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Age Of Calamity: Regular Vs. Luminescent Zelda - Which Is Superior?

At the start of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Zelda struggles to unlock the sealing magic that she needs in order to defeat Calamity Ganon. Zelda experiences stress from not being able to use it. But, in chapter six, Zelda finally awakens her special power when Link is cornered.

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By focusing on defending the people she cares about rather than her fears, Zelda unlocks her sealing magic, and the player can now use the Bow of Light. With this special weapon and abilities, Zelda can now switch between normal mode and Luminescent mode, which both have strengths and weaknesses.

10 Luminescent: Glowing

As the name implies, Age of Calamity's Zelda literally glows while she is in her Luminescent form. For players who care about the aesthetic of the characters that they play, the shining light emanating from Zelda could add just the right pizzaz to her character design.

Also, the glowing works well with her character arc in the game; before Zelda awakens her powers and begins using the Bow of Light, Zelda had to use the Sheikah Slate to protect herself and fight enemies. Because of her fears of not being able to fulfill her duties, she was not able to reach her full potential. But, after she learns to stand on her own in order to protect the people she loves, she is finally able to "shine." Her full access to her abilities and her newfound belief in herself is reflected in the shining light of her Luminescent form.

9 Regular: Not Glowing

While the glowing does add an interesting new aesthetic feature, some people may prefer how Zelda looks without the effect. The extra design element may be too much for some players. Even if the player does not care about Zelda's character design, they might find the glowing animation to be too distracting while they are trying to fight the hordes of enemies in each level.

While Zelda's regular form does not constantly shine light, all of her powers still use plenty of light. Even if the Luminescent mode is not being used, Zelda still continues to shine almost all the time because of these powers, which still contributes to her character arc of needing to defeat Age of Calamity's Calamity Ganon.

8 Luminescent: Floating

When Zelda is in her Luminescent form, she naturally floats above the ground. The floating adds another dimension to her movement capabilities. In terms of control, the character is much more straightforward, and newcomers to the Dynasty Warriors spin-off will find her fairly easy to adapt to.

The one issue, however, is that Zelda has to sacrifice some of her movement abilities that she has on the ground while gaining this new above-ground movement. In the end, some players may not like the new restrictions of floating.

7 Regular: Grounded

Outside her Luminescent form, Zelda does not float around the map while striking her enemies. Instead, she has the full movement range of other people with their feet planted firmly on the ground. She can move faster in her regular form, and her vertical movement is not as restricted.

But, if the player cares about aesthetics, Zelda does look cool while she is floating, which is lost with the regular mode. Also, some players may prefer the simple movement style of the Luminescent mode over the more complicated possibilities of the character's regular mode.

6 Luminescent: Reduced Movement Abilities

Unfortunately, Luminescent Zelda does not have the ability to dash. However, the dash movement and attack are not really necessary when playing as Luminescent Zelda, as the special attacks within the mode make up for this restriction.

The attacks have a wide range, which means that Zelda does not need to run to her enemies to defeat them. Also, singular attacks in Luminescent mode are much stronger than single attacks in regular mode, which makes Zelda a powerhouse even without the dash.

5 Regular: Dash

Despite the positives of Luminescent mode, the loss of the dash movement and attack does limit the gameplay possibilities. For players that prefer the ability to move around maps quickly, the loss of the dash can possibly make the game feel slower, which can be annoying. The dash attack also is extremely useful for attacking enemies.

While the dash attack is less useful before Zelda awakens her true abilities, her new dash attack can be helpful for players who know how to use it. Along with helping Zelda move around the map faster while also attacking, the dash attack sends out a ball of light that damages enemies when it explodes. Besides this initial attack, however, the nearby enemies also have rings of light attached to them, which makes them receive more damage when they get hit by arrows of light. In the right player's hands, these extra abilities can make Zelda consistently deal tons of damage on her own.

4 Luminescent: Time Limit

While Luminescent Zelda gains some new movement abilities and stronger attacks, the Luminescent form has a time limit. Zelda can only stay in this alternate form as long as her special-attack gauge lasts. This is yet another restriction on her Luminescent form.

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But, these restrictions help the form remain balanced. Since Zelda is able to access her strongest attacks easily while in Luminescent mode, the restrictions help keep Zelda balanced along with the other characters in the roster.

3 Regular: Unlimited Time

In regular mode, Zelda has no time limit, and experienced players can deal the same amount of damage—or even more—without entering Luminescent mode. The special attacks in Luminescent mode are in regular mode, as well, but the player has to do some more work to access them.

Also, the added attack capabilities of the regular mode can make the game more fun and challenging. If the player wants more variety in their gameplay style, then the regular mode is a better choice. Plus, regular mode means that players do not have to deal with the stress that time limits offer.

2 Luminescent: Instant Damage

When in Luminescent mode, Zelda has quick access to the powerful attacks she normally only uses at the end of combos in her regular mode. For example, the second combo in regular mode has the player press Y and then X, which leads to Zelda first doing a regular attack and then doing a strong attack which she cannot do in regular mode without the combo.

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But, in Luminescent mode, the player only needs to press the X button in order to do the second combo's strong attack. By having this easier access, the player does not have to spend extra time pursuing the stronger attacks. The player also does not have to memorize the combos, which can be helpful for new or casual players.

1 Regular: Combos

Not having combos, however, makes the fighting style more limited and possibly leads to less damage in the long run if the player does know how to use combos. In the Luminescent mode, the player can only access the strong attacks, while regular mode can access both the strong attacks and the regular attacks. This means that the regular mode has more attack possibilities and experienced players can even do more damage.

Despite the added time between strong attacks, the combos' regular attacks add some extra damage that quick players can use to their advantage. Also, if the player wants more of a challenge and more freedom in their playstyle, then regular Zelda will still be the better option.

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