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10 Best Pop Culture References In Gossip Girl | ScreenRant

The original Gossip Girl was a cultural behemoth by itself, and it continues to impact audiences, almost a decade after its last episode aired. Fashion trends, linguistics, beauty, reading, and even spending habits were swayed by the Gossip Girl effect, and the show did well to pay homage to the cultural icons that came before it.

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While it charted its own unique path, the show borrowed from pop culture through the ages, which made fans relate with their beloved characters even more. Sometimes, showrunners even featured legends from the music, art, and cinema worlds for some added star power.

10 The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

One of the most noteworthy museums in the whole world, The Metropolitan Museum of Art played a huge role in Gossip Girl. Better known by the familiar moniker "Met Steps" by Blair, Serena, and the rest of Constance Billard, the entrance to the museum was ubiquitous throughout the series.

The Queen of the Upper East Side sat perched upon these steps (Blair in this case), and ruled the youngest of the upper classes with an iron hand. A whole social hierarchy was built around which step each person in the group could sit on, and much of the lunch-eating and scheming for the girls happened here.

9 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Serena Van der Woodsen had many beautiful looks, but few topped her getup as Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. For Gossip Girl's hundredth episode, show makers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage went all out and recreated the blinding fuchsia set that Marilyn sang Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend in, complete with Serena in a coiffed wig, enormous sparkly jewels, and surrounded by a bevy of her male fans.

Gossip Girl was known for some fantastic cold opens, and these were usually nightmares in Blair's head, but this one was Serena's extremely fancy bad dream. Dressed as the legendary Monroe, the blonde bombshell danced away but couldn't seem to win in the controversial love triangle between herself, Dan, and Blair's Audrey Hepburn.

8 The O.C.

Before Gossip Girl, there was another legendary millennium teen drama called The O.C., which coincidentally had the same creators as GG. Both series' are considered the best of soapy teen television, and they had an unofficial crossover going on, by virtue of Leighton Meester dating Adam Brody of Seth Cohen fame.

Gossip Girl officiated this connection in the finale with a short cameo by Rachel Bilson, who played Summer in The O.C. Rachel appears with Kristen Bell, practicing to audition for the Inside movie by Dan, when Kristen tells her slyly that she may be too old to pull off teen roles.

7 Breakfast At Tiffany's

Blair Waldorf was a lover of old Hollywood, and the ever-so-graceful Audrey Hepburn was her inspiration. The show recreated scenes from her most memorable movie not once, but twice. The very first of Blair's dramatic nightmares recreated the opening clip of Breakfast At Tiffany's almost scene for scene - Blair exits her taxi, clothed in a black dress and pearls, to gaze at the windows of Tiffany's.

The only difference in the scene was that instead of diamonds, the young Waldorf sees Serena surrounded by the former's minions, after presumably having ousted Blair from the throne. The movie made a comeback on the show in "The Blair Bitch Project", where Blair looked for Cat in the pouring rain, and Nate played a disgruntled version of Peppard.

6 Britney Spears & Jane Austen

One can count on Gossip Girl to deliver an excellent Thanksgiving episode, and the addition of pop queen Britney Spears makes it one to remember. Dorota, the Waldorf's faithful housekeeper and almost a second mother to Blair, had a hilarious way of showing her loyalty to the family.

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When Blair decided to abandon the family celebration with Dorota in tow, Eleanor tries calling the housekeeper to track them down - that's when Dorota's ringtone for her boss, Britney's "I'm a Slave 4 U", blared out of her cell phone. Blair forbade Dorota from taking the call, and threw in a bonus reference, saying that she was going to spend Thanksgiving like an outcast from a Jane Austen novel on the Upper East Side.

5 My Fair Lady

How could Gossip Girl not reimagine My Fair Lady, being that Blair was a modern-day Audrey Hepburn? The movie, inspired by the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, got two separate scenes in the show. In “New Haven Can Wait”, Blair plays cockney Eliza Doolittle, reciting the famous "the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" unsuccessfully, while Serena steps in as the refined Eliza, mouthing the lines with perfect diction.

In “Seder Anything”, Blair portrayed both Elizas with a haughty Nate next to her, mocking herself after Blair lost out on her Yale admission for hazing a teacher.

4 Lady Gaga

After Constance, Blair had a hard time fitting in with the more laidback NYU crowd, so in a bid to make friends and gain influence, she arranged for Lady Gaga herself to come and perform Bad Romance for the NYU cool kids. Legend was that Cyrus Rose gambled with Gaga at Tisch, and thus became the inspiration for "Poker Face".

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What followed was a classic Gaga performance - dramatic, eccentric, and nothing like anything that had been on Gossip Girl before. The pop-culture reference showed up in the flesh.

3 Eyes Wide Shut

In "Carnal Knowledge", Schwartz and Savage paid homage to Stanley Kubrick's last movie Eyes Wide Shut, with a whole storyline involving Chuck Bass and a secret club he got invited to mistakenly. Just like the movie, the Bass scion ends up at an elusive gentlemen's club, replete with masked men, women, and plenty of alcohol.

He ends up in an unknown hotel room, with vivid flashbacks as his only proof that the surreal night even happened. He tracks down the woman who had rescued him from the club, which had since vanished into thin air, and found out the reality of the society which his seemingly dead father had been a part of.

2 All The Episode Titles

To point out specific pop culture callbacks would be meaningless if the episode titles of Gossip Girl weren't mentioned. The show reached a milestone of 121 episodes, and every single one of them was named as a pun based on iconic movies, ranging from cheesy rom-coms, horror fare, classic cinematic gems, to legendary plays.

The showrunners clearly loved cinema, and it showed with episode titles like "The Age of Dissonance", "Blair Waldorf Must Pie", "Seventeen Candles", "The Curious Case of Bart Bass", "The Blair Bitch Project", and "It's a Wonderful Lie", amongst others. The episode names were works of art in themselves, sometimes with a direct or indirect reference to the plot of that segment via the movie name.

1 Patrick McMullan

Gossip Girl covered all corners of pop culture, and photography was not left behind. Famous celebrity photographer from the eighties up till the present day, Patrick McMullan got a shoutout on the show more than once. His very expensive photograph was a point of conflict for the overly ambition Chuck and Blair, who tussled in a bidding war against each other in Sotheby's for the snap, until Serena outbid them both.

McMullan also made appearances on Gossip Girl as himself, most notably at the birthday party Serena threw for Jenny as a surprise, where he was working the party as he would in real life.

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