character.

6 Orla

The recurring character Orla Maguire (Melanie Zanetti) has a complex arc that makes her one of the best on the show. Beginning as a helpful agent of the DMI who Imogen idolizes, Orla becomes a manipulative elf who begins showing her disdain for humanity.

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Over time, it is revealed that Orla has a mysterious past with Professor Maxwell, which she uses to shapeshift into Kyra and Imogen and advance her own nefarious agenda. As a traitorous character with her own ulterior motives, Orla adds an extra layer of drama that improves the series as a whole.

5 Peter

Consistently providing comic relief on the show, Peter (Jamie Carter) is one of the best and most likable characters. The lovable comic-book nerd and close friend of Kyra since kindergarten is constantly cracking jokes even when inappropriate and is prone to ridiculous sci-fi conspiracy theories.

Peter's incessant skepticism about magic at times puts him at odds with Kyra, but as her longest childhood friend, he is always there for her in times of great need. Moreover, his direct opposition to Orla makes Peter an even more sympathetic character.

4 Darra

Darra Blackwell is Imogen's (Elizabeth Cullen) sister and a fellow elf in training at the DMI. With a much friendlier attitude than Imogen, Darra has a chilled TV-show hipster vibe to go with his handsome looks and charismatic demeanor. As such, he's impossible to dislike.

Darra's internal struggle to overcome his privileged upbringing and earn success on his own merits makes him extremely relatable. The rogue lady's man is also fortified as a character by his magical powers that include super speed, telekinesis, teleportation, aura detection, invisibility, and energetic sun attack.

3 Lily

As one of the three primary leads on the show, Lily Reegan (Mia Milnes) is clearly one of the best and brightest. Her bubbly and benevolent behavior is infectious, and her contentious bond with her best friend Rusky provides endless entertainment.

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As a full-blooded fairy, Lily can fly, shrink, become invisible, erase memories, teleport, move objects with her mind, and shed ultra-powerful magic tears. This gives her dominion over many other characters, but it's her profound sense of friendship with Kyra, Imogen, and Rusky that makes her so memorable.

2 Imogen

While Imogen Blackwell is at first rude and less friendly than her brother Darra, her intellectual prowess allows her to triumph time and again. The DMI elf-in-training is hardheaded and doesn't enjoy teamwork, and remains very skeptical of Kyra for a long period.

Over time, Imogen begins to warm up to Kyra and embrace her as a Tri-Ling. Imogen's 180-degree turn from a selfish loner to a protective DMI team member and genuine friend of Kyra is the biggest moral character arc of any main character.

1 Kyra

The main protagonist of The Bureau of Magical Things is Kyra Glen, the clear standout character on the show. Overcoming her mother's death and living with her stepfather, Kyra's traumatic past makes her the most sympathetic, relatable, and rootable person in the series.

Upon discovering a magical book, Kyra becomes a Tri-Ling with a wealth of mystical powers at her disposal. While learning to harness her powers, the weight of responsibility Kyra feels to unite humans with fairies and elves increases her importance. Above all, Kyra is smart, independent, self-sufficient, and doesn't suffer fools easily.

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