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10 Coolest Locations & Landmarks To Visit In Microsoft Flight Simulator

With Microsoft Flight Simulator now out for both PC and the Xbox Series X/S, more players than ever are taking to the sky to explore famous locations and discover new, beautiful locales. While the game is an impressive technological feat that’s been met with praise from both critics and players, the globe-spanning map can make knowing where to go feel a bit daunting.

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Although almost everything in the game looks good, not all locations were created as equal. The majority of the planet was generated via textures and imagery from satellites and Bing map data, 341 cities have been hand-crafted with photogrammetry with higher detail than elsewhere, creating truly beautiful locations that no player should miss.

10 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, located on Brazil’s eastern Atlantic coastline, is one of the most diverse cities players can visit in Microsoft Flight Simulator. While in Rio, make sure to fly by the famous statue Christ the Redeemer, the 124-foot tall statue of Jesus that overlooks the city from the peak of the nearby Corcovado Mountain.

The statue, if approached from behind, will present an absolutely gorgeous backdrop combining mountains, the city, islands, and the ocean horizon all in one shot. From Rio, it's well worth taking some time to fly either way down the coast and enjoy the contrast of stunning greens and blues.

9 Angkor Wat Temple Complex, Siem Reap, Cambodia

While Microsoft Flight Simulator contains hundreds of impressive modern cityscapes, Cambodia’s ancient Angkor Wat stands as one of the most impressive locations of antiquity to give a visit. Still in remarkable shape 900 years after its construction, this complex, which has served as both a Hindu and Buddhist temple complex and is the largest religious complex in the world, reveals its impressive height and spread beautifully when viewed from the sky.

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A number of other temples can also be visited in the area, as can a series of attractive moats and canals nestled amongst Cambodia's natural beauty.

8 Paris, France

The city of love lives up to its reputation for remarkable beauty in Microsoft Flight Simulator, boasting a number of the most recognizable and impressive landmarks on Earth. While it’s worth flying over Paris for the Eiffel Tower alone, other points of interest like the Arc de Triumph, Norte-Dame Cathedral, and The Centre Pompidou elevate the city to must-see status.

Upgraded with extra detail and improved night lighting in April’s European world update, Paris has never looked more realistic in a game to date.

7 New York City, New York, USA

New York City is one of the world’s most famous metropolises, and it’s a must-visit city in Microsoft Flight Simulator. From towers like the Empire State Building or One World Trade Center to landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge or Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple is one of the most detailed, realistic locations that players can visit in the game.

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While there are airports right in NYC that players can take off from, it’s worth flying in from another nearby airport to watch the city’s famous skyline come into view from afar.

6 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Like Las Vegas in the USA, Dubai is worth seeing for the pure unlikelihood of its existence. A sprawling mega-metropolis built in the middle of the desert, Dubai is host to more than a handful of famous buildings and man-made landmarks. The Burj Khalifa is a must-see tower, and flying a plane even with its 2,772-foot height is the best way to get a sense of just how impressive the tallest building on Earth really is without booking a ticket to the Middle East.

Make sure to also check out the Palm Islands, the completely man-made islands and archipelago are host to a number of Dubai’s most expensive residences and resorts.

5 Tensing-Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal

While the entirely of the famously massive Himalayan Mountains is worth flying over, Lukla’s airport, the starting point for many Everest climbers, stands out as particularly unique. While hundreds of locations in Microsoft Flight Simulator are worth flying over, this mountain pit-stop is one of the few must-land airports players can visit.

Known as the most dangerous airport in the world, Tensing-Hillary presents an incredible challenge for pilots with its mountainous surroundings, low air density, incredibly short runway, and penchant for unpredictable fog. These dangers make flying into Lukla a risky move in the real world, but it’s the perfect spot for skilled pilots to test their take-off and landing abilities.

4 Tokyo, Japan

The largest city isn’t the world does not disappoint in Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring a breathtaking mix of skyscrapers, urban density, and natural beauty. While this Japanese metropolis is gorgeous any time of day, it’s particularly stunning at night as the city’s glow offers a stark contrast with the night sky.

Not far from the city is the famous Mount Fuji, which can be seen reaching above the clouds from Tokyo if the sky is clear. This iconic peak looks beautiful regardless of weather and is well worth a fly-around during any trip through Tokyo.

3 Nassau, The Bahamas

While there are plenty of tempting places to visit in the greater Caribbean region, including the infamous Bermuda Triangle, every player should make it a point to fly around the Bahamas. This region has some of the most vivid colors in the game’s world, with stark blue water and lush green islands dotted with cities like Nassau.

The game’s real-time weather can make for some challenging flights, too, as the area can quickly change from an idyllic calm to rough, windy storms, so it’s a great place to improve piloting skills with large and small aircraft alike.

2 Giza, Egypt

Giza is most famous for its ancient pyramids, and the iconic structures are beautifully rendered in-game. The browns and golds of the desert sands look beautiful against clear blue skies, and other landmarks, like the Sphinx, are also easy to find.

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Players that have never been to this historic city may also be surprised by the proximity of Giza’s urban sprawl to these famous landmarks. Not as isolated as they often appear in media, the city’s developments come surprisingly close.

1 Stockholm, Sweden

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update 5: Scandinavia may not have been allowed to acquire photogrammetry data for famous cities like Stockholm, Oslo, and more, but the region is still gorgeously rendered and packed with memorable vistas.

Filled with mountain ranges, fjords, and even castles, Sweden and its surrounding countries offer a piloting experience unlike anything available elsewhere in the game. Players flying around Sweden will want to make use of Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which has recently been improved in-game with added detail.

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