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10 Best Quotes From Venom (2018) | ScreenRant

Earning an audience rating of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes as well as $856.1 million dollars at the box office, Venom was the surprise hit of 2018. Despite having zero connection to Spider-Man, the solo Venom movie managed to establish itself without the web-slinger, creating a sci-fi horror/action film.

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A large reason as to why the film won over fans was with the titular anti-hero. Tom Hardy played Venom and Eddie Brock well, delivering quotes that have now become iconic. With the impending release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, it's the perfect time to look back at the quotes that helped the first film shine.

10 "I'm So Sorry About Your Friends!"

Part of Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie/Venom that was praised was how well he made it look like he's not in control of his own body. This is best shown through the fight with the mercenaries in his apartment, as he's whipping barbells, kicking tables, and knocking a merc through the window.

As the Venom symbiote continues to unleash his fury on the mercs, Eddie says to the leader, "I'm so sorry about your friends!" Tom Hardy delivers the line with such sincerity, showing the confusion Eddie is having about the parasite turning him into a superhuman.

9 "P***y."

After delivering evidence of the Life Foundation's immoral experiments to the office on the highest floor of the news building, Venom tells Eddie to jump. Comedically, the film just cuts to Eddie calling the elevator which results in an insult from Venom, "P***y."

The relationship between Eddie and Venom is something from the comics which the 2018 film really embraces. While it does turn them into a unified badass anti-hero, it also leads to the two drastically different personalities having dark and humorous banter.

8 "You Are Welcome!"

The comedy between Venom and Eddie continues while they are being chased through San Francisco on a motorcycle. The mercenaries send armed drones after the two, and one nearly decapitated Eddie but Venom is quick to pull Eddie down, making the drone miss and explode beside them.

Thrilled by the save, Eddie politely responds with, "Thank you!" Surprisingly, the brain-eating parasite inside of him is equally polite by following with, "You are welcome." It shows the beginning of their friendship while still providing laughs for the audience.

7 "Told You!"

Venom had warned Eddie that the symbiote Riot was much different than he was. That proved to be correct when Riot transformed his hand into a massive scythe, impaling the ground beside Venom. Inside, Eddie responds appropriately with, "Holy s**t!"

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Keeping the chemistry between Venom and Eddie strong, Venom quickly says, "Told you!" One of the reasons Eddie is a refreshing protagonist is his realistic and very human reactions to the bizarre alien things happening in and around him.

6 "Eyes. Lungs. Pancreas."

This piece of dialogue is ripped straight out of the comics, specifically from Amazing Spider-Man #374. After Eddie first transforms into Venom, he threatens the leader of the mercs with, "Eyes. Lungs. Pancreas. So many snacks, so little time." Toying with his food, even using his long tongue to lick the man across the face.

While the PG-13 rating was considered a wrong choice for Venom, it was admirable that the filmmakers did not shy away from the fact that Venom is a dark and brutal monster. The film also gets respect for taking lines from one of Venom's most iconic comics.

5 "Oh, F**k It, Let's Go Save The Planet."

When Venom and Eddie first see Riot in action, Venom states that he has extra abilities. So Eddie asks about their chances, "Pretty much zero." Venom bluntly states but despite everything that's happened, Eddie just sighs, "Oh f**k it, let's go save the planet."

This shows that Eddie is still always willing to do the right thing, even though he directly stated that he was done saving people after losing his career and his fiancee. Very reminiscent of wholesome Venom moments from the comics, he's willing to risk his and Venom's life to save the planet from the Klyntar.

4 "Mask! Copy!"

One of the reasons Eddie is one of the most powerful hosts for Venom is because of how well they sync. When SWAT arrives to try and take down Eddie, he warns them not to start this fight. They respond by order, "Mask!" Another officer responds with, "Copy!"

Eddie gives in by saying, "Alright, have it your way. Mask!" Venom responds as he transforms, "Copy!" Thus beginning what many consider the best action sequence in the film but also showcasing the symbiotic relationship between the two.

3 "Have A Nice Life!"

When Eddie Brock's life goes on a downward spiral, everyone kept telling him to have a nice life, especially the villain of the film, Carlton Drake, who later bonds with Riot. This line makes the greatest return when Venom rips open the fuel container on the rocket which Riot is trying to escape in.

Venom lands just outside the window, allowing Riot to call him a traitor. Venom then perfectly delivers a one-liner that would fit right within the MCU ("Have a nice life!") before Riot and Drake both burn up in the fiery explosion of the rocket.

2 "We... Are Venom."

Venom is not allowed to eat anyone except bad people, this includes the man threatening Mrs. Chen. Venom is quick to lay out a rather long threat, saying that he will eat him if he bothers Mrs. Chen or anybody in the city again. The man, who is shaking in fear asks, "What the hell are you?"

Half of Eddie's face emerges, and he says, "We... are Venom," delivering Venom's signature line from the comics rather well. Venom then bites off the criminal's head, which tracks with his twisted nature. Tom Hardy learned what he knows of Venom from his own superfan son, and the schooling paid off, since this final scene with Venom further showed that Tom understands and was born for the role.

1 "There's Gonna Be Carnage."

While fans really enjoyed Venom's portrayal, there is another character that everyone was expecting to be teased and he was. In the post-credit scene for Venom, Woody Harrelson appears as Cletus Kasady who lets Eddie know, "When I get out of here - and I will - there's gonna be carnage."

Fan cheered with excitement which is why Sony was quick to greenlight Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Venom and Carnage have had many epic fights in the comics and having Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson portray both these characters had fans clamoring for a sequel.

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