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10 Best Video Games Where You're A Cat | ScreenRant

Cats are an Internet staple – from adorable GIFs to funny memes, these furry friends are constantly on people’s screens. It’s not surprising that they have been featured in video games as well, with some even letting players control the feline characters.

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Gamers who enjoy pet simulation games will likely have fun playing as the pets themselves. Some of the best cat video games have vibrant visuals, a fascinating world, and sometimes, even a well-written narrative. The feisty felines in these games take on formidable enemies and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, with the help of their humans behind the controllers, of course.

10 Cat And Ghostly Road

Cat and Ghostly Road is one of the best short PC game that lets players control a white cat, whose master’s soul has been stolen by a demon. The cat must travel through forests and rivers to find and defeat this demon, solving puzzles and meeting spirits along the way.

The indie game has a relaxed vibe and meditative soundtrack. It doesn’t let players run, instead subtly encouraging them to take in the beautiful scenery as they walk from one location to another. Its puzzles aren’t too challenging, which helps make the point-and-click game a more relaxing experience instead of a difficult one.

9 A Street Cat’s Tale

After a kitten’s mother is taken away by a human, it’s up to the player to help the kitten survive the scary streets to reunite with its family. A Street Cat’s Tale unfolds in a pixelated world, full of potential dangers for a tiny kitten. Players must avoid cars, potholes, and even cruel humans to keep the kitten alive.

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As players explore the small town, it’s crucial to interact with the NPCs and develop relationships with them, as these actions will affect the way the game ends. There’s also an emphasis on survival, with the kitten’s hunger and health bars always displayed on the top of the screen. It can be tough to find and befriend enough NPCs to have a constant supply of food while also gleaning important information that can help the kitten find its mother.

8 Cattails

Cattails gives players an adorable 2D RPG where they play a cat that joins one of three major colonies in the world. They can hunt for food, fight cats from other colonies, explore caves and new locations, socialize with cat NPCs, and can even get married and have kittens!

There are a ton of things to do in this pixelated world, with each area featuring interesting puzzles or new characters to interact with. The game focuses less on narratives and more on life simulation, allowing players to eventually start their own cat colony. It’s a lighthearted, fun game that never seems to run out of interesting activities to keep players busy.

7 Blacksad: Under The Skin

It’s the 1950s and New York City needs Detective John Blacksad’s expertise to help solve a string of murders. With anthropomorphic characters, like rhino suits and rich buffalos, Blacksad's setting is full of well-written characters who each play a role in the mystery. Players must search for clues, interview witnesses, and piece together what they find to solve the crimes.

Blacksad: Under the Skin may remind some players of the forgotten Rockstar game, L.A. Noire. Both of them unfold in an exciting world of crime and mystery, which lets players almost feel like they’re acting out a crime novel. Blacksad is based on the eponymous comic book series that presents the same dark story. Crime fans who want a touch of cuteness should take a chance on Detective Blacksad’s thrilling adventures.

6 Rain World

Rain World introduces players to a new kind of cat called a slugcat. The future has transformed this cat and other creatures to fit into a dilapidated dystopian landscape, full of predator encounters and barriers to overcome.

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Its strikingly beautiful locations take the slugcat from sewers to polluted clouds, all in a charming pixelated art style. In this distant future, the rain has become dangerous, and every time it pours, players must seek shelter. There’s a gracefulness to the way the character moves, which is also apparent in its fluid combat mechanics. It’s a stunning game that provides a unique experience and a fascinating story about its post-apocalyptic setting.

5 Gato Roboto

Players turn into a cute pixelated feline in a monochromatic alien world in Gato Roboto. The cat’s mission is to rescue its captain by locating his crashed spaceship. It’s a perilous journey, with the only thing protecting the cat from the hordes of alien enemies being its armored mech.

Gato Roboto is still a relevant, retro-style indie game that combines simple graphics players would expect to see on a Game Boy, with refined Metroidvania elements. It takes a more linear approach instead of forcing players to backtrack in order to access new locations. This simplicity and the fun combat mechanics make the game an entertaining one, sure to keep any cat lover glued to their console for hours.

4 Night In The Woods

Night in the Woods follows the story of the college dropout Mae, who must dive into a nostalgic journey through her hometown. Her friends, family, and even her town have mysteriously changed – and it’s not just because of how long she’s been away. There’s something more mysterious going on, and the protagonist must explore the woods and interact with the townspeople to find out how to stop it.

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Its muted color palette and relaxing soundtrack may initially make players think it’s a lighthearted game, but Night in the Woods’ narrative is a surprisingly heavy one. Mae’s efforts to repair relationships and rediscover the town she grew up in is also a poignant story of self-discovery and acceptance. Players will undoubtedly fall in love with its charming cast and be fascinated by its well-written story.

3 Cats Are Liquid: A Better Place

Cats are Liquid: A Better Place is one of the most underrated indie video games that lets players control a liquid cat. The 2D platformer is full of traps, obstacles, and enemies to overcome. Players must help the cat feel less alone by finding its friends who are hidden all over the colorful world.

The platformer looks like a kid’s game at first glance, but it’s a surprisingly challenging game with unique mechanics. The liquidity of the cat comes in handy when players have to squeeze through tight spaces, like pipes, to swiftly avoid enemy projectiles. Despite being a vibrant, simple-looking world, the game explores darker themes of abandonment and loneliness. It’s a brilliant commentary on aloneness and the importance of friendship in treacherous environments.

2 Cat Quest

In the faraway land of Felingard, players can go on an epic adventure through the impressive open world of Cat Quest. After Drakoth catnapped the adventurer’s sister, it’s up to the player to explore dungeons, gather resources, defeat enemies, and journey far enough to find the missing cat.

Cat Quest is a fun RPG that lets players customize their characters according to their playstyle. They can use spells, improve their armor, and grind to defeat enemies out in the forests and caves. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes it a more enjoyable experience. There are a ton of side quests and monsters to defeat in its surprisingly expansive world, all tied together by a cohesive narrative to motivate players to push forward and explore.

1 MagiCat

MagiCat’s universe has lost a relic, and only the magical cat has the ability to find it. The colorful 16-bit-inspired world of this indie game has cutesy but dangerous enemies. From robot bunnies to slow-moving blobs, players must survive every encounter and clear hundreds of levels to succeed.

It’s a nostalgic game with an art style that’s reminiscent of classic Super Mario titles. It puts a modern spin on these retro elements by introducing fun combat mechanics. Instead of just jumping on enemies to defeat them, players can shoot fireballs to take them out from a distance. There’s also a ton of hidden rooms and secret levels to uncover, which keeps the vibrant and magical setting a thrilling one to explore.

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