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10 Best Female Outfits In The White Lotus | ScreenRant

One of the most alluring elements of the ultra-wealthy guests attending The White Lotus hotel in Hawaii is the beachy, casual-chic wardrobe of the main female characters and staff members alike. Nicole Mossbacher (Connie Britton), Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge), and Rachel Patton (Alexandra Daddario) in particular showcase a ravishing fashion sense while on vacation for a week in paradise.

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According to Variety, costume designer Alex Bovaird specifically tailored each of the wealthy hotel guest's fashion sense, having the most fun coming up with ideas for the swanky and eccentric Tanya and the East Coast-inspired look of Rachel.

10 Tanya's Black Burial Dress

Often swaddled in cozy kimonos and colorful kaftans on the beloved HBO miniseries, Tanya's striking black dress replete with a veil and bedazzled gold jewelry marks a major departure from the rest of her wardrobe. According to Bovaird in the aforementioned article, the veil was Coolidge's idea and the goal was "trying to strike a balance between comedy, reality and the perfect costume for the day."

In addition to offering Tanya change of pace and giving her an outfit that reflects her personality, Tanya's inability to decide what to wear the scene before underscores her inability to let her mother go once and for all. The outfit mirrors Tanya's current mindstate, which ties into the show's themes.

9 Kitty's Zebra Dress

Although she appears briefly as a minor character, Kitty (Molly Shannon) makes a fashionable entrance and a lasting impression as Shane's callous, super-rich mother. At dinner her first night at the hotel, Kitty adorns herself in a strikingly exotic orange-red zebra print dress accentuated by a trio of golden medallions around the neckline.

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As the most affluent guest who can afford the honeymoon suit as a gift to her son, Kitty's expensive tastes and keen fashion sense emphasize her social status. The exotic, animalistic dress also hints at the primal urges the guests indulge in and try to avoid, suggesting things aren't always as black and white as they appear on the surface.

8 Nicole's Floral Black & White Dress

As the high-powered CEO of the fictitious search engine Poof, Nicole dons one stunningly elegant ensemble after another at The White Lotus. However, her most disarming outfit might be the sheer black and white floral print dress she wears to dinner with her family.

The frilly, loose-fitting, and extremely comfortable dress reveals a white bra beneath, striking the perfect balance between classiness and sexiness that is most appropriate for a luxurious Hawaiian vacation. The way Nicole's gold jewelry bounces off her strawberry blond hair and reflects onto the dress is breathtaking.

7 Rachel's Blue & White Jumpsuit

To be clear, every single outfit worn by Rachel in The White Lotus is absolutely gorgeous. According to Bovaird, Rachel's look was inspired by New York's East Village and that "her style was peppy, chic, and fun." Starting with the cute blue and white bamboo lattice jumpsuit designed by Vineyard Vines, the outfit couldn't be more complimentary of Alexandra Daddario's hypnotic big blue eyes.

Moreover, the sleek geometric bamboo and aqua-blue colors designs reinforce Hawaii's natural environment, subtly hinting at Rachel's growing comfort in the lavish island setting. The dress also has an upscale-casual quality that perfectly reflects Rachel's personality.

6 Tanya's Palm Tree Print Dress

In episode 4, Tanya dazzles in a shiny golden-green palm tree printed dress with a teal top and chromatically matched gold jewelry. Designed by Juan de Dios, the outfit is officially titled Agua Alta Dress in Amazonas.

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The open, loose-fitting dress ties at the waist like a robe, allowing for the utmost leisure and lounge-around comfortability. More than anything, the color combinations of the dress and jewelry make Tanya's blond hair and tanned skin really pop. By this time in the show, Tanya is starting to understand who she is and what she truly wants, and this outfit exudes her newfound confidence.

5 Rachel's Pink Dress

Rachel's shorter hot-pink Elle Dress by Devotion worn in the season finale is decidedly shorter, sexier, and more risque than many of the Mrs. Patton's longer, looser-fitting ensembles. The outfit symbolizes how Rachel has begun to peel back the layers of her unfulfilling marriage by exposing their warts and all.

But beyond the change of pace and sartorial symbolism, the two-toned pink dress combines a sexy-chic elegance with a cool casualness that is perfect for both a quiet night in or a night on the town.

4 Nicole's Striped Pants Suit

As seen on the promotional cover materials for the popular HBO original series, Nicole's baggy black, white, and gold pants suit is one of the most memorable outfits worn by a female character on the show. Replete with an oversized hat and Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag, Nicole is wearing a Rosetta Jumpsuit by Lisa Marie Fernandez.

By entering the hotel in this powerful outfit, Nicole is making quite a fashion statement as a mega-influential internet CFO. Her ornate gold bracelet, necklace, earrings, and sunglass frames all perfectly reflect her dress, skin tone, and flowing hair.

3 Rachel's Striped Metallic Dress

While any number of Rachel's outfits are worth a mention (her shell print Valentino top and matching pants, for example), there's something extra special about the way she wears the Striped Ombre Dress by M Missoni in the penultimate episode. Perfectly form-fitting, the dress is the ideal outfit to wear on a glitzy romantic night out.

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With thin golden straps blending into the multi-toned metallic gold, black, red, and pink color schemes, the dress is accentuated with black and gold high heels and matching bracelets and earrings, creating the full package of unparalleled beauty. Sadly, it's in this dress that Rachel realizes her marriage to Shane was a superficial sham.

2 Tanya's Floral Kaftan

According to Bovaird, Tanya's floral white dress that she wears upon meeting Greg (Jon Gries) for the first time was designed by Camilla Sports Wear and was the first outfit Coolidge tried on for the character. The V-Neck Kaftan with Ruffle Sleeve in Boheme gives Tanya an ethereal quality, with Bovaird stressing "she just glows in white in the middle of the night."

Indeed, as the show progresses, Tanya's lighter wardrobe symbolizes her journey of enlightenment on the show, learning to accept death as a part of life and finally muster the strength to spread her deceased mother's ashes.

1 Nicole's Teal Caftan

In an ideal outfit for the beach, Nicole's teal blue Pamela Caftan by Vix Swimwear is as strikingly casual as can be. Nicole wears the loosely draping caftan with her Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag and a red and white Eugenia Kim Striped Sunny Hat in episode 2.

While the bag is roughly seven times more expensive than the caftan, Nicole's ensemble does not portray her character as an insecure rich socialite who feels the need to prove her worth via her fashion sense. On the contrary, the down-to-earth digs make Nicole far more relatable than she would be otherwise.

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