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10 Most Powerful Variants Of Doctor Doom In Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom is in many ways the ultimate nemesis of the Fantastic Four and perhaps the greatest Marvel Comics supervillain of them all. As fans contemplate the emergence of the multiverse in the MCU and Doom's eventual debut in the franchise, there are a number of variants of him in the comics to consider.

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Doctor Doom always seeks power in any form, and in any version of reality. Some of his most powerful variants exist in other realities in Marvel Comics, while some of them belong to Earth-616. His quest for power is neverending, leading to more and more powerful versions of Doctor Doom in the comics and beyond.

10 Doom 2099

Doom 2099 is actually the Earth-616 Victor Von Doom transported into one of Marvel's darkest future timelines. He maintains all of his intellect and inventive genius, and he also gets some upgrades.

His body is infused with nanotechnology, which increases his reflexes and strength considerably. His upgraded armor is made of adamantium and allows him to fly and phase, which the original Doom armor could not. One drawback for this version of Doom is that he is not as adept in the mystical arts, due in part to memory loss.

9 Ultimate Doctor Doom

In the Ultimate Comics universe of Earth-1610, Doctor Doom is literally a man of metal. Instead of a suit of armor, he has mastered the ability to control metal, transforming his entire body into a dense metal.

With this ability comes the power to alter the density and nature of his skin, forming spikes or even throwing them at enemies. This Doom, known as Victor Van Damme, is also a powerful sorcerer, making him one of the most powerful variants of the character in the comics.

8 Infamous Iron Man

The Infamous Iron Man is actually Doctor Doom in a highly advanced suit of Iron Man's armor, making him very powerful. In addition to Doom's intellect and sorcery, which are near their limits during this period, his capabilities are increased via the armor.

Doom can fly, generate energy blasts, and endure much more of a pounding from enemies than before. Doom took over the role of Iron Man for a brief time after Tony Stark was killed during the events of Civil War II, during one of Doom's more gracious periods.

7 Dictator Doom

House Of M was a major comic book storyline that inspired WandaVision. The storyline could serve to potentially inspire some aspects of Doom in the MCU, as this version of him is one of the most powerful. He uses magic to transform himself into a being of liquid metal who is virtually indestructible.

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Doom is also in command of a version of the Fearsome Four, which includes Ben Grimm as It. In this reality, the other members of the Fantastic Four were killed in the experimental flight that gave them their powers on Earth-616.

6 Dr. Juggernaut

One of the most surprising Doom variants emerged in the 2021 Heroes Reborn crossover, where Victor Von Doom took possession of the Gem of Cyttorak. With it, he gained the powers of the Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut is one of the best X-Men villains from the comics because of his tremendous strength and vaunted imperviousness to just about anything. Combined with the intellect, sorcery, and ambition of Doom, Dr. Juggernaut is one of the most powerful versions of the character.

5 Sorcerer Supreme

Doom is one of the most powerful magicians in Marvel Comics to begin with, but one version of the character is the most powerful. In What If? #52, Doctor Doom becomes Sorcerer Supreme after he seeks out the Ancient One as a young man. Armed with the Eye of Agamotto, he gains extreme magical power.

This version of Doom possesses all the magical sensibility and capability of Doctor Strange, but eventually, his potential terrifies the Ancient One enough to dispatch him to the realm of Mephisto.

4 Doom The Living Planet

The Doctor Doom of Earth-TRN157 is one of the most powerful and one of the most unique versions of the character in the comics. He's an amalgamation of Doom and Ego The Living Planet, giving him all of the cosmic beings' considerable power and ability.

Among his powers is the ability to travel through space at the speed of light and manipulate matter on a cosmic scale. In this reality, Doom transferred his consciousness into a planet since he was getting older and sought to cheat death.

3 The Power Cosmic

In Fantastic Four #60, Doctor Doom steals the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer and for a brief time, gains the incredible power conferred on him from Galactus. With this power, Doom could fly through space, manipulate matter, and generate enormous bursts of energy.

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He also possessed cosmic awareness, which allowed Doom to perceive time and space on a god-like level. He wasn't omnipotent, though. When he tried to leave Earth, the cosmic barrier Galactus erected to trap the Silver Surfer stripped him of the power.

2 Secret Wars (1985)

In the original version of Secret Wars from 1985, Doctor Doom steals the cosmic power of The Beyonder, who is among the most powerful beings in the universe.

Armed with truly cosmic capability, he kills Captain America among other heroes, Kang The Conqueror (only to bring him right back), and for a moment, is a god. His hubris and crippling self-doubt eventually conspire to undermine him and The Beyonder reclaims the power by the end of the mega comic book crossover.

1 God Emperor Doom

The second version of Secret Wars in 2015 delivers the most powerful variant of Doctor Doom ever. God Emperor Doom doesn't just steal the power of The Beyonder, he steals the power of all The Beyonders, making him insanely powerful.

Doom collapses the entire universe and remakes a single universe in Battleworld, a reality where he alone is god. He rips Thanos' spine out with his bare hands, alters reality on a scale that pales the Scarlet Witch's efforts in the comics so far, and makes himself the center of the Marvel Universe.

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