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5 Ways Aldo Raine Is Brad Pitt’s Best Tarantino Role (& 5 It’s Cliff Booth)

Quentin Tarantino often works with the same actors more than once, and in this instance, the celebrated filmmaker has worked with Brad Pitt twice. Their first collaboration was in Inglourious Basterds, where Pitt played Lieutenant Aldo Raine, the head of the titular Nazi killers. And the second was in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in which he plays Cliff Booth, a semi-retired stuntman.

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Though there’s a fan theory that Aldo and Cliff are the same person, the two characters couldn’t be any more different. One is a subdued pot-smoker and the other is a merciless killer, but they both have incredible depth and brilliant untold backstories that make audiences want more. Still, one might be better than the other.

10 Aldo Raine: He’s A Wild Leader

It isn’t often when Brad Pitt gets to chew the scenery, as many of his roles see him as the chilled character of the group who sits back and eats his way through mountains of chips. But Aldo Raine is more Tyler Durden from Fight Club than Rusty from Ocean’s Eleven.

Aldo makes over-the-top theatrical demands that only a deranged leader would, such as making his crew each collect him a hundred Nazi scalps. And he goes to extreme lengths to murder all of the members of the 3rd Reich. It’s almost as if he’s on a suicide mission, or is a crazy cult leader more than the figurehead of a Nazi-rebellion.

9 Cliff Booth: He Happily Takes A Backseat To Rick

As Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is one of the great movies about the film industry and Hollywood, Cliff isn’t just a stuntman - he is essentially a glorified driver for superstar Rick Dalton. The two characters go hand in hand, as they do everything together, and Cliff even schedules his day around Rick.

Cliff’s job is to make sure Rick is happy, and despite Brad Pitt being an A-list movie star, it’s nice to see him in a role that isn’t front and center, but still has a lot of depth. It’s difficult to make a character with so few words and significantly less screen-time than other characters have any profundity, but Pitt pulls it off perfectly.

8 Aldo Raine: He Doesn’t Need Other Characters To Look Good

Where Cliff Booth is one half of a dynamic duo, Aldo Raine is his own man, and he stands on the shoulders of nobody. He does have his Inglourious Basterds that stand by his every word, but they have nowhere near the amount of screen-time that Aldo does.

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Aldo is independent, he’s outgoing, and he’s got so much character that he could carry the whole movie on his own. However, without Rick, as Cliff is so quiet and likes to keep to himself, he’d be a lost cause without has-been actor looking after him.

7 Cliff Booth: He’s More Mellow

Where Aldo is demanding his men cut the scalps off Nazis, Cliff is kicking back, watching TV with his dog. He takes joy in the little things in life, and what he looks forward to at the end of the week could be something as simple as having a beer with Rick or taking a walk with an LSD-laced cigarette.

Cliff isn’t the in-your-face extravagant character like Aldo is, and Cliff’s meditative outlook on life is refreshing, as audiences sit back just to watch Cliff sit back watching what’s going on in the movie world. However, the book did go into great detail about how many men Cliff had killed in the past too, in and out of the war.

6 Aldo Raine: He’s Funnier

Cliff Booth has some funny quotes - whether it’s insulting hippies, Bruce Lee, or anyone else for that matter - but that’s as far as Cliff’s range of humor goes. Aldo, on the other hand, is hilarious, both intentionally and unintentionally.

The way he toys with Nazis when looking for information is both funny and gratifying, but it’s when he’s not joking that he comes off the most comical. One of the funniest scenes in Inglourious Basterds is when Aldo Raine enters the movie premier with two of his men pretending to be Italian filmmakers, as he gets caught out not being able to speak a word of Italian.

5 Cliff Booth: There Are Loads Of Mysteries That Surrounds Him

Though Cliff stole the show whenever he was on screen, there still weren’t many details that were revealed about him. It was Rick who had all of the character development in the movie, and Cliff was just there as a spiritual guide of sorts.

However, there were deep backstories about Cliff’s life that were hinted at in the movie, but they just raised more questions. The big, open-ended question about Cliff was regarding his wife and whether he did or didn’t kill her on the boat.

4 Aldo Raine: He’s Even More Mysterious

There might be a lot of questions surrounding Cliff Booth, but many of the answers to those questions can be found in the novelization of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Even the answer to whether or not he killed his wife is in there.

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However, there are a ton of questions regarding Aldo that have yet to be answered in a novelization or otherwise, and they probably never will be answered. Why does he have a giant scar across his neck? Was he really a descendent of legendary mountain man Jeff Bridger? Is he really part-Native American? Or was that just a lie?

3 Cliff Booth: He Ended Up Being More Heroic

Aldo Raine did everything he could to help end World War II, and his men even managed to mercilessly slaughter Hitler himself. However, that was a suicide mission those men went on, and Aldo got off scot-free, barely lifting a finger after all the talk he talked. And, in the end, it resulted in Cliff being the more heroic of the two.

Though some users on Reddit think Pitt didn’t deserve the Oscar, it was the final scene that made everyone warm to the character so much, as he used bookshelves and even his pet dog as weapons. It was one of Tarantino’s most brutal scenes in his career (and that’s saying a lot,) and though Cliff ended up getting a knife stuck in his leg, he came out on top, and he's survived a lot worse too.

2 Aldo Raine: His Accent Is Brilliant

The fact that Pitt was terrible in the movie is one of the wildest unpopular opinions about Inglourious Basterds, but the reality is that it’s one of his best roles, not just in a Tarantino movie, but any movie. Part of what makes it so great is his hillbilly Tennessee accent.

It sounds stiff, but intentionally stiff, and it’s another reason that adds to why the character is unintentionally funny. The character is straightforward, chooses his words carefully, and is naturally blunt, and his dialect is the perfect counterpart to his personality.

1 Cliff Booth: He’s Humble

Even after he saved Rick and his wife’s lives in the final act of the movie, Cliff never once thought anything of it. Even though he had been driving Rick around for months on end and then literally saved him from getting murdered by the Manson family, Cliff never thought he was owed anything.

He could have possibly thought that it was even part of his job description, as it was his very last day working for Rick. From the first scene in the movie, when Cliff is seen patiently drinking a Bloody Mary, he's depicted as a humble man, and completely restrained, which is possibly the first for any Tarantino-written character.

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