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9 Unpopular Opinions About Doctor Strange, According To Reddit

Doctor Strange premiered in 2016 to critical and commercial success. Critics praised the movie's visuals, themes, and cast while voicing concerns about the restraining nature of the MCU. Audiences also responded positively, and the film grossed $677 million. Doctor Strange became even more popular with the release of Avengers: Infinity War after fans saw him make full use of his powers.

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Still, not everyone is a fan of the Sorcerer Supreme. Indeed, some fans remain unconvinced by the character and his relevance in the MCU. They take to Reddit to voice their concerns and complaints, providing some intriguing insight into their likes and dislikes.

9 Doctor Strange Is Somewhat Generic

One of the most constant complaints about the movie was how formulaic it sometimes felt. Critics pointed out that Doctor Strange was too safe and familiar, a surprise considering the character surrounds himself with mysticism.

Many fans share this sentiment, like Redditor ethicalhamijimmies. "I can't help but start to see it as somewhat generic when it comes to the MCU films." The user posted the thread four years ago and went on to say they wished the sequels would "go completely wacky" with the character. Their wish will likely come true because the upcoming  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could drastically change the MCU.

8 Doctor Strange Is One Of The Worst MCU Films

Some MCU films seem to be less popular than the rest. Ant-Man and its sequel, Thor: The Dark World, and Iron-Man 2 usually get the distinction of being considered the worst of the bunch. However, Redditor JacobBlah thinks that Doctor Strange should also join that group.

"Does anyone think that Doctor Strange is actually the worst of the MCU films?" he asks, and many in the comments agree with him. The user states that the movie is too rushed, and there's no time for audiences to settle and get used to Stephen Strange.

7 Doctor Strange Is One Of The Most Underrated Films Ever

And from being the worst to being the best, a Redditor who has since deleted their account posted that in their opinion, "Doctor Strange is one of the most underrated MCU characters and films to exist."

They support their thesis with a lengthy and intriguing post, where they point out that, unlike other heroes, Strange worked for his powers instead of getting them from an accident or something along those lines. Furthermore, they praise the visuals, the trippy action sequences, and Benedict Cumberbatch's performance. Indeed, many believe Doctor Strange is Cumberbatch's best role, and this Redditor is one of them.

6 Stephen Strange Is Too Similar To Tony Stark

Many MCU fans believe that there are too many similarities between the characters of Tony Stark and Stephen Strange. Infinity War further fueled this fire after the two characters shared the screen, and their akin personalities clashed with each other. Strange and Tony are two of the brightest characters in the MCU, so they were always going to disagree.

In a thread discussing Strange's lack of mainstream popularity, Redditor YupNope66 states that "his origin movie was a little too similar to Iron Man's in terms of story beats." Indeed, it's undeniable that most MCU origin stories share the same DNA, and that becomes even more notorious when the leading characters are so similar.

5 Doctor Strange's Magic Has Been Disappointing So Far

Many fans believe that, despite all the trippy action scenes in Doctor Strange, the MCU did a disappointing job translating the Sorcerer Supreme's powers into live-action.

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Redditor PeculiarPangolinMan thinks that "there was a serious lack of creative magic on screen." He states that the spells felt limited and lists a couple of sorcery staples missing from the movie, like telekinesis, body modification, sensory enhancement, and illusions. Most commenters agree, although others are quick to point out Strange's admittedly awesome fight against Thanos in Infinity War.

4 The MCU Intentionally Nerfs Doctor Strange

The MCU is facing an increasingly noticeable problem. Characters like Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Strange are so OP that there's no way they can show their real power. Otherwise, they'd eclipse everyone else around them. This problem is particularly notorious in Endgame's now-iconic battle; Doctor Strange hardly does anything besides preventing a flood.

Redditor Zerosama12 wonders why Strange didn't deal with Endgame's Thanos like he handled Loki during Thor: RagnarokEndgame's Thanos didn't have the Infinity Gauntlet, so Strange should've been able to take him. Many commentators give their reasoning, but in the end, this is one of the MCU's flaws that fans choose to ignore.

3 Doctor Strange Was Undeserving Of Being Sorcerer Supreme

Redditor Metallidoge questions the logic behind having Strange be Sorcerer Supreme "considering he had the least experience among all the sorcerers that had ever existed." Commenters on the thread explain how Strange perfected his craft during the thousand years he spent bargaining with Dormammu. That, coupled with his genius-level intellect, contribute to his rapid mastery of the mystic arts.

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Strange's current role in the MCU remains a tad murky. It's unclear if he is actually the Sorcerer Supreme or is just on his way to becoming it. "Strange is meant to be the best of us," the Ancient One tells Bruce during Avengers: Endgame, but that doesn't mean he'll get there right away.

2 Doctor Strange Should've Appeared In WandaVision

Kevin Feige shocked audiences by revealing that Doctor Strange was going to appear in WandaVision before plans changed. He stated that his presence "would've taken away from Wanda."

Many fans took issue with Feige's explanation, and many used Reddit to voice their complaints. Many users in this thread state that the Sorcerer Supreme should've been the one to stop Agatha and Wanda. Furthermore, a Redditor who deleted his profile states that Strange's lack of involvement in WandaVision "makes (them) think less of Doctor Strange's competence as Sorcerer Supreme."

1 Doctor Strange Is A Bad Guy

Reddit is an ideal place for fans to let their imaginations fly. They can come up with all kinds of wild theories and explain them in detail. As one of the most mysterious characters in the MCU, Stephen Strange stars in a lot of these threads, like the one from Redditor Arc_the_lad, who proposes that "Doctor Strange is a time traveler who purposely doomed us all to life in a paradox."

In summary, the user claims that future 14,600,005 is one in which Strange reigns supreme. Furthermore, the Redditor claims that the current MCU is a paradoxical alternate timeline, and the "real" MCU is unknown to audiences. Even if it's a tad farfetched, the thread is still incredibly detailed, and the user's passion for his theory is blatant.

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