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AHS: 1984 Meets Roanoke: 5 Friendships That Could Work (& 5 That Wouldn't)

American Horror Story: Double Feature is set to debut via FX on August 25, 2021. As the title suggests, the double feature will entail two distinct tales of terror combined in a single hair-raising season. As fans look ahead to the show's 10th season, it's worth wondering how some of the most prominent characters from each season would interact with each other if given the chance.

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For instance, the characters featured in AHS: 1984 appear to be vastly different from those of AHS: Roanoke, largely due to the time period that their respective stories take place in. However, there are also far more similarities between the characters than first meets the eye.

10 Friendly - Margaret Booth & The Butcher

On the most base level, both Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman) in 1984 and Thomasin White aka The Butcher (Kathy Bates) in Roanoke are both ultra-powerful murderous matriarchs who orchestrate the main massacre in their respective seasons. Given their penchant for bloodshed and manipulative control, these two would likely be best friends.

Moreover, both Booth and The Butcher turn out to be fanatical religious zealots who use their faith to justify a series of hyper-gory murders. Both also dispatch several killers on their behalf, remaining undetected as long as possible.

9 Unfriendly - Richard Ramirez & Audrey Tindall

The thought of 1984's Richard Ramirez (Zach Villa), aka The Night Stalker, hobnobbing with Roanoke's Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson) is so outlandish it could only produce a chuckle. The former is a ruthless sociopathic serial killer and the other is a bubbly British thespian with a gregarious demeanor.

The fact is, Tindall would be much more of a likely victim of Ramirez's than his friend. Ramirez is cold, brooding, creepy, and frightening as can be as one of the nation's most notorious serial killers. By contrast, Audrey is warm, effusive, and genuinely lovely to be around.

8 Friendly - Brooke Thompson & Shelby Miller

While the former lives and the latter dies at the end of their seasons, the inherent trauma and grief that both Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts) and Shelby Miller (Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe) deal with suggests that they would have real empathy for each other as friends.

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While Brooke does aerobics, Shelby teaches yoga, giving them a similar workout regimen they could potentially bond over. However, it's Brooke's traumatic past of her fiancee taking his own life and her father on their wedding day and Shelby's unthinkable grief as a woman who miscarried her baby gives them a painful kinship that very few other cast members could relate to and truly understand.

7 Unfriendly - Trevor Kirchner & Lee Harris

With life goals, personalities, and story arcs that widely differ, 1984's Trevor Kirchner (Matthew Morrison) and Roanoke's Lee Harris (Adina Porter) would not get along. The former is a callow and conceited aerobics instructor and the latter is a badass former cop who overcomes personal and literal demons to save her daughter. The two simply move differently.

After surviving Margaret's attack, Trevor agrees to marry the killer and share her fortune by keeping the massacre a secret. This is something Lee would object to, as she is known to seize control, take matters into her own hands, and rely on nobody but herself to get the job done.

6 Friendly - Mr. Jingles & Agnes Mary Winstead

Due to their time spent in a mental asylum, both Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) and Agnes Mary Winstead (Kathy Bates) have a lot in common. Both had a severe psychotic break before slaughtering several people on behalf of a manipulative puppet master.

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In Mr. Jingles' case, he was framed for murder by Margaret and sent to an asylum where he was convinced of his guilt. In Agnes' case, she was an actor who became so enraptured by the Roanoke material that she was preparing for that she also massacred several people before being sent to a mental facility. Both characters are oddly sympathetic in that they unwittingly kill on behalf of an even more evil mastermind.

5 Unfriendly - Ray Powell & Matt Miller

Due to their age difference and wide generational gap, 1984's Ray Powell (DeRon Horton) and Roanoke's Matt Miller (Andre Holland) would almost certainly have nothing in common. Ray is a macho teenage jock who enjoys sniffing coke with his best friend Chet, imbuing all of the 1980s character cliches one can think of.

On the contrary, Matt Miller is a very serious adult who, due to intense personal trauma, buys the Roanoke farmhouse that ends up being a house of horrors. Responsible, caring, and morally sound, Matt spends his arc helping his estranged wife, embattled sister, and missing niece, something Ray would never do.

4 Friendly - Donna Chambers & Elias Cunningham

Although they share dissimilar fates, the occupational interests of 1984's Donna Chambers (Angelica Ross) and Roanoke's Elias Cunningham (Denis O'Hare) make them an ideal match as friends. Both share an unquenchable thirst to get into the psyche of serial killers.

As a psychologist preoccupied with serial killers, Chambers poses as Camp Redwood counselor Rita in order to uncover the 1970s massacre. Cunningham is also a doctor and professor who is writing a book on the Roanoke colony murders. Both have an obsession with serial killers, which leads both characters to save a key character during the climax of their seasons. Chambers saves Brooke, and Cunningham saves Matt and Shelby.

3 Unfriendly -Xavier Plympton & Dominic Banks

While opposites attract, it's nearly impossible to imagine 1984's Xavier Plympton (Cody Fern) hanging out with Roanoke's Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) in any capacity. The former is a foppish aerobics instructor who fancies himself an actor. The latter is a real actor with a hot temper and unethical behavior.

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While both characters end up dead, Xavier begins his arc as a kind, silly, and effervescent twentysomething who slowly turns more menacing after he becomes a ghost. Meanwhile, Dominic is an unscrupulous and entitled Hollywood actor who disrupts the set by having an affair with Shelby. It's the moral chasm between the two personalities that would preclude their friendship.

2 Friendly - Montana Duke & Ambrose White

As two devious and vengeful ghosts, 1984's Montana Duke (Billie Lourde) and Roanoke's Ambrose White (Wes Bentley) would have an absolute blast together in the afterlife. Moreover, both derive their vindictive motives from close family members.

After her brother is murdered by Brooke's fiancee at their wedding, Montana vows to murder Brooke as payback. However, when Brooke kills her first, Montana becomes a ghost who continues to stalk and kill campers. Likewise, Ambrose White was an original Roanoke colonist who died of poison before hunting the grounds as a ghost. While Montana is out to avenge her brother, Ambrose is out to kill his mother, giving them a similar twisted family dynamic both could bond over.

1 Unfriendly - Chet Clancy & Jether Polk

There's almost zero chance that 1984's Chet Clancy (Gus Kenworthy) would be friendly with Roanoke's Jether Polk (Finn Wittrock). Chet is an egotistical drug abuser whose steroidal rage has turned him into an ultra-aggressive alpha male who is quick to pick a fight.

On the other hand, while Jether Polk is the cannibalistic offspring of the murderous Polk family, he refrains from murder and is capable of showing far more empathy than his family members. He is the most sympathetic Polk family member, conjuring far more care from viewers as a villain than Chet does as a protagonist. While it would be entertaining to see these two cross paths, a friendship among them is extremely improbable.

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