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10 Best Shows Like Ted Lasso | ScreenRant

Despite being a show centered around football and a fish-out-of-water story, Ted Lasso casts a wide appeal with its combination of sports drama, eccentric comedy, and heartwarming characters. Currently in the midst of its second season, Ted Lasso has garnered plenty of fans from this approach.

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As such, Ted Lasso viewers may find it difficult to get their fix in the show's off-season, given the show's uniqueness and singular combination of TV elements and genres. Much like the title character, the show's charm is indelible, but there are other options for fans looking for more sports drama or pure positivity.

10 The Great British Baking Show - Streaming On Netflix

A motif of Ted Lasso's first season that has continued into the second is Ted's baking prowess, as he slowly wins Rebecca over with his homemade biscuits. Just as baking is comforting in the realm of Ted Lasso, it is also a fairly relaxing activity in the reality competition series The Great British Baking Show.

Unlike many American cooking competitions, The Great British Baking Show (also known as The Great British Bake Off) is not intensely high-pressure. Although a reality show seems pretty different from Ted Lasso's scripted comedy, fans looking for more British culture, pleasantly presented, may want to tune in.

9 Lodge 49 - Streaming On Hulu

Despite the fact that it only aired for two seasons, the idiosyncratic dramady Lodge 49 is a celebrated show with a cult following of fans. Following an optimist named Dud whose life has recently become marred by tragedy, the show takes him and viewers into the Order of the Lynx as he attempts to regain control over his life.

Fans of Ted Lasso may see some of Ted's optimistic spirit in surfer dude Dud, and both shows share an approach that combines the comedic with the humanistic. While Lodge 49's strange plot turns are quite different from Ted Lasso's relatively grounded nature, both shows feature nuanced optimism.

8 Sports Night - Streaming On IMDb TV

Following an ensemble cast of characters who work on a fictional sports show of the same name, Sports Night is a unique sports comedy with dramatic elements. Over two seasons, the highly acclaimed Aaron Sorkin project follows the day-to-day hectic life of sports commentators and behind-the-scenes crew, in true Sorkin fast-talking style.

With Roy Kent's move to football commentary on Ted Lasso's second season, fans of the show may appreciate seeing a more in-depth look at a fictionalized sports commentary show. The show's combination of comedy and drama is also similar to Ted Lasso's genre blend, even if their styles differ.

7 Eastbound & Down - Streaming On HBO Max

Running for four seasons on HBO, Eastbound & Down is a sports comedy about professional baseball pitcher Kenny Powers who returns to his hometown to teach physical education after his career declines. Jason Sudeikis also appears in the show's third season, connecting the show to Ted Lasso via casting.

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Eastbound & Down is a fairly coarse show with less of a focus on warming hearts than Ted Lasso, but both shows share comedic highs and dramatic lows for their characters. Ted's early experience being hated by Richmond fans also reflects Kenny returning to a place he has harshly cut ties with.

6 Friday Night Lights - Streaming On Netflix, Hulu, & Peacock

As one of the best classic series on PeacockFriday Night Lights is a sports drama with quite a lasting legacy that new fans are constantly discovering thanks to streaming. The show's five seasons all follow the trials and tribulations surrounding a high school football team in Texas.

Not only do both Ted Lasso and Friday Night Lights center on the experiences of a coach and their team, but they also both emphasize the community surrounding that team. In its short time on air so far, Ted Lasso has worked to explore its characters and their locale deeply, following in Friday Night Lights' footsteps.

5 Schitt's Creek - Streaming On Netflix & IMDb TV

Although it has evolved into new storylines, Ted Lasso is a fish-out-of-water story at its heart, much like the acclaimed sleeper hit Schitt's Creek. This sitcom follows the exploits of a rich family who loses all of their money and are forced to live together in a small town.

While the characters of Schitt's Creek start out quite cynical about their situation, the show eventually turns into a more optimistic experience akin to Ted Lasso. Both shows also display a strong sense of community, as the characters uphold each other in tough times and celebrate each other's victories.

4 Brockmire - Streaming On Hulu

Hank Azaria stars as the titular character in Brockmire, a baseball commentator who attempts to reinvigorate his career after a public meltdown involving his wife's infidelity. Jim Brockmire's journey to reentering the world of sports commentary involves ingratiating himself into his small town community.

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Although Brockmire can be darker than Ted Lasso at times, both shows share an approach to comedy that does not shy away from life's problems while still remaining heartwarming. Both Jim Brockmire and Ted Lasso are also figures in the sports world with similar arcs as they adjust to situations that combine familiarity with new experiences.

3 The Good Place - Streaming On Netflix

Known for its plot twists and eccentric sense of humor, The Good Place is a comedy focused on the afterlife of a woman named Eleanor who has died and mistakenly been sent to the Good Place. Over four seasons, the show develops the lore of the Good Place and the Bad Place, while also developing its central characters.

Whereas Ted Lasso garners positivity through characters who support each other through psychological means, The Good Place takes a philosophical approach. Both shows, however, share an offbeat sense of humor, strong characters, and a surplus of heartwarming moments that fans love.

2 Bob's Burgers - Streaming On Hulu

With 11 seasons under its belt and an upcoming movie in the works, Bob's Burgers is one of the most popular adult animated comedies of recent years. The show follows the working-class Belcher family who own and operate the titular family business, a restaurant in a beachside town.

In Bob's Burgers first season, the humor is somewhat dark and mean at times, but as the show has evolved, it has gained a much more positive and heartwarming outlook. Fans of Ted Lasso will see AFC Richmond in the Belcher family dynamic, both dysfunctional and wholeheartedly supportive.

1 Parks And Recreation - Streaming On DirecTV & Peacock

Garnering a massive fanbase over seven seasons on the air, Parks And Recreation is well-known as a hilarious sitcom with plenty of heartwarming scenes. Centering on the local government office of the title and expanding outwards from there, the show features plenty of memorable characters.

Over the course of the show, every character develops through the support of the characters around them, reflecting the general direction Ted Lasso's character development. Both Leslie Knope and Ted are also major optimists who are able to lead themselves and others through difficulty.

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