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9 Twisted Horror Movies You Need To Watch More Than Once

Once the characters reach their untimely demise at the hands of the killer in a horror movie, most viewers don't plan on throwing themselves back into the story. When it comes to the characters and plot, horror movies don't always make a lasting impression. If anything, it's the gruesome images and jump scares that linger in people's minds. So what makes films of this genre worthy of a rewatch?

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In some instances, it's a twist ending that casts the entire movie in a new light. Rewatching it with all the information is like watching a different film. In others, the movie is so fleshed out that viewers discover something new every time they watch it. No matter what the reason is, there's a handful of horror films that require at least two viewings to achieve the full effect.

9 Scream 4 (2011)

Although it means missing a few Easter eggs, Scream 4 can be watched independently from the other films in the franchise. Fans have even made arguments that there are ways the sequels are better than the original, and the ever-evolving characters are a large part of why.

Ghostface targets a new generation and attempts to get revenge on Sidney Prescott through her teenage cousin and her friends. It's best to go into most horror features blind, but for Scream 4, it's a requirement. The first and second watches are like two completely separate movies, and viewers will never be able to perceive it the same way twice.

8 Get Out (2017)

It's safe to say that most horror movie buffs have seen, or at least are familiar with, Get OutIt's critically acclaimed with a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and has secured its place as the 15th highest-rated film on the site. At first glance, the premise seems simple: A man and his girlfriend visit her rich, white family, hoping they'll accept the couple's interracial relationship.

In actuality, the film goes much deeper. The cinematography, especially, is remarkable. Everything viewers thought they knew from the first half of the film gets thrown into question. Similarly to Scream 4, the first and second viewing of the film are nothing alike.

7 The Den (2013)

The Den is a particularly twisted horror movie that requires close attention to detail. Like most found-footage films, the visual quality isn't the best, but it's still an entertaining watch for those who enjoy the genre.

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A woman's social experiment quickly takes a turn when she becomes the victim of an online murder plot. Many of the most notable events happen in the background, and all it takes is a quick glance away to miss something crucial. It's worth rewatching for this reason alone, but the concept manages to captivate viewers every time.

6 It Follows (2015)

The first time a person views It Followsit's likely that they're caught up in the suspense and trying to wrap their mind around the concept. The indie movie focuses on a university student named Jay, and the aftermath of a date that took a harrowing turn.

After finishing the film and absorbing the story in its entirety, many viewers have found a deeper, almost metaphorical, meaning within the story. It's difficult to get through, but for those who enjoy dissecting and analyzing film, it's worth rewatching.

5 Hush (2016)

It's rare to find a horror movie with a likable hero, as many simply exist to be victims with little to no character development. The heroine in Hush is excellently fleshed out for a lead in this genre, and it's one of the best under-the-radar thriller movies to watch on Netflix.

The movie's premise is unique. It focuses on a woman who is deaf fighting to survive a home invasion. It's worth watching more than once purely because of how the main character takes control of her situation. The movie is about a woman's intelligence and tenacity, and it deserves more praise than it's given.

4 Safer At Home (2021)

For those looking for a high-budget horror film with elaborate set pieces, Safer at Home doesn't make the cut. However, there's something appealing about cheesy horror movies that require no investment, and while these types of films aren't likely to win awards, they can still be a fun watch.

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Safer at Home hits particularly hard because it takes place two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. The unexpected twists, along with the knowledge of where the group's night is headed, makes rewatching it an entertaining experience.

3 I Am Legend (2007)

Given that it stars Will Smith, I Am Legend is a well-known film of the 2010s. The premise is rather straightforward, and because Smith is the only character for a good chunk of the movie, it's not hard to follow. There are plenty of action-adventure movies to watch if you love I Am Legend, but it is also categorized as a horror due to the jump scares and the zombies who come out to wreak havoc.

The film has two completely different endings, which not all viewers are aware of. It's not necessary to watch I Am Legend twice to see both, but it is much more impactful. After watching the film in full, it's worth holding off on the alternate ending until watching the whole thing again.

2 Hereditary (2018)

The movie's original trailer actually revealed very little about Hereditary, making its actual plot all the more shocking. It's another film that is most enjoyable with no background information and is worth seeing with zero expectations.

Because of how stunned the film leaves the audience at several points in its story, there isn't enough time to digest everything that happens. Hereditary definitely goes big, making it a bit overwhelming. A second viewing gives moviegoers the chance to brace themselves and watch with a more level head.

1 Jigsaw (2017)

Because there was a method to his madness, John Kramer is one of many horror movie villains who could have been redeemed under the right circumstances. But the abhorrent traps he set for those who he felt deserved it, along with his complete disregard for collateral damage, ensured that he was a villain until the end.

All the movies in the Saw franchise are worth rewatching, but due to the connection between the films, they're most impactful in one sitting. However, Jigsaw is a good choice for those who don't want to commit to more than 12 hours in front of the television screen. Viewers can watch and rewatch the movie to become accustomed to the nature of the films.

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