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10 Times Luna Lovegood Was The Best Character In The Harry Potter Movies

Luna Lovegood is only in four of the eight Harry Potter movies and she was usually in the background. However, due to the source material and Evanna Lynch's performance the character was often able to steal an entire scene.

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Luna was always an outsider but never lets it bother her. On many occasions, Luna shows she is one of the best characters of the entire franchise.

10 'You're Just As Sane As I Am'

Arguably Luna's most famous line, this immediately explains everything about her. Harry is confused when he sees the winged horses pulling the carriages, especially as the others don't seem to see them. When Hermione points out that the carriages are pulling themselves as always, Luna quickly tries to offer words of comfort to Harry.

Luna is reading a magazine upside down and is wearing outlandish clothing so the line is more ironic than comforting but it's the fact she tries that is most important. Luna's lack of self-awareness at this moment shows her to be one of the most eccentric Harry Potter characters.

9 Supporting Harry & Introducing The Thestrals

Harry and Luna's talk in the forest is a rare and refreshing moment of quiet amongst the chaos. Luna takes this time to fully explain The Thestrals to Harry and why he can see them. This scene also shows a different side to Luna as she reveals why she can see Thestrals.

While most people were afraid of The Thestrals, Luna feels akin to them and sees their difference as beautiful. Although this conversation must have been emotional for Luna, she goes out of her way to support Harry, even telling him she believes his story about Voldemort. At a truly lonely time for Harry, Luna becomes a great source of comfort to him.

8 Interest In Casting A Patronus

When Dumbledore's Army first meets at The Hog's Head, many of the students are more interested in prying into Harry's past rather than joining the cause. However, Luna interrupts this prying to ask about Harry's ability to cast a Patronus. Luna seems truly in awe when Hermione confirms Harry is able to conjure a Patronus.

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Unlike her peers, Luna has little interest in gossip and actually wants to help Harry. She seems determined to improve her own abilities and it's heartwarming to see her actually cast a Patronus in The Room of Requirement later on.

7 Fighting In The Department Of Mysteries

At the climax of the fifth movie, Luna finds herself heading to The Ministry. Luna suggests The Thestrals when the group are struggling for a mode of transport; her ability to solve problems shows that she is a true Ravenclaw. Despite only knowing Harry and the others for a short time, Luna is happy to accompany them to save Sirius (who she'd never met at this point).

During the battle in the Department of Mysteries, Luna demonstrates her new skills and is able to take on one of the Deatheaters. Even after being hit in the face, Luna is able to successfully use Levicorpus to take out her attacker.

6 Comforting Harry After Sirius' Death

Unsurprisingly, Sirius' death hits Harry hard but Luna is able to offer words of wisdom in his time of need (she wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw by accident after all). Luna isn't upset or annoyed when her possessions are taken and is actually able to see the funny side.

Luna tells Harry how sorry she is about Sirius but it's her line about the things we lose coming back to us in the end that seems to comfort Harry the most. Luna stays loyal to Harry until the end and this is just one example of that loyalty. In typical Luna fashion, she skips away from Harry, unaware of how much her small act of kindness has comforted him.

5 Saving Harry On The Hogwarts At Express

At the beginning of The Half-Blood Prince, Luna is handing out Quibblers in another one of her unusual outfits, complete with her iconic Spectrespecs. As the students are leaving the train, Harry is attacked by Draco and left stunned under his invisibility cloak. Harry was all set for a long and uncomfortable trip back to London until Luan came to his aid.

It's ironic that Luna is able to save Harry after seeing wrackspurts through the Spectrespecs. Luna's stories of strange creatures are often laughed off by those around her but after seeing wrackspurts swarming around Harry, she's able to save him - and even fixes his nose for good measure.

4 The Lion Headdress

As Gryffindor prepares to face Slytherin on the Quidditch pitch, Luna appears in the Great Hall with a brand new accessory. In one of Luna's most inspirational scenes, she is seen wearing a handmade Lion Headdress in support of Gryffindor which is especially sweet considering she's a Ravenclaw. Most other Ravenclaws probably wouldn't care about this match but Luna goes above and beyond to support her friends.

Luna also obliviously asks Harry about what he's put in Ron's cup which is actually instrumental in his plan to improve Ron's confidence. Of course, Harry never really puts the Liquid Luck in Ron's cup so it's actually Luna's apparent mishap that leads to him feeling more confident on the pitch.

3 Her Unique Dance Moves

While Bill and Fleur's wedding turns out to be quite a dramatic affair, at least Luna had a good time. Despite the later chaos and being bitten by a garden gnome, Luna is seen happily dancing with her father at the wedding.

Their style of dancing is rather unusual and certainly provides some comedy in one of the darker movies of the franchise. Many of Luna's characteristics seem to come from her Dad so it's not surprising that they have the same dance style, particularly one that's so unusual.

2 Calling Dobby 'Sir'

One of the most dramatic things to happen to Luna is when she is kidnaped by the Deatheaters. At some point after Bill and Fleur's wedding, Luna is taken to Malfoy Manor and locked in the basement along with Ollivander and Griphook. Eventually, the golden trio is also brought to the Manor and Dobby turns up to rescue them.

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Seeing Dobby after so long was a rewarding moment, even if it did lead to heartbreak and it was amazing to see him alongside another fan favorite like Luna. Of course, Dobby spent most of his life being disrespected and abused so it was heartwarming that Luna referred to him as 'Sir'- and Dobby seemed delighted by it too.

1 Directing Harry to Ravenclaw's Diadem

While Luna doesn't get a lot of screen time in the final movie, she actually proves invaluable in the quest to defeat Voldemort. By the time Harry returns to Hogwarts, he is aware that there is a Horcrux within the school but doesn't know what the Horcrux is. After Harry's rather vague description to the members of Dumbeldore's Army, it is Luna who steps forward and suggests that the Horcrux maybe Ravenclaw's Lost Diadem.

Many of the other students don't take Luna's suggestion seriously but it does prove to be correct. Luna is also able to stand up to Harry when he refuses to listen to her later on which is the only time she really raises her voice in the series. Luna's advice here proves paramount in the eventual defeat of Voldemort.

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