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A Cinderella Story has maintained its hold on kids and young adults of the 21st century for many reasons, including its representation of 2000s fashion trends, being one of Hilary Duff's best roles, and the presence of Chad Michael Murray. What it is most celebrated for, though, is its incredibly quotable script.

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Relocating to the San Fernando valley understandably altered the dynamic of the classic fairytale, with high school mean girls, a lost cellphone instead of a glass slipper, and Princeton for a royal kingdom. What makes this story different from the source material - and every other Cinderella reimagining - is what makes it so successful.

10 "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Before losing him in an earthquake, Sam has a close bond with her father, Hal, that nobody can replace, least of all her uncaring stepmother, Fiona. When Hal's diner is remodeled, it seems as though every trace of him is wiped from Sam's life.

As a father and daughter who enjoyed baseball, Hal encouraged Sam with the quotes of his heroes. Just when Sam needs it most, the immortal words of Babe Ruth are revealed beneath a guitar-shaped clock that falls off the diner wall, providing the comfort and guidance of Hal from beyond the grave and reminding her to live boldly at a great turning point in her life.

9 "You're not very pretty, and you're not very bright."

From the get-go, it is clear that Fiona has a very low opinion of Sam, even before Hal's death. While it is never explained why Fiona dislikes her stepdaughter so intensely, it can be deduced that she envies Sam, first for being the leading girl in her husband's life, and later for her youth, beauty, and promising future.

The simplicity of her insult in this instance is what makes it memorable, especially as she moves along in the conversation as though nothing she had said was untoward. It's certainly not a nice thing to say but it explains a lot about Fiona's character.

8 "This is my Snoop Dizzle look."

One of the only constants in Sam's life after Hal's death is her loyal friend, Carter. A self-proclaimed method actor, he is typically wearing an unusual outfit and is known to the popular crowd as "the freak who hums show tunes." Despite his less than sparkling reputation among their peers, Carter never fails to support Sam, and Sam's opinion of him never wavers.

What the other kids at school find offputting about Carter is what makes him so endearing and funny to viewers. His introduction is enough to prompt instant likeability, as he emerges from his house dressed and acting like Snoop Dogg, though he quickly breaks character to reveal an amusingly different demeanor.

7 "If I wanted to look like a clown, I'd join the circus."

Well before her Academy Award win, Regina King steals every scene that she graces as Sam's equivalent of a fairy godmother. Each of her interactions with Fiona is loaded with witty one-liners, and her talks with Sam are bursting with wisdom, making her one of the most likable characters in the movie.

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One of Rhonda's best traits is her fearlessness; she is never afraid to speak her mind and defend others, even against her boss. Seeing her constantly stand up to Fiona is extremely satisfying, topped off with unforgettable remarks like this to prove that she is leagues ahead of Fiona in class, intelligence, and wit.

6 "Oh, I know! A fish!"

Like their mother, Sam's step-sisters Brianna and Gabriella are rarely caught making intelligent conversation, and this comedy saves them from being completely unlikeable. Brianna often makes it clear that her sister is the brains behind the operation to ruin Sam's relationship (and, with any luck, her life) with a host of quotes to exhibit her lacking intellect.

In their attempt to win the most desirable boy in school, both Brianna and Gabriella pose as Austin Ames' Cinderella, who is really their step-sister, Sam. When Austin asks them what item Cinderella dropped on her way out of the school dance, Brianna confidently blurts out the first thing that comes to mind and blows her chances entirely.

5 "You're a bad boy. And that's a terrible shirt."

Unlike many high school romcoms, the teaching staff does not carry a great deal of weight in the movie. Mrs. Wells is the only teacher with any dialogue and, while she does recognize Sam and Austin's potential as a couple at the Halloween dance, what she mainly brings to the table are a handful of sweetly funny quotes.

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If she isn't interrupting DJ Astrid's flow with the Pledge of Allegiance, she is disbanding David's speed-dating event to try and find Austin's Cinderella. Once she has sent the line of girls away, she scolds David with the harshest comment that she can muster, followed by a bashful smile for Ryan, who she appears to like a lot more than his badly-dressed friend.

4 "A devastating blow! A worthy opponent..."

Like Carter, Terry is a character who the popular kids have no time for due to his eccentricities, but Sam never looks down on him, further proof that she is a virtuous protagonist. Even when she is surprised to find out that he might be her secret admirer, she isn't rude to Terry and finds a way to politely escape.

Although almost every piece of dialogue from Terry is funny for its unusual nature, considering he appears to believe that he hails from another planet, his graceful bowing out when Austin claims his Cinderella is one of his most memorable, showcasing his decency as a person as well as his outlandish disposition.

3 "Droughts are for poor people. Do you think J.Lo has a brown lawn?"

When the story skips ahead to Sam's senior year, viewers are introduced to the version of Fiona that she now lives under: selfish, materialistic, hilarious. The extent of her ridiculousness and lack of consideration for others is quickly revealed when Sam tries to turn off the sprinklers since they are in the middle of a drought.

Displaying their lawn beside those of their neighbors, which are yellowing due to lack of water, presents just how out of touch with reality Fiona is. While this demonstrates how her selfish nature not only affects Sam but society as a whole, her actions are not without justification: "People who use extra water have extra class."

2 "You're throwing away your dream!" / "No, Dad. I'm throwing away yours."

A common trend in teen movies, particularly of the 2000s, is an overbearing father - who is often a coach - dictating their son's future. Before Troy Bolton of High School Musical considered giving up basketball for theatre, Austin Ames tossed aside his future in football for Sam and Princeton.

Just as Chad Michael Murray appeared in many of the decade's beloved teen flicks and set the bar for those to follow in his footsteps, A Cinderella Story was a trailblazer for this now-classic exchange between parent and child, singling it out as a staple of 2000s teen cinema.

1 "Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought: useless and disappointing."

Arguably the film's most memorable line for its linguistic brutality, Sam's confrontation of Austin in the locker room remains iconic for her faultless monologue that puts Austin in his place and reminds everyone that a girl should never wait around for a prince to sweep her off her feet.

Like Chad Michael Murray, Hilary Duff earns her stripes as the tween queen of the 2000s with her vulnerable yet determined delivery. She proves that Sam is no helpless princess as she strides out of the locker room, having given Austin a well-deserved talking-to in front of his team, to watch as everything she deserves finally comes her way: Austin's commitment, freedom from her step-mother, a place at Princeton, and the end of the drought.

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