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9 Most Anticipated Netflix Shows Coming in Fall 2021 | ScreenRant

In Fall 2021, Netflix has some big shows coming to the streaming giant, including a new season of one of its most successful foreign acquisitions. Netflix never missed a beat, even with production taking a hit in 2020 when most shut down for months at a time. In 2021, things started up again, and it was just in time to give fans some great entertainment for the next few months.

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These returning shows include two that Netflix picked up and brought over from other networks and streaming services, one that is a critically acclaimed reality show, and even a couple of brand-new original series that fans have shown excitement in. Add in a new documentary series and the live-action remake of one of the most popular animes of all time, and there is a lot to be excited about this fall on Netflix.

9 Money Heist Season 5, Part 2 (September 3)

So far, Money Heist has been around for just over four seasons on Netflix, telling the story of a man named The Professor and the group of criminals he hired to pull off giant heists. These are high-stakes heists and not all the criminals make it out alive, but that is part of the excitement.

Money Heist Season 5, Part 2 hits Netflix on September 3 and remains one of the most anticipated shows every season it arrives. It won the Best Drama Season award at the International Emmys and is the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix. With this as the reported final season, it is one that fans won't want to miss.

8 Lucifer Season 6 (September 10)

While Lucifer got its start on Fox, where it played for three seasons before the network canceled it, the show lived on when Netflix picked it up and aired its next two seasons. It looked like that could have been it, but actor Tom Ellis agreed to return for one more season and it will hit Netflix on September 10.

Lucifer, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, was Hell's ruler who chose to leave his kingdom and take up residence in Los Angeles where he began to assist a police detective in solving crimes. Online campaigns helped bring it back more than once, and this final season remains highly anticipated as the story wraps up its arc.

7 Nailed It! Season 6 (September 15)

Debuting in 2018, Nailed It! is a Netflix reality series that has been a monster success. Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, the show has bakers competing to win $10,000 and a trophy if they can "nail it" when creating complicated cakes and confectionery.

The show was so popular, Nailed It! ended up with spinoffs, holiday specials, and more. Now, on September 15, the show returns for season 6. With three Primetime Emmy nominations and a 98% Tomatometer score, this is one of the streaming giant's most popular reality series.

6 Dear White People Season 4 (September 22)

Based on the movie by Justin Simien, Dead White People hit Netflix in 2017 and it was an instant hit. Written and directed by Simien again, the show follows students of color at a predominantly white Ivy League college, Winchester University, and the bias and injustice they experience.

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After three seasons, with an average Tomatometer score of 95%, the fourth and final season hits Netflix on September 22. The fact that its final season makes this a major event and it has fans excitedly anticipating its return.

5 Midnight Mass (September 24)

It is often hard to build anticipation for an original Netflix series not based on a preexisting property. In the case of Midnight Mass, that was not hard as Mike Flanagan serves as the showrunner. Flanagan already proved himself on Netflix, both with movies like Hush and shows like The Haunting of Hill House.

Midnight Mass gives him a chance to follow up Hill House with something original for horror fans on Netflix. The series takes place in a small community when a disgraced young man and a charismatic priest both arrive in the town but not much else is known ahead of time.

4 Sex Education Season 3 (September 17)

The popular Sex Education is also back this fall, with Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield's series coming returning for season 3. The show stars Anderson as a sex therapist with no shame and her son Otis (Butterfield), a high school student who begins hosting his own therapy sessions for his classmates.

The school then starts to go through changes when the students, parents, and staff start to deal with sexual dilemmas in their lives. The show features a diverse cast and tackles important subjects. Fans are pumped for season 3 due to the high praise of past episodes and the possibility of seeing Otis and Maeve finally get together.

3 Colin In Black & White (October 29)

A possibly controversial, but highly anticipated biopic series is coming to Netflix in October with Colin in Black & White. Created by Colin Kaepernick and filmmaker Ava Duvernay, the series will play out over six episodes will be a half-hour each, and focus on Kaepernick's adolescence and younger years.

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Colin himself narrates the series, while Jaden Michael plays the younger version of the football star. The series shows how Colin, an adopted son of a white family, faces racial issues while transversing his way through school. Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker star as his adopted parents.

2 Cowboy Bebop Season 1 (November 19)

Most viewers know that Cowboy Bebop is one of the more popular anime series in the United States, where it won several awards. Cowboy Bebop is considered a gateway into anime for many in Western culture. Now, the anime series is getting a live-action treatment on Netflix with the anticipation high and fans wondering if it will hit the mark or fall short.

The story is about bounty hunters chasing down criminals across the galaxy. The cast includes a familiar face as Harold and Kumar's John Cho plays Spike Spiegel. The 10-episode first season hits on November 19.

1 The Witcher Season 2 (December 17)

When The Witcher hit Netflix in December 2019, it ended up as one of the most-watched original series in the streaming service's history. Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, a magically powered monster hunter, and season 1 took place over different timeframes, promising that the stories would all tie together.

With over 76 million people watching the first season, Netflix knew it had a hit franchise on its hands. Now, after two years of waiting in anticipation, The Witcher season 2 arrives on December 17, just before winter hits.

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