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10 Scenes In The MCU That Fans Don’t Talk About Enough

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is 24 movies deep at this point, and there are three more on the way this year alone, the countless iconic scenes are building up. But with so many action-packed battles and scenes depicting the camaraderie between the heroes, there are loads of great sequences that get forgotten about.

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There are scenes full of character development and world-building that unfortunately go unnoticed. Between the first time Peter Parker meets Nick Fury, Steve Rogers’ musical number, and Tony’s trauma, the MCU is packed with wonderful scenes that shouldn’t be forgotten.

10 Stephen Strange’s Surgery (Doctor Strange)

Some Redditors think Doctor Strange is the most underrated movie ever, and though that might not be the case, it’s certainly one of the most underrated movies in the MCU. Most of the best scenes don’t get talked about enough, but the one that goes under the radar more than any other is the surgery scene.

When Strange is critically injured, he teleports back to the hospital where Christine Palmer must conduct surgery on him and save him. The whole scene is perfect, as it combines classic MCU humor by having Strange speak with Christine from the spiritual realm. There’s a frantic energy about it as Strange wards off enemies while at the same time trying to explain the painstaking surgery to Christine, and it deserves more attention.

9 Steve Rodgers Promoting War Bonds (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Captain America: The First Avenger turned 10 years old this year, but it almost feels older, as Steve Rogers has been the star of seven MCU movies since then, as well as cameoing in Thor: The Dark World and Spider-Man: Homecoming. But despite its age, fans still love to revisit the movie for its action scenes, Red Skull, and the relationship between Steve and Bucky.

However, there’s one scene in The First Avenger that doesn’t get the attention it deserves even though it’s the most lively and fun part of the movie. Steve is used as the face of War Bonds and is sent around to different military camps to promote them. He has a group of female performers and Captain America is ordered to sing and dance, and it’s comedy that audiences rarely see from Steve Rogers.

8 Iron Man Takes Peter’s Suit (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

There are a lot of brilliant scenes in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as it’s a meticulously crafted movie. From the John Hughes-inspired school scenes to the intense car drive with Adrian, the film is equally intense as it is endearing.

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However, amongst all of the exciting and adrenaline-fuelled scenes are the serious talks that Tony Stark has with Peter. The best of them all is after Iron Man seals the boat back together and ridicules Peter for being so irresponsible. He takes away his suit almost like a parent taking away a video games console, and it’s the perfect example of Tony’s mentorship that goes unnoticed.

7 Tony’s PTSD Breakdown (Iron Man 3)

On the face of it, Iron Man 3 has some of the lowest stakes of any MCU movie, as Tony has an army of suits that are expendable and he’s able to control them without even wearing them. But though there aren’t any physical stakes, there are some mental obstacles that Tony must overcome.

After going into space in The Avengers, Tony is suffering from PTSD, and he has a breakdown in the middle of a seafood restaurant. It’s one of the most grounded moments in the movie that doesn’t get mentioned enough. And what’s better is that the scene takes place at Neptune’s Net, a Californian landmark that has been the setting for movies like Point Break and The Fast and the Furious.

6 The School Heist (Ant-Man And The Wasp)

The Ant-Man series is unique in the MCU, as it’s as close to a family-friendly franchise that the MCU will ever get. The visual gags in the Ant-Man series, which use things like toy trains and Pez dispensers, are the movies’ bread and butter.

But amongst all of the fun of shrinking buildings and expanding toys, Ant-Man and the Wasp features a great mini-heist where Scott has to retrieve the Ant-Man suit from a school. The scene sees Scott not as Giant-Man and not as Ant-Man, but instead, he’s the height of a child. And on top of that, the scene features a cameo from Brian Huskey, who is Peter Parker’s teacher in Homecoming and Far From Home.

5 Rocket Vs. The Ravagers (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

2017's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 turns the color and comedy of the original up to 11, and most of the comedy comes from Rocket being Groot’s literal guardian. But when Rocket is on his own, he reverts back to his ruthless ways.

As Rocket is left alone on the ship and the Ravagers near, the raccoon is in his element as he lurks in the trees, dropping down and taking them all one by one. It’s one of Guardian Vol. 2’s best action sequences and Rocket’s best action scene in the entire MCU, and that includes his big entrance with Thor in Avengers: Infinity War.

4 Justin Hammer On Stage (Iron Man 2)

2010's Iron Man 2 is generally considered the worst Iron Man movie, especially as it follows the same premise as the first movie where a weapons manufacturer wants to get a hold of Stark’s tech. However, that manufacturer is Justin Hammer, and his surname is perfectly apt given just how hammy the antagonist is.

Towards the end of the movie, Hammer is on stage showing off the new armored drones at an expo. While on stage, Hammer pulls off some slick dance movies, and not even Star-Lord dancing to “Cherry Bomb” can beat it.

3 Peter and Nick Fury Meet For The First Time (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

The scene where Peter first meets Nick Fury, who was waiting in his room, is a work of genius. Upon first watching Far From Home, it seems completely out of character that Nick Fury would shoot Ned, a teenage boy, in the neck. It might have just been a sleeping dart, but it was still shocking.

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Not only that, but Fury is short-tempered and treats Peter with no respect. It almost seems like bad writing, but as the post-credits scene reveals that a Skrull was taking Fury’s form the whole time, it’s acutally some of the best writing of the series. It’s even more fun to rewatch after finding out the reveal too.

2 Thor Creating Stormbreaker (Avengers: Infinity War)

Infinity War has breakneck pacing, and it’s part of the reason why it’s often seen as the best MCU movie. But there is one scene that lets audiences catch their breath a little, which is when Thor travels to Nidavellir to build Stormbreaker. The scene shows Rocket and Thor working together, attempting the impossible, life-threatening task of putting the axe together, and it’s spectacular.

There’s even an amazing example of stunt casting, as Peter Dinklage plays a giant who helps Thor build the axe. Avengers: Infinity War has one of the best final battles in the universe thanks to the Stormbreaker, but it wouldn’t exist without the underrated scene that came before it.

1 The Mind Inspection (Captain Marvel)

Captain Marvel features non-linear storytelling, which is when a movie uses time in ways that aren’t narratively chronological. One of the best examples of that is when the Skrulls are poking around in Danvers' mind and looking at all of her memories. Time skips back and forth between Danvers at many different periods in her life.

It’s a perfect sequence in many ways, as its bright light under each memory and the underwater-sounding voices from the Skrulls make it genuinely feel like surgery. On top of that, the whole scene is a homage to the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie The Conversation, and it’s a reference to Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind.

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