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5 Times Barbara Gordon Is More Badass As Batgirl (& 5 Times She Is More Badass As Oracle)

Originally created for the 1966 ABC Batman television series, Barbara Gordon was the latest attempt to capitalize on the massive success of the Dark Knight. As the seemingly meek librarian-turned-crimefighting superhero, Batgirl was such a hit with fans that DC brought her into comic books to become one of the most beloved members of the Bat-Family.

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Barbara Gordon has gone under two different monikers in her 50 years as a superhero. As Batgirl, Barbara was a crime-fighting vigilante who operated independently and with the Bat-Family for years. Later, Barbara evolved into the ultimate hacker known as Oracle. No matter the codename, Barbara has since left her stamp on the DC Multiverse as one badass hero.

10 Batgirl: Recovered From Spine Injury

Even with the best surgery in the world, the physical therapy to make a full recovery is daunting. However, Barbara Gordon was determined; after the neural implant surgery, she trained, she struggled, she fought her way through the pain until she was back on her feet and ready to don the cape and cowl again.

She is known as one of the ultimate optimists of the DC Universe and that goes into whatever challenge she faces. It's why she makes a great leader for the Bat-Family when she needs to be.

9 Oracle: Can Still Fight Villains & Heroes

Barbara is still a great fighter after becoming Oracle. When the female villain Tarantula attempted to attack Dick Grayson (with whom he shared one of DC's most toxic relationships), Oracle was quick to defend him. Wielding batons, Oracle successfully vanquished the villain and kept Nightwing alive.

Not only does Oracle's defeat of Tarantula, showing the deep relationship she has with Dick, but it also reveals she's more than just a hacker. This isn't the only time Oracle uses her physicality to defeat an opponent; during the Convergence comic book event, Oracle fought the fearsome warrior Hawkgirl and won.

8 Batgirl: Avenged Her Brother's Murder

Gail Simone's work with Batgirl is praised by fans with the Wanted storyline as the pinnacle of her nuanced approach to the character. In the storyline, Barbara is mourning the loss of her own brother while also investigating why her Batgirl alter ego is framed for his murder. Barbara is forced to run from her own father, Commissioner Gordon, to avenge her sibling's death and prove her innocence.

Despite all these obstacles, Barbara never gives up. Fighting her own father is difficult and while some readers might expect Batman or Nightwing to rescue her from her dire situation, they are wrong. Barbara perseveres on her own, never calls for backup from her Bat-Family, and establishes her innocence without revealing her superhero identity to her unsuspecting father.

7 Oracle: Founded Her Own Superhero Team

While Oracle's loyalty to the Bat-Family is unwavering, Barbara operates independently of them as well. She'll help the Justice League on occasion and has even joined the Suicide Squad at one point in her career. Oracle's most well-known act, however, is helping to form the mostly all-female superhero group, the Birds Of Prey.

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With other members like Huntress, Black Canary, The Question, and more, the Birds of Prey was a hugely influential DC team in the 1990s and 200s with Barbara as the team's ideal leader. While she stays off the frontline and assists her colleagues via her computer, Barbara is also a moral compass who uses her experience as the former Batgirl to help steer the Birds Of Prey in the right direction. Sadly, Oracle was not in the 2020 live-action Birds Of Prey movie, but Barabra is getting a movie of her own with Batgirl slated to be released in 2022.

6 Batgirl: Became A Hero On Her Own Accord

Unlike the many Robins, Barbara didn't suit up because she was drafted into the Bat-Family. In fact, in many portrayals, she doesn't even try to work with Batman at first. Barbara simply believes that Batman is doing the right thing for Gotham City and she wants to help represent the symbol of justice.

Of course, she does end up becoming part of the Bat-Family when Bruce Wayne witnessed her athletic skills in action and detected a firm determination for Barbara to do the right thing. However, Batgirl tends to work solo while fighting a wide variety of villains in Gotham City's mean streets.

5 Oracle: Became a Role Model

One of the greatest strengths of Barbara's story is showcasing the reality of being a person with a disability. Similar to Victor Stone aka Cyborg, Barbara is one of the first representations of a superhero with a disability in DC Comics and has inspired readers of all types in her heroic quest to live her life on her own terms.

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As Oracle, Barbara used her mind rather than her fists to continue to be a superhero. In 1989, Oracle made her debut in John F. Ostrander's Suicide Squad #38 in which the mysterious Oracle is revealed to be Barbara helping the Squad on their missions. After her ostentatious debut, Oracle would go on to help the many heroes of Earth in a variety of ways, keeping her chin up, and never giving up on herself.

4 Batgirl: Saved The Universe

While Batgirl regularly saves Gotham City from criminal ruin, she has also saved the entire DC Universe. During the Zero Hour: Crisis In Time event in 1994, the villain known as Parallax was set to destroy reality and create his own perfect timeline. From an alternate timeline emerged a Batgirl that never lost the use of her legs and had remained a crime-fighting vigilante for years.

This version of Barbara nearly was persuaded by Parallax to join his cause but when he plotted to kill the young hero known as Damage, she rejected the cosmic villain and decided to stay true to her heroic ideals. Barbara protected Damaged by physically blocking one of Parallax's energy blasts, which killed her but gave the young hero enough time to save the DC Universe. Even in other timelines, Barbara shows that she is a true hero who is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good.

3 Oracle: Trained The New Batgirl

One of the lesser-known Bat-Family members was Stephanie Brown, who had fallen out with Batman due to the two not understanding each other. Instead, the responsibility of training a Batgirl fell upon the original Batgirl: Barbara Gordon.

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Showing a more maternal side, Barbara befriended Stephanie Brown and taught her all she needed to know in order to become the best version of Batgirl. With some help from computer genius Wendy Harris, the three girls formed what would be known as Team Batgirl. Oracle's mentorship of Stephanie ultimately helped the young hero fulfill her potential, not only as another Batgirl but in her current role as the superhero Spoiler.

2 Batgirl: Was A Hero Without A Mask

Before even donning anything bat-themed, Barbara Gordon proved she was hero material during the 2013 storyline Zero Year. When Gotham was flooded during a massive storm, everyone evacuated but Barbara refused to let those trapped in the city die.

With no costumes or technology to aid her, Barbara Gordon uses all of her will and courage to save dozens of innocent civilians. It shows that anyone can be a hero, even a regular teenager with no gadgets or powers. At this early point in the DC Universe, it was this event that began Barbara's evolution into a symbol of justice and hope in Gotham City.

1 Oracle: Led A War Against Superman

In the Injustice universe, Batman's spine was broken by one of the evil versions of Superman. Superman was now a self-appointed dictator of Earth, leading to an Insurgency being led against him. With Batman out of commission, Barbara as Oracle took over and helped the rebels try to retake Gotham City back from the Regime.

It is impressive that one person via communications was able to lead a rebellion. It would have been easy for her to give up since Batman had lost against Superman. However, like always, she kept her hope and remained strong in a potentially hopeless situation.

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