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10 Best Streaming Services You've Never Heard Of | ScreenRant

In the past decade or so, the entertainment industry has been shaken up by the rise of streaming. Prompted by the success of Netflix, other film production companies have followed suit and created their own massive streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, and Paramount+.

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Though there have been a few streaming services that have struggled to gain an audience, there have also been some that have developed a niche following without becoming household names. Whether it be through the quality programming or interesting aspects of their services, there are many niche streaming services that should be more well-known.

10 Vuele

Started by Cameron Chell (Chairman of CurrencyWorks (CWRK)), and writer-director Rick Dugdale (CEO of Enderby Entertainment), this production company is unique in that the films released on the platform are actually sold as NFTs to viewers, as opposed to more traditional streaming subscription methods.

Though the brand-new service has yet to release a film, it is aiming to make a big splash in the industry with the release of its first film, Zero Contact, a thriller about five people as they seek to shut down a tech titan's secret invention that may destroy the world, starring Anthony Hopkins and directed by Dugdale.

9 Kanopy

A streaming platform with a focus on education, Kanopy is notable in that it is free to use for students or patrons of cooperating public libraries. After getting its start in 2008, Kanopy was recently acquired by OverDrive Inc. in June of 2021, according to a company press release.

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Kanopy's collection of films is made up mostly of independent movies, such as Moonlight or What We Do In the Shadows. In addition, Kanopy also has a section called Kanopy Kids, which includes movies such as Gulliver's Travelsas well as different seasons of Sesame Street.

8 RetroCrush

Like other streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, RetroCrush is a service completely devoted to anime. Developed by Digital Media Rights, this streaming service was launched in 2020.

RetroCrush's catalog ranges on the more obscure side, with much of it being rare anime films and TV shows from the golden age of anime. Popular films and TV shows on the service include Street Fighter: The Animated Series and Jungle Emperor Leo.

7 Screambox

Started by horror fans and aimed at horror fans, Screambox has become a popular streaming service for many fans of the genre, but is more under the radar than platforms like Shudder. Recently acquired by Cinedigm, the service has quickly gained popularity since its founding.

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Screambox's programming is almost entirely made up of horror-themed TV shows and movies, from original programming like Character and Homicidal Homemaker to awesome modern B movies like Skin Creepers and Devil's Acid.

6 Allblk

Owned by AMC Networks, Allblk is an over-the-top SVOD service launched by Robert L. Johnson, the founder of BET. Initially named the Urban Movie Channel, the service was relaunched with the new name in 2015.

The service specializes in programming for Black audiences. With a wide variety of Allblk originals, like 4o & Single and A Closer Look to movies that include Lila & Eve, starring Viola Davis in one of her best but most overlooked roles, Allblk is the perfect streaming service for viewers looking for Black-centric entertainment.

5 Shout! Factory TV

Another streaming service developed by a beloved home video distribution company, this one was developed by Shout! Factory, a company known for its high-quality Blu-ray releases of cult B movies.

In addition to having a catalog of great flicks such as The Lawnmower Man and Black Christmas, Shout! Factory TV is also notable for its live-streaming component. In addition to showcasing various live special events, the service also operates various channels dedicated to continuously airing episodes of shows such as Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Johnny Carson Show.

4 IndieFlix

Founded in 2005 by filmmaker Scilla Andreen, Indieflix works with institutions like schools and public libraries to screen various educational films and TV shows, while also operating a paid subscription service.

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This paid subscription service contains a massive catalog of all different types of films, with a focus on little-known independent films. Similar to The Criterion Channel, this service is a great service for viewers to discover little-known gems.

3 Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar, a streaming service launched by Bounce TV, is focused around a genre that seems to be curiously ignored by many of the major streamers: the blaxploitation genre.

Launched in the fall of 2016, the streaming service's catalog contains many of the most important blaxploitation films, such as Shaftand other notable movies with renowned Black actors like Sidney Poitier, including In The Heat Of The Night. It also has a few seasons of Bounce TV's shows, including In The Cut and Ed Gordon.

2 Documentary+

Following the popular trend of streaming services with a "+" in their names, like Discovery+ and Disney+, Documentary+ is a free streaming service devoted to documentaries. Co-founded by the late founder of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, this service debuted in January of 2021.

Though its catalog is sparse compared to other streaming services, the service more than makes up for this in terms of quality. With films from acclaimed directors like Spike Jonze and Werner Herzog, this service is a must for fans of all kinds of documentaries.

1 Acorn TV

The streaming service of long-time home video distributor Acorn Media Group, Acorn TV was launched in 2013 as a subscription service for the company's catalog of TV series and movies. Since then, it has started to grow in prominence, with the service sometimes even releasing exclusive content.

With a focus on the best of British television, the streaming services catalog includes popular shows such as Doc Martin, as well as various adaptations of Agatha Christie's works. It's a great but lesser-known streaming service made for Anglophiles that deserves more attention.

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