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10 Saddest Moments In The Haunting Of Bly Manor | ScreenRant

The Haunting Of Bly Manor, Netflix's sister season to the wildly successful The Haunting Of Hill House, doesn't have quite as much emotional turmoil as its predecessor. But, keeping with the tone of the first season, Bly Manor uses the horror genre as a way to delve deeper into the human experiences and trauma of its characters.

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The story aspect is very important to both seasons, and viewers are introduced to the dramatic and heartbreaking lives within a new household, this time in 1980s England.

10 Edmund Is Killed

Dani's true reason for relocating to England is that she is running away from the guilt of her fiancé, Edmund, dying as they were breaking off their engagement. Although Dani could never have known that a bus would collide with Edmund as they argued outside of their car, she feels personally responsible and is haunted by the spirit of him with the headlights reflected in his glasses.

To make things even sadder, Dani ended the relationship so that she could be herself, and didn't want to suppress her sexuality anymore. She thought she could push her feelings away and be happy with Edmund, but she couldn't.

9 Jamie Tells Dani About Her Childhood

Jamie was an elusive character from her first appearance. The narrator even notes that she didn't even bother to say hello to Dani or introduce herself when she arrives at Bly. As Jamie and Dani become closer, and their feelings for each other grow, Jamie takes Dani to her moonflowers that she grows, and her rough exterior breaks open, revealing a traumatic upbringing.

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After being tortured at school for her mother's well-known infidelity, and being physically abused by her father, Jamie is forced to be a parent to her brother at a young age. There's an accident while she's taking care of him, and they're split up by social services. After many foster homes and even being in jail, Jamie confesses that she likes plants because the work that you put into them is returned in kind, and people aren't like that.

8 Owen Loses His Mother

Throughout the episodes, Owen splits his time between Bly Manor and taking care of his mother, who has dementia. He's spread thin looking after the woman who raised him but hardly can recognize him anymore. Then, tragically, he receives a phone call from his neighbor, informing him that his mother has passed away.

It feels even more tragic because, on the suspicion that Peter Quint was sneaking around, Owen stayed the entire day at Bly Manor, saying that she would benefit from having some time without him looming over her. He seems to go completely into shock until Hannah walks him to his car and whispers something in his ear, to which he immediately begins to cry and hugs her tightly.

7 Flora And Miles Want To Be With Their Parents

Any time the show sees Flora being "tucked away" by Rebecca, she relives memories at home with her parents. When she figures out that she's in a memory, she's able to express how much she misses her mother and longs to see her again. This makes it even more heartbreaking when Rebecca and Peter use being reunited with their parents to convince Miles and Flora to let them take over their bodies.

They promise them a "Forever House," (a reference to Hill House) where they'll be with their parents again, living happily. In reality, they're trapping them in their subconscious minds so that they can continue living in their bodies. The kids are so desperate for their mom and dad that they agree, even though they're terrified.

6 Henry Tortures Himself Over Charlotte And Dom's Deaths

Henry is rarely ever seen without a glass of liquor in his hand. He drinks himself blind every day because he hates himself, and blames himself for the death of Flora and Miles' parents. After all, it was his affair with Charlotte and her telling Dom that Flora was Henry's daughter and not his, that prompted Charlotte and Dom's trip to India in an attempt to save their marriage.

His alter-ego, a sleazy and smiling version of himself, haunts him and reminds him of his negative traits and wrongdoings. The first time he was visited by this alternate version of himself was the night he was called about the accident, and he's so terrified by him that he screams, both in anguish and fear.

5 Peter Takes Rebecca's Life Without Her Knowing

Peter Quint is one of the least likable characters on the show. He is almost entirely self-serving, and arrogant to boot. He's responsible for a couple of murders at Bly Manor, but the saddest one was Rebecca's. Peter and Rebecca discover that he can inhabit her body, "tucking" her away in memories. He devises a plan so that they can "be together" and simply tells Rebecca that she needs to trust him, never revealing to her what his awful plan was.

He takes over her body, and wades out into the pond, killing her so that she can be trapped with him in death. Even more terrible, he is too afraid to be in her body at her moment of death, so he leaves, and she comes to consciousness right as she's drowning in the cold water.  Her first experience as a ghost is sobbing and screaming over her floating body, mourning her life and dreams that could have been.

4 Viola, Stuck In Purgatory

Viola's story marked the beginning of the manor's haunting. Plagued by years of sickness from tuberculosis, Viola is torn away from her daughter and husband. Unwilling to take care of her anymore, Viola's sister, Perdita, smothers her. Perdita then assumes Viola's life, marrying her husband and trying to be a mother to her unwilling niece. In death, Viola finds herself in a replica of her sick room, then discovers that her spirit is truly in the trunk of her gowns and jewelry that she had put together to give to her daughter.

She's trapped, with no day or night, for several years, but looks forward to the day that her daughter opens the trunk and she can see her again, and be freed. Instead, obsessed with selling the fine clothes and jewels for money, Perdita opens the trunk and is met by a furious Viola who immediately strangles her.

3 An Innocent Victim To Viola

When Viola's trunk, believed to be cursed, is thrown into the pond when her husband and daughter move away, Viola is doomed to wander the grounds of Bly Manor every fortnight, looking to find her daughter in her bed. As the years go by, many people caught in Viola's path are unceremoniously killed and left to haunt the manor with her.

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The saddest casualty, though, is when Viola finally does find a child in the bed. In the daze of death, she doesn't quite remember what she's doing but knew that she was looking for a child. Upon finding one, she picks them up and brings them with her back into the water, effectively murdering the small boy.

2 Dani's Ticking Time Bomb

In the climax of the season, Dani allows Viola to share her body, thus ending her reign of terror on Bly Manor. But, there's a price for that action, and Dani realizes that one day, she'll have to return to Bly Manor and take Viola's place at the bottom of the pond. She tries living life as much as she can, building a home with Jamie and working with her in the flower shop, but as time goes by, she sees Viola's face more and more.

She's drawn to water, losing hours as she stares at its surface. Eventually, it becomes too much, and she returns to Bly. Jamie tries to go and stop her, but she's too late. She tries to fuse their consciousnesses as Dani and Viola did, but Dani doesn't let her.

1 Hannah Realizes She's Dead

Hannah has one of the saddest storylines and greatest twists in the season. She's killed before Dani even arrives at Bly, but remains completely unaware of it. As time goes on, she sees cracks in walls that disappear, and much like the kids when they're "tucked away," she relives certain memories over and over again. A notable one is Owen's interview to be the cook. The chemistry and instant connection between the two is palpable, and viewers mourn the relationship that was stopped before it could even start.

As Hannah goes through the memory multiple times, they have different conversations about what she's going through and what's happening with the house. Eventually, it becomes more and more clear to Hannah, but she's terrified to truly admit it to herself for fear of what happens next. Then, forced by Peter inhabiting Miles, she looks down into the well and sees herself.

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