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10 Quentin Tarantino Characters Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Quentin Tarantino spent most of his career directing crime thrillers. He broke out with Reservoir Dogs, a movie about a botched robbery, and has since made westerns, gangster movies, revenge flicks, and even a war movie. However, he has never directed a horror movie, although his characters could possibly put up a great fight if he chose to make one.

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The closest Tarantino came was co-writing From Dusk Till Dawn with Robert Rodriquez as the director. That was about vampires, but what if zombies roared into Quentin Tarantino's world? Could the mobsters, killers, cowboys, or soldiers be able to withstand the apocalypse? There are quite a few characters from his movies that could even give The Walking Dead characters a run for their money.

10 The Bride

No one person in a Quentin Tarantino movie killed more people than The Bride from Kill Bill. Beatrix Kiddo, The Bride, was an assassin for Bill who wanted to get away and start a new life. That ended when Bill killed her entire wedding party and buried her alive. She set out for revenge.

It is easy to see a similarity between Beatrix and The Walking Dead character Michonne. Both are handy with a sword and both can kill without flinching. Beatrix could end up even stronger, as she was a trained killer and Michonne had to learn after the apocalypse. The Bride's kill count in a zombie apocalypse could be astronomical.

9 Jules Winnfield

It is important for anyone in a zombie apocalypse to be calm, cool, and collected. No one is calmer or cooler than Jules Winnfield. The man was an assassin in Pulp Fiction who loved to spout Bible verses before killing a man. He was deadly with a gun and knew when to walk away.

Jules would be a perfect leader of men in a zombie apocalypse. He has no problem killing anyone who risks the life of his people but also proved that he can be merciful if need be, which could bring in more followers. Plus, zombies would stand no chance if Jules has enough ammunition.

8 Col. Hans Landa

Every zombie apocalypse needs an evil man to stand behind the enemy lines and have others do their dirty work. In the form of someone like The Governor or Gregory from The Walking Dead, Col. Hans Landa would survive for a long time in an apocalypse if he had already set up his post of power.

Christoph Waltz's Hans Landa is an articulate speaker who can convince others to go to the end of the Earth with him. He is evil and vindictive enough to kill anyone who challenges him for power. He is the man who will build a community and run it with an iron fist, keeping just the right distance from any zombie threat.

7 Lt. Aldo Raine

Lt. Aldo Raine would survive forever in a zombie apocalypse. The leader of the Basterds in Inglourious Basterds, he would be the same leader of men while battling the zombie hoards. Raine would be a perfect mix of Rick Grimes and Negan.

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He is a man that leads by example and won't back down from a fight, and he would have no problem lopping the heads off zombies and keeping them as a reminder of what he is capable of. He is also a good man, so he would have no problem picking up people to fight by his side.

6 Mr. Blonde

There are bad guys who thrive in the zombie apocalypse. The biggest problem in these end days is that there are people out there who are living that pose a greater threat than the undead walking the Earth. That is why Mr. White of Reservoir Dogs could be a lasting survivor in the apocalypse.

Mr. White is cunning and evil. He would find the weak and either exploit them or kill them and take what they had to further his goal of survival. Mr. White would do anything to survive and thrive, and zombies wouldn't get in his way.

5 O-Ren Ishii

O-Ren Ishii is similar to The Bride, but she would survive in an entirely different manner. While The Bride would hack and slash her way through the zombies, fighting day and night for her survival, Ishii would be smarter about her survival.

Much like Col. Hans Landa, Ishii would set up shop and build her own community of followers. In Kill Bill, she was the supreme leader of the Tokyo Yakuza and there is no way she wouldn't surround herself with the same people in the zombie uprising. Her minions died to protect her from The Bride in Kill Bill and they would do the same against zombies.

4 Daisy Domergue

Daisy Domergue was a bad woman in The Hateful Eight and she had a plan from the start. She was dangerous and deadly and she had people willing to die for her. A good comparison to how Daisy might look in the zombie apocalypse is Andrea from The Walking Dead comics.

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Unlike her television counterpart, Andrea from the comics became a toughened grizzled warrior and a great shot, someone deadly to zombies and interlopers alike. Daisy would be the perfect survivor in an apocalyptic situation and would likely outlast most of the people around her.

3 Dr. King Schultz

Dr. King Shultz was a bounty hunter in Django Unchained and he was a very smart man. He was a crack shot and was able to defend himself against several attackers at the same time. He was also someone smart enough to know when he needed to find someone to help him in a fight.

Schultz lived in Quentin Tarantino's Wild West and survived as long as he did because he was smart enough to know when to fight and when to wait until the right time to attack. He was made for a zombie apocalypse and was the kind of strategist needed to outwit the living while avoiding the dead.

2 Major Marquis Warren

Major Marquis Warren was one of the most dangerous and ruthless men in The Hateful Eight, and that says a lot. Everyone at the inn had a reason to hate him, but he was smart and deadly enough to survive until one lucky shot took him out of the game. However, the bounty hunter had the devious mind to thrive in a zombie apocalypse.

He spent his early days in the Civil War killing as many southern soldiers as he could, and his experience on the battlefield would serve him well against the undead, who mostly line up for him to take down. He also has the cunning to outthink other survivors and could be a major player at the end-of-times.

1 Django Freeman

Django Freeman ranked second to only The Bride in the number of people killed by one person in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Django killed 38 people in Django Unchained and he did it almost completely with his gun, taking down man after man in a rage of vengeance.

If there is one strong comparison to someone like Django in The Walking Dead, it is Daryl. Just as the rough and tough biker lived while other warriors died, Django had the fortitude and drive to outlast anyone and everyone. As long as he had bullets, he would take out any person who crossed his path, living or dead, to make it to whatever end goal he set for himself.

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