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A Transformers Crossover Turned Back to the Future's Biff into a Hero

In a surprising turn of events, IDW Publishing's comic crossover Transformers/Back to the Future actually turned the villainous Biff Tannen into a hero. Biff and his family, both past and future, have long had their fate tied to the destiny of the McFly family, and this continues when Biff is found working alongside the Decepticons after they conquer Earth. Although it appears he stands in opposition to Marty, Doc Brown and their Autobot allies, Biff’s betrayal of the Decepticons proves crucial in fixing Back to the Future’s altered timeline and even shows he possesses some heroic qualities.

Portrayed by actor Thomas F. Wilson, Biff Tannen bullied George McFly until Marty traveled back in time and encouraged the man who would become his father to stand up for himself. George famously laid Biff out with one punch, which resulted in profound changes to their future lives. Biff’s grandson Griff and his ancestor Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen (both likewise depicted by Wilson) were similarly antagonistic to the McFly family through time, ultimately put in their place thanks to the time-traveling interference of Marty McFly. But in Transformers/Back to the Future, Biff is visited by a time-traveling Decepticon named Rumble, who has stolen Doc Brown’s DeLorean and traveled back to 1974. Forcing Biff to work for him, Rumble is able to find and awaken Megatron earlier in the timeline, allowing him to kill his longtime nemesis Optimus Prime and arrange the Decepticons' successful takeover of Earth. Marty wakes up to find a decimated Hill Valley in 1985 where the remaining humans are overseen by Commander Tannen.

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When the Decepticon traitor Gigawatt recruits Marty to help him find Doc Brown and stop Rumble’s interference, they travel to 2015, where Doc is a part of the resistance against the Decepticons. Although his attempt to signal any surviving Autobots is interrupted by Biff’s betrayal to win further favor with their enemies, this doesn’t stop Marty and Gigawatt from going back to 1974 to confront Rumble. When the Decepticon refuses to go down easy, he is betrayed by Biff, who uses Doc’s ionic neutralizer on his now former boss, seeing this as payback for years of mistreatment.

In Back to the Future, Biff is seen as an unapologetic bully who eventually gets what’s coming to him. The Transformers/Back to the Future crossover sees him forced to work for the bad guys, putting up with similar forms of ridicule and belittlement to those he has imposed on others. Biff has been portrayed as self-centered and willing to do whatever is necessary to get ahead - as is seen again when he betrays Doc and the McFly family to win favor with the Decepticons. But once inspired by Marty, this version of Biff finally chooses to do what’s right, standing up to the Decepticons’ evil and making sure he doesn’t contribute to the downfall of mankind. It’s a surprising change considering fans have seen Biff content with manipulating the timeline or even committing murder for his own benefit. Although he still has mixed feelings about the McFly family, Biff’s interference helps give Marty, Gigawatt and the other heroes the necessary advantage to stop Rumble and make sure the future remains unwritten.

After stopping Rumble, Marty returns to 1985, which appears to have been restored to its former glory with one major exception. Biff Tannen is no longer just working at Biff’s Auto Detailing, he’s now the Autobot’s official human mechanic - a major improvement to the life he ended up with after Marty's original adventure. Although it's strange seeing Biff in this new light, it makes sense that it would take an invasion by evil, time-traveling Transformers for Back to the Future’s villain to turn over a new leaf.

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