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9 Games That Will Be Perfect For The Steam Deck | ScreenRant

There is a lot to be excited about regarding the Steam Deck. For one, it will make PC gaming vastly more accessible for those who can't afford a gaming PC. For another, it will revolutionize the way people play games on handheld devices and add a sense of competition to other handheld platforms so that they may improve.

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With thousands upon thousands of games that are either only available on PC or best experienced on PC, those who invest in a Steam Deck will finally be able to get that PC experience that is so often lauded. Here are ten games that will provide that experience and more on the Steam Deck.

9 Baldur's Gate 3

With no solid confirmation that there will be a console port for Larian's upcoming title, Baldur's Gate 3 seems bound to be a PC exclusive. Since it's already such a phenomenal game, even though it's still in early access, it would be a shame for RPG fans to miss out on it if they can't afford a good PC.

Therefore, with all its graphical capabilities, the Steam Deck will allow RPG fans to enjoy this game without having to invest in a gaming PC that can run it. No longer will they only be able to watch movies to fulfill their love for Baldur's Gate—they'll finally be able to actually play it. Plus, it might be even more fun on a handheld device, with players being able to explore the Sword Coast in the comfort of their beds.

8 Starbound

As Chucklefish's golden child before Stardew ValleyStarbound is in the hearts of many gamers. It combined many fun aspects of other titles such as space exploration, terraforming, and open-world survival and put them into one charming little game. Unfortunately, Starbound never saw its way past PCs, and therefore, it was somewhat lost to time and obscurity.

But, in today's world of relaxing games to unwind with, it would surely undergo a revival with the help of the Steam Deck, bringing it back into the limelight and allowing players to experience its endless playtime for themselves. It might even see a revitalization of its incredibly fun co-op mechanics.

7 The Sims

Although The Sims 4 has a home on consoles, handheld devices have only gotten Sims spin-off games. While these spin-offs can be fun in their own way, they can't quite match the entertainment value of a full Sims experience. Considering how chill this franchise is, it's a wonder it hasn't made its way to handheld devices yet.

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The Steam Deck will finally solve that problem, however, and with full access to Sims 3Sims 4, and all of their respective DLC packs. Finally, diehard "simmers" can play their favorite game on the go!

6 Spore

Dissimilar to The Sims, EA's wannabe-wunderkind Spore never really took off past its initial release, even though it defined many childhoods. It saw spin-offs on the Nintendo DS, but they paled in comparison to the strange, addicting euphoria that was Spore.

A handheld, portable Spore experience just has so many possibilities. Gone are the days of playing Super Smash Bros. at parties; it's Spore's time to shine, with entirely new generations of kids and adults alike laughing at all the creepy little critters they make with friends.

5 Red Dead Redemption 2

Pretty much every Rockstar title is available on Steam, so everyone who invests in a Deck will be able to enjoy them on a portable level. But, it's truly remarkable that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be offered on this platform considering it's one of the most graphically advanced games ever made.

While there may be some obstacles and performance issues on even the priciest versions of the system, ultimately, this game's beauty is unbeatable, with RDR2 boasting some of the best areas to visit in modern gaming. The experience of playing this game will probably differ drastically on a handheld device, which may only enhance its memorability and endless replayability.

4 My Time At Portia

This title is actually available on every platform, but it's suffered many bugs and setbacks on all consoles. Fans of My Time At Portia widely agree that the PC version is superior—not just because it runs better and looks better, but it also has more content than the console versions.

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While Pathea Games is starting to turn its attention towards the game's sequel, My Time At Sandrock, the PC version of Portia is still brimming with things to do and all kinds of addicting gameplay mechanics for lifestyle fans to sink their teeth into. It will definitely be the sort of cozy handheld game that players can snuggle up with after a long day at work.

3 Planet Zoo

Unfortunately, some of the most interesting-sounding games in recent years have been PC exclusives, including Planet Zoo. Harkening back to the glory days of Zoo Tycoon, this game brings a modern twist to a childhood classic, and it was disappointing to many curious gamers to find that it wasn't coming to console.

Thankfully, this game will be playable on the Steam Deck, and it's pretty much an ideal platform for the game to be played on. Planet Zoo isn't a high-stress sort of game, as the "goal" of the game is to create and manage a zoo to one's liking. The possibilities are endless and ought to be enjoyed by everyone.

2 Team Fortress 2

Aside from Steam, Valve has delivered a plethora of memorable games that defined generations of gaming, but Team Fortress 2 holds a special place in the hearts of fans. Not only is it free to play, but it also brought a sense of freedom and silliness to the MMO community.

Being able to play it while vegging out on the couch seems like a natural next step. In a time of super-competitive PvP games, it will probably feel liberating for many gamers to take a step back and return to the good ol' days of collecting hats with their favorite Fortress main.

1 Skyrim - With Mods!

Although Bethesda allowed certain community mods to be downloadable on console, nothing beats the sheer chaotic freedom that comes with modding Skyrim on the PC. Modders can really run away with the game's capabilities, and, with so many fantastic mods out there, they can really refresh the game in its totality.

To the joy of many, Valve announced that moddable games like Skyrim will be able to be fully modded on the Deck. This is huge news, as playing modded games on handheld devices is a pretty new concept.

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