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10 Ways Elena & Damon Are The Most Relatable Couple From The Vampire Diaries

Although it's a supernatural drama, the characters in The Vampire Diaries still have emotions. The only difference between them and non-supernatural characters is their ability to turn their emotions off. Damon and Elena's relationship is complex, and the vampirism factor creates problems for them that are unconventional to say the least.

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However, Damon and Elena aren't exempt from normal life, and the two have the same ups and downs as any other couple does. The situations might be different, and the stakes are usually higher, but there are plenty of aspects about Damon and Elena's relationship that real couples can relate to.

10 They Put Each Other First

It's common in committed couples for one person to put the needs of their partner over their own needs. Loving someone means wanting them to be happy, even if it means making a sacrifice. Elena being sired to Damon is just one of many examples of when this comes into play.

Damon finally had Elena's love on a silver platter, but he refused to take advantage of feelings that might not even have been real. Elena does the same thing every time she prioritizes his well-being over her own. She never hesitates to put her life on the line if it means keeping Damon safe.

9 They're In The Same Friend Group

Most of Elena's friends didn't like Damon, but circumstances automatically made him a part of the group. He doesn't get along with a good handful of the main characters, but the supernatural characters in Mystic Falls tend to stick together.

Real couples often have the same friends, and Damon and Elena are no different. In fact, Bonnie was Elena's best friend when the series began, but there were times Bonnie and Damon's friendship was relationship goals in The Vampire Diaries. Because they run in the same circles, most aspects of their lives are connected.

8 They Get Jealous

No matter how troublesome it can be, jealousy is a part of life. It's never easy for a person to watch the object of their affection with someone else, and even couples who are fully committed can experience envy.

Considering that it's one of the most controversial love triangles in The Vampire Diaries, there was a lot of jealousy going on between Damon, Elena, and Stefan. Even though Damon trusted Elena, it was difficult to see her spend so much time with her ex-boyfriend.

7 They Want Different Things

This is one of the most difficult issues for a couple to have because there isn't always a solution. No matter how much two people love each other, they can't help what they want out of life. It's the worst and best cause for a breakup.

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Damon and Elena wanted different things throughout the entirety of The Vampire Diaries. Damon didn't want to give up immortality, and Elena wanted to grow old and start a family. This had the potential to end their relationship, but it made it stronger instead. Damon decided to take the cure, and he and Elena are currently married with kids in Legacies.

6 Their Relationship Requires Work

All relationships require work, and Damon and Elena's was no different. While most people (hopefully) don't have to worry about something as drastic as their partner killing someone after a fight, real relationships still have complex issues. What matters is how the couple deals with those issues.

Damon and Elena had to fight for each other. Damon had to become someone who was worthy of Elena's love, and for a vampire with an animalistic nature, it's not as easy as it sounds. Outside forces were a constant threat to their relationship, but even death couldn't tear them apart.

5 They Trust Each Other

Trust is a vital part of any relationship (human or vampire). It took Damon a long time to earn Elena's trust, but she felt like she could always count on him. It could be argued that Damon was far too unhinged to be trustworthy, and killing Aaron after his breakup with Elena is one example.

However, Elena had complete faith in her boyfriend, and Damon felt the same about her. Elena betrayed Damon's confidence in The Vampire Diaries season 1, but she helped him open the tomb to get it back.

4 They're Supportive

Couples don't always see eye to eye on things, but they still need to support each other. There are plenty of scenes that prove Elena and Damon are soulmates in The Vampire Diaries, but the fourth season displayed the most growth between them.

Originally, Damon didn't respect Elena's choices, which made a romance impossible. When Damon came to recognize that Elena was her own person, everything improved. By the latter half of the series, mutual support was a pillar of their relationship.

3 They Fight And Make Up

Arguments are a part of all relationships. No two people think the exact same way about everything, so if a couple always agrees, odds are there's a reason why they feel that they can't be honest with one another.

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There's a healthy way to handle disagreements, and Damon and Elena definitely aren't masters of communication. However, that makes them even more relatable. Relationships aren't perfect, and they're not always meant to be. But couples who have been together for a long time, tend to fight and make up constantly.

2 They're Close With Each Other's Family

In an ideal scenario, couples get along with each other's families. Damon and Elena are relatable in this way, but they're in a unique situation. Elena dated Stefan early in The Vampire Diaries before leaving him for his brother, and Damon killed Jeremy during The Vampire Diaries season 2.

Purely because the show is a work of fiction, these character all became incredibly close despite those complications. Stefan developed into one of Elena's best friends, and Damon became Jeremy's guardian when Elena was away at college. It's a bit of a miracle, but they do all act like a family.

1 They Can Be Their True Selves

There's not much point in two people being together if they have to hide who they are. Most couples are comfortable enough to be themselves around each other, and Damon and Elena were no different.

Damon loved Elena unconditionally, and there was nothing she could do to make him stop. It took a few seasons, but when Elena fell for Damon in return, her affection also came with no limitations. Even after Damon killed her friend Aaron, Elena couldn't stop loving him.

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